This Little Known Sub $.10 Stock Exhibits Tremendous Upside Potential (Key Details Inside)

AGHI: An Undervalued Tech Stock in the B2B eCommerce Space that is Flying Under-the-Radar!

April 14th

Good Morning,

Listen, I know you have a full day of golf watching and a full night of watching dragons/magic/dire wolves ahead of you, so I’m going to cut to the chase.

If you haven’t been paying attention or are new to StockWireNews, you have been missing out. This previous week, I delivered 3 alerts this past week provided an opportunity over 150% intraday.

The crown jewel of all my winners last week was ATAI. Delivered during pre-market this past Wednesday, ATAI moved from an early low of $2.27 to a high of $4.50 before the close of the session.

ATAI’s $2.00+ move provided a chance at scooping 98% in just one day!

Now, I haven’t seen a reason to let off that gas! I’ve been circling a new play that has a history of making 100%+ surges in the short-term and wanted to bring it to your immediate attention!

Agora Holdings Inc. (AGHI) is your new alert. Here is why you need to focus in on this company right now.

According to Statista’s B2B eCommerce Report, “Even though B2C eCommerce has witnessed widespread adoption, it is the recent evolution and growth of B2B eCommerce that is attracting the attention of buyers, sellers and investors all over the world.”

Further, Statista is reporting that Global B2B eCommerce revenue was tabbed at $10.6tn, compared to the B2C eCommerce revenue of $2.8tn. That’s nearly 5X as much revenue, and B2B is nowhere as near widely adopted as B2C at the moment.

To clarify, it is AGHI’s stake in Esilkroad Network Limited that has traders keeping a close eye on this ticker.

Esilkroad Network Limited and its subsidiary, eSilkroad of Ukraine, is a conceptual B2B platform that intends to make the interaction between businesses and non-profit organizations throughout the world faster, more effective, and less costly.When this B2B platform becomes active, AGHI shares could go soaring through the roof.

So, when news like this drops, AGHI starts looking much more attractive:

Agora Holdings Inc. Subsidiary, eSilkroad Network Limited, Enters Into Contract With Sannacode to Complete Programming on Its eSilknet Platform

TORONTO, ON, Feb. 26, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — via NEWMEDIAWIRE — Agora Holdings Inc. (OTC PINK: AGHI) (the “Company”) today announced that its controlled subsidiary, eSilkroad Network Limited (“ESR”) of Hong Kong, has completed prototype testing and focus groups during January and early February 2019, whereby over 300 corporations were exposed to our landing page prototypes. With testing complete, ESR has retained Sannacode ( to conclude programming of our final platform. Sannacode is a multi-disciplinary company that specializes in web design and development.

Sannacode designs, develops, tests and maintains digital products ranging from web, mobile, games and wearable technologies. Headquartered in Kiev, Sannacode works with companies in every continent around the world. Their management team reflects the talent and focus to bring clarity to corporate visions including creating customized solutions for ESR. The Sannacode team offers a combined 30 years of experience in design, development and testing.

ESR President Oleg Sytnyk commented, “We are extremely excited to be working with Sannacode to complete the final phase of our platform development. Their firm is uniquely qualified to deliver the high level of functionality and design we wish to present in our final commercial site.”


With a finish line nearing for the B2B platform’s completion, AGHI could start popping up on radars everywhere. This is why I wanted to bring it to everyone’s attention RIGHT NOW.

I don’t think AGHI will continue to trade from these current undervalued areas for much longer. This could be your last chance to track this ticker at a sub $.10 level.

Right now, AGHI looks extremely oversold which could provide quite the opportunity.

With a 14-Day Relative Strength Index at 43.80%, it’s very apparent that AGHI is on the oversold side of neutral providing tons of growth potential before entering overbought territory.

Currently, AGHI has a bullish 7-Day Average Directional Indicator which points to it gaining momentum over the past week of trading.

When AGHI gains momentum, it has shown the ability to breakout in the short-term.

A quick look at AGHI‘s 6-Month chart shows on multiple occasions this ticker rising over 100% in share price within 3 trading sessions.

For example:

On 11/2/18, AGHI opened at a price of $.13. It promptly hit a high of $.30 the next day for a 130% 2 day surge!

On 1/7/19, AGHI opened at $.1115. The following day, it hit a high of $.235. That 2 day blast can be calculated as a run of 110%!

On 3/6/19, AGHI opened at $.0769. By 3/8, AGHI leaped to a high of $.1705 for a 3 day burn of 121%!

AGHI is no stranger to catching fire in the short-term, and with it’s subsidiary’s B2B platform nearing completion, just imagine the potential share price burst that could be on traders’ hands when that news drops!

That’s all the more reason to get AGHI on your radar this instant!

Plus, it is critical you do this right now. Sign up to my SMS messaging system. Doing this will provide you with all my alerts and updates as quickly as possible.

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I’ll be in touch tomorrow morning with updates. Do your research and get yourself a good night’s sleep. Talk again soon.


Kai Parker

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