Best Free Chart Tools

As promised, here are the best free charting tools we know about:

Best Free Candlestick Charting Software

1. Google Finance
Google provides a beautiful stock chart software program. It’s easy to use and especially recommended if you’re already using Google suite of tools.

Create candlestick, line and bar charts with this software providing access up to three years of data with the free account. It’s functional and simple.

3. TradingView
TradingView is my favorite because it exactly what day traders need, providing  one- and 15-minute timeframe views. You can even view and compare multiple charts on the same screen. Of course, if you want even more tools and data you can upgrade.

4. Yahoo! Finance
Yahoo! Finance is also on the simplistic side in terms of features and aesthetics. You can filter your charts based on several technical indicators, though, which proves extremely useful. You can view stock movements over up to five years in duration and view several comparison charts at the same time.


Best Web-Based Stock Charting Software

5. is a trusted tool with lots of technical indicators which has been around for a long time. Unlike many of the free tools, you can access intraday charts between one and 60 minutes and even see historical data dating back to the mid-1970s.

This option provides intraday charts, along with other normal time options such as weekly, monthly and yearly. They have a great filter with up to 80 technical indicators. Additionally, if you’re logged into your free account, you can save your favorite chart template layout. Although, this is “real time,” be advised it specifically means data fewer than 15 minutes old.

This free option gives you 3 years of historical data. You get even more types of charts available than the prior two, but you have to upgrade if you want to see the intraday charts.