Targeting ~150% Upside Potential On This $2.00 Tech Stock

This Just In… CMPY Is Back And Could Be Ready To Deliver One Helluva Bounce! (~150% Upside Potential)

April 22nd

Good Afternoon,

Strap in friends, this could get wild really quick! Comepay Inc. (CMPY) is all over my radars, and for good reason.

Right now, CMPY is trading from sorely undervalued levels and could be ready to BOUNCE big time towards previous highs.

Targeting potential 2X gainsCMPY exhibits awesome upside potential to be Tuesday’s breakout star!

In case you forgot, or you’re new to StockWireNews, I released CMPY the weekend leading into Monday, April 1st.

Noticing big bounce potential at the time, I wanted to make sure CMPY was all over your radars when I alerted it $2.86.

By April 4th, CMPY had cruised to a high of $4.39 and 53% in just a couple days.

Now, here we are again. CMPY has been trading in the $1.56 to $2.28 range during writing today.

With technicals leaning towards oversold/undervalued, I think CMPY could be ready to make a move back up the charts like it has on multiple occasions over the previous 6 months.

#1.) 11/13/18, CMPY opens at $4.85. By 11/14, CMPY hits a low of $3.25. From there, it rockets back to a $5.00 high on 11/15. That’s a 53% short-term surge.

#2.) 12/2718, CMPY opens at $4.75. At the end of the session, CMPY drops to a low of $2.75. A couple weeks later, CMPY bounces to the $4.75-$5.00 range. That’s an approximate 81% run.

One major reason we’ve seen these types of runs over that past 6 months is because of CMPY’s share structure.

OTCMarkets reports that CMPY has only 4.9Mn shares in its float. With a float that small, CMPY can be extremely volatile, providing potentially radical price spiking.

At the time of writing, CMPY is providing a 9-Day Relative Strength Index of 29.77%. Any time that percentage drops before 30%, it will start triggering scanners as ticker that is oversold and due for a potentially healthy reversal.

The same holds true for CMPY‘s Williams %R and Stochastic %K & %D readings. In both the last 9 and 14-Day periods, these percentages are drastically leaning towards oversold, providing massive upside potential.


CMPY has been a busy bee over the first several months of 2019. Churning out the good news has kept traders on their toes when it comes to this ticker. Just read a couple PR titles:

– Comepay, Inc. Subsidiary, Chek-online, Announces Partnership with Large Russian Gas Distributor, Mosoblgaz, for the Rental of Fiscal Registers and Payment Terminals for its Online Services

– Comepay, Inc. Subsidiary, Chek-Online, Announces it has Secured Merchant Acquiring Services for Its Handheld Smart Terminals the “Cassatka-Mini”

– Comepay, Inc. Subsidiary, Chek-Online, Announces its Cassatka Smart Terminal has Engaged the Unified State Automated Information System (USAIS)

– Comepay, Inc. Subsidiary, Chek-Online, Announces Asus as Newest Client Using Fiscal Cash Registers in Its Data Center

– Comepay, Inc. Subsidiary, Chek-Online, Announces Volvo Russia Signs Up to Use Fiscal Cash Registers in Its Data Center

I don’t see CMPY slowing down anytime soon as we’re not even to the halfway point of 2019 and they’ve already accomplished so much as a company.


About ComePay, Inc Ticker: CMPY

The Comepay group of companies including Comepay, RP Systems, M-NN LLC and Chek-online have been operating for over 11 years providing internet acquiring services and support, facilitating instant payments and internet-based payment transactions via kiosks, mobile interfaces and web-based applications such as electronic wallets.

The Company also leases and sells cash registers and Point of Sale (POS) systems, including its recently developed proprietary multifunctional smart POS fiscal cash register system. Combining proprietary software and equipment, Comepay processes over 10 million customer payments per month and presently has more than 22,000 kiosks across Russia.

The companies are currently focusing their planned business expansion on the smart POS fiscal cash register system called “Cassatka” in order to help businesses comply with newly released Russian taxation legislation, 54-FZ which requires 1.2 million businesses in fiscal 2018, and a further 1.4 million businesses in fiscal 2019 to install new, federally compliant on-line cash registers.

The Cassatka, Comepay’s multifunctional smart POS online fiscal cash register can process payments and meet fiscal data storage requirements for participating businesses. It is a convenient and cost competitive solution for businesses to meet the new federal taxation requirements in Russia, and is currently being manufactured for distribution prior to June 2018.

As the companies expand their business model, we expect to offer blockchain acquiring services and also to accept payments in multiple crypto currencies on the Cassatka.

The Comepay group of companies presently earn revenue from a variety of channels including fee based commissions on payment processing for both cash and debit card payments, software licensing, kiosk placement fees and other rental fees for cash registers and associated equipment.

The Comepay companies are looking to expand rapidly in fiscal 2019 and beyond as we introduce and market the Cassatka along with a suite of enhanced user features.


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CMPY could be an epic bouncer at tomorrow’s opening bell. From these undervalued and oversold levels, CMPY has fantastic 2X plus upside potential. Start preparing now.


Kai Parker


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