New Alert Discover After 4:00PM Today – Nasdaq Ticker With Potential To Double

After 4PM Today, My New Nasdaq Alert Arrives With Bells On

March 12th

Good Morning,

I’ve been eyeing a new $2.00+ stock idea and plan to release it after the market closes today. Want some deets?

This company is currently trading on the Nasdaq and has at least one analyst placing a price target on it of more than 2 times its current share price.


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In the past few months, I’ve spotlighted these three companies below that provided enormous upside.

MGNX – Rushed from $22.32 to $32.40 the same day.

OCX – Blasted from $3.23 to $6.92 also in the same day.

TNXP – Shredded from $6.70 to $9.60 in the same day.

Now, follow these easy steps:

Step One: Text the word FASTER to the number 474747 on your cell phone dial pad. Literally type in 474747 into your phone dial pad, then look for area on your phone saying “Send Message” and click Send.

Step Two: After you send it, you will immediately receive a confirmation message on your cell phone saying, “StockWireNews You’re Now Signed Up To Get My Stock Profiles Lightning Fast!”

I recommend keeping your head down and playing it safe during today’s session, because this new alert displays stunning potential to run and you’ll want to give it your full, undivided attention.

I’ll be in touch this afternoon.


Kai Parker

Stock Wire News




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