Hydrogen Demand Fueling $300 Billion Opportunity

The hydrogen market could be worth up to $300 billion, says Global Market Insights.

All as “Clean hydrogen has the ability to accelerate decarbonization across all sectors of our economy, as well as transition existing – and create new – skilled, high wage jobs needed to support the clean energy transition. In addition to the wide range of market applications and potential for significant future demand, clean hydrogen can be produced from a variety of energy sources, used as a replacement fuel or feedstock in several industries, store energy over long periods of time, as well as move and deliver energy to where it is needed,” as noted by the Clean Hydrogen Future Coalition.

Along the way, it’s creating massive opportunity for hydrogen-related companies, such as Jericho Energy Ventures (TSXV:JEV)(OTC:JROOF), Plug Power Inc. (NASDAQ:PLUG), Ballard Power (NASDAQ:BLDP), Ceres Power Holdings (OTC:CPWHF), and Cummins Inc. (NYSE:CMI).

Hydrogen stocks have also been explosive on news Plug Power Inc. just broke ground on the site of a green hydrogen production plant in Camden County, Ga., where 15 tons of liquid green hydrogen will be produced per day.