Big Marijuana New Alert: NUGL, Inside America’s 1,076% Growth Market

Hello Trader,

It’s finally Friday, and all of us here at Stock Wire News are counting down to the weekend!

Sure, we’re excited for the end of the work week, and can’t wait to spend a few days out of the confines of the office…

However, I just discovered a potential double or triple that you have to be part of come Monday at 9:30AM ET.

Your new alert is [NUGL] and it too is poised potentially for either double or triple digits gains like my past winners have proved.

Interested in potentially doubling or tripling your cash with this new company profile [NUGL]? I hope so. Full details below…

Every trader wants an edge. You’ve just found yours.

Winning has never been so easy.

Every trader wants an edge. You’ve just found yours.

Winning has never been so easy.

We recently spotlighted these three companies below that provided enormous upside.

  1. MGNX Sky-Rocketed From $22.32 to $32.40 the same day.
  2. OCX went from $3.23 to $6.92 also in the same day.
  3. TNXP went from $6.70 to $9.60 in the same day.

These are just a few of the amazing winners our subscribers were able to jump on.

And now future winners are at your fingertips. Take the bull by the horns and win big this year.

Now comes NUGL, Inc. (NUGL), your new profile for Monday.

NUGL is the hottest stock I have seen in the legal marijuana sector.

NUGL is currently priced at $2.02 and could open much higher on Monday because my “Special Report” on this company is going out to thousands of my subscribers who have requested this stock.

More buyers means potentially much higher prices.

Besides the fact of this special report going out to thousands of hungry investors, NUGL is in the cross-hairs of a technical breakout!

These two reasons are why passing up on this opportunity could be the biggest mistake you can make.

NUGL is trading above its 50-Day Simple Moving Average and 200-Day SMA.

Additionally NUGL is currently trading around its 13-Day Exponential Moving Average.

If NUGL breaks through these pivot points come Monday, NUGL could rapidly sprint to much higher prices.

The technicals NEVER lie.

What happens when this happens to a stock?

Great question, this technical breakout that NUGL could witness happens when the resistance points of the stock are tested and break through to new higher levels.

Here is what I predict could happen to NUGL come Monday, and why subscribers could be left in the dust if they don’t take this profile deadly serious.

Day traders on Monday are going to be waiting very carefully waiting for certain triggers in stocks to give them a Green Light!

If what I think could happen and NUGL crosses the resistance level of the 3rd pivot point the sky is the limit to how high NUGL soars!

No. 1 – Keeping It Brief

You’ve probably heard the stories of everyday American becoming “marijuana millionaires.” A few folks have even become billionaires from this lucrative new market.

So you may be asking yourself, “is this something I can do too?”

For the first time ever, the answer is “yes!”

The legal US cannabis (the official name of marijuana) market is currently $10.8 billion. Experts are projecting it could grow to $100 billion in the US, and $1 trillion globally in the next 5 years.

No. 2 – What’s Going On Here

With the East Coast kicking off a brand-new wave of legalization, there’s never been a better time to get into this sector for huge, lightning-fast gains.

I’m talking the kind of gains that could kick-start your retirement in just a month…

And at the rate at which the marijuana industry is taking off, you can’t afford to waste any time.

Long term, the trend for these companies is incredibly positive.

No. 3 – What Does This Mean To Me?

After scouring the market the last two weeks for the biggest upside potential, there isn’t a better opportunity for you than NUGL…

iNUGL (OTCBB: NUGL) iNUGL is the world’s first cannabis search app built for the people, by the people. Our goal is to build the most user-friendly app experience in the cannabis industry by listening to our users and giving them what they want.

NUGL is the only cannabis search app that offers equal and unbiased search results. We don’t sell top-spot listings or fake reviews, so our data stays true. Use NUGL to search for genuine user-rated dispensaries, strains, doctors, lawyers, cannabis service providers, vape shops, hydro stores, brands and more.

NUGL’s flexible web app has no geographic limitations and can rapidly connect cannabis companies, related vertical services and users. The NUGL iOS and Android app brings a powerful cannabis search tool within reach of anyone, anytime, anywhere with the ease of a smartphone.

Why are Investors buying NUGL?

NUGL is the new standard in cannabis technology!

At NUGL we aim to be the industry standard for the cannabis industries businesses worldwide. Leverage solid business fundamentals, strategic partnerships and a solid foundation of great management will support growth and profits.

  • NUGL serves international markets with no geographic limitations
  • Cutting edge technology and features first-to-market
  • Software that supports an evolving industry worth over 8 billion US and growing
  • Multiple revenue streams to support company profits
  • Complimentary to all cannabis companies, services and users

No. 4 – Why Should I Care

Forget brand-name marijuana stocks and focus on small-caps

Mid-cap and large-cap marijuana stocks have been the preference of investors up to this point.

Names like Canopy Growth (NYSE:CGC), Aurora Cannabis, Tilray, and Cronos Group(NASDAQ:CRON) have left many of their peers eating dust. But are these really the pot stocks you should own going forward? My argument would be that they aren’t.

Rather, I see considerably more opportunity in small-cap marijuana stocks like NUGL.

Here are five solid reasons to research small-cap pot stocks instead of the well-known quartet mentioned above that Wall Street can’t seem to get enough of.

1. Small-caps have a better chance of being profitable

Therefore you can ride the first of the upside potential before everyone else jumps in.

2. There’s less baked-in premium

Secondly, you’ll find that small-cap pot stocks have considerably less baked-in premium relative to the aforementioned four Wall Street darlings.

3. Better buyout potential

Even with Constellation Brands taking a $4 billion equity stake in Canopy Growth and Altria taking a $1.8 billion stake in Cronos Group, neither of these brand-name marijuana stocks is guaranteed to be bought out anytime soon, if ever. That is why NUGL is your best shot for massive potential upside!

4. Plenty of partnership allure

Canopy Growth and Cronos Group may appear to have the edge when it comes to partnership opportunities, but I can assure you that small-cap issues like NUGL are most appealing, if not more so from a valuation perspective, to outside industries looking for a partner.

5. Small-caps have incredible focus

NUGL is a little-known company that just unlocked what some experts think could be the key to jumping on board the best issue for the coming marijuana boom.

And make no mistake – it is coming.

Cannabis legalization is sweeping over North America – 10 states plus Washington, D.C., have all legalized recreational marijuana over the last few years, and full legalization came to Canada in October 2018.

And NUGL could be the one under-the-radar company is poised to explode from this coming marijuana revolution.


Kai Parker

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