Pandemic Cases At Dangerous All-Time Highs

Pandemic deaths are now at unprecedented levels in the U.S.  In fact, the country has now averaged 247,000 cases a day over the last week, according to CNN — an all-time high and “more than 3.7 times greater than a summertime peak set in late July,”

Hospitalizations are pushing some facilities and staff to a breaking point.  In California, for example, hospitals have become so overwhelmed “the county health department issued new guidelines for how the county’s four public hospitals can assign triage officers to decide which patients receive what treatment.”

It’s why companies around the world are pushing for more testing, vaccines, and help to get through this dangerous time.  While many of us would like to get back to some sort of normalcy with life, school, and work, we can’t do so without proper safeguards in place.   Keep an eye on COVID-19 testing and vaccine stocks, as prime beneficiaries.