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VIVK – A Natural Resources Play That Is Undervalued & Drowning In Upside Potential

March 24th

Good Afternoon,

I hope everyone had a solid week. If not, don’t beat yourself up. I’ve been hard at work to find the right play for you. I think I’ve found the golden goose, and believe this little under the radar natural resources alert could wet your whistle before Monday rolls around.

Additionally, throughout the weekend I’m going to be sharing some extra/key info via email and text, so make sure you keep an eye out, because you are not going to want to miss all the details on this new play heading in the opening bell Monday.

Here is the truth. We’re not going to go from “oil” to “no oil” in the blink of an eye. Though a majority of people may desire this outcome to happen, it just not going to happen overnight. It probably won’t even happen in our lifetimes.

Instead, a company like Vivakor Inc. (VIVK), is aiming to produce a safer path to oil production with less harm coming to the environment.

VIVK is currently developing a true game-changer in oil remediation tech. Though the patent is pending, this potentially pivotal technology could help provide SWN followers with a small cap company with tremendous upside.

With climate change concerns on the lips of many interested individuals, a serious outflow of energy is being pushed into the “Green” tech movement. Huge billion and trillion dollar corporations are taking notice as they, along with governments worldwide, search for answers. These answers need not to be only sustainable, but also responsible.

This is where Vivakor comes into play.


About Vivakor Inc.

Vivakor’s corporate mission is to create, acquire and accumulate distinct assets, intellectual properties, and exceptional technologies. The Company’s goal is to deliver the deepest industry model possible with solid returns to its valued shareholders and partners. To carry forward lessons learned and further refine our technologies as we build our capabilities to extract rich, high-demand natural resources and leverage our assets from our projects across the globe.

The company currently focuses on precious metals extraction in the United States and oil extraction from shallow, oil-laden areas in Eastern Utah. Both of the technologies utilized are low-cost, proprietary and proving themselves industry disruptive when measured by a number of important factors.

The general business model has been to be an acquisition hub, focused on building and acquiring cash-flowing assets in discrete areas that have an acknowledged technological advantage and enable a substantial market opportunity within significant target markets across the globe.

Our research, and the technology we acquire are anchored by our relationships with synergistic partners and product-specific commercialization strategies. From the point of product or technology conception, or through acquisition, development and commercialization, we expect to have strategic partners, joint ventures or licensing arrangements in place for many of our products in order to sustain revenue attainment.

This model provides distinct advantages to our stockholders, including:

(i) more efficient and effective research and development process;

(ii) quicker time to market with a distinguished go-to-market model;

(iii) value-added growth for the Company and a safe harbor for shareholder investments.

This is achieved through long-term projects and agreements that deliver diversified, enduring revenue streams for the company and support solid, sustainable investment yields. Our overall objective is to redefine “Blue Chip” in investing vocabulary.


VivaVentures Energy Group (VVEG)

VivaVentures Energy Group (VVEG) owns a proprietary, environmentally clean solvent and methodology for extraction of crude oil from the designated Utah Oil Sands area. The Company secured land in the area near Vernal, UT; Eastern Utah has over 32 billion barrels of oil in the rich oil sands within the State. As Vivakor acquired and developed its patented mobile technology and methodology for low-cost extraction of the highvalue oil, the Company also revealed an ability to offer remediation and reclamation of contaminated sands from oil spills in vital areas across the globe.

VivaVentures Precious Metals (VVPM)

VivaVentures Precious Metals (VVPM) has a principle focus on natural resource assets; primarily precious metal minerals since 2012. The Company has eighteen (18) sizable metals mineral reserves in the Western US. VIVK utilizes technically advanced, proprietary methods for very high-yield extraction of precious group and rare earth metals. The Company is actively developing technology that may increase the strong extraction yield of these precious metals. The Company currently utilizes multiple machines in its Nevada central processing facility.


VIVK looks to be currently oversold and ripe for potential reversal from undervalued territory. Look at its technicals.

VIVK currently displays a 9-Day Relative Strength Index around 36% at the time of writing. It’s 14-Day RSI is also south of neutral and currently around 42%.

This tells us that there is a ton of room for potential growth before nearing overbought territory in the 70-80% range.

It’s 9-Day and 14-Day Raw Stochastics are both right at 10% or lower. When those percentages get into the single digits, the signify that a stock is oversold and due for a potential reversal.

The same goes for the 9-Day and 14-Day Williams %R on VIVK. They 89% or higher at the moment. When those percentages get above 90%, they are recognized as oversold as well.

VIVK‘s price is currently around $.423. A look at its chart shows that it has not been below $.40 in over a month and a half. This is good news as there could be potentially strong support at that level.

We also know that the 200-Day Simple Moving Average is at $.366, which gives another line of support and potential confidence to traders that this pick will hold those levels. This could help lead to a potential bounce from current levels.

And, if you haven’t looked at recent highs on VIVK, the chart looks chalked full of explosive run potential.


Just look how quickly share prices doubled back in February! That’s a lightning quick move, and with VIVK looking like it has found potential support around $.40, it might only be a matter of time until it makes another climb back up to that 52-week high of $.75.

Now, with all the great news/PR that continues flowing out on VIVK, it’s important to watch this play closely. The next news could become catalyst towards seeing share prices go on the rise!


Recent News On VIVK

Vivakor Announces Successful Testing of Additional Extraction Solvent in Middle East

Additional Solvent Opens Up New Project Potentials Around the World

LAS VEGAS, Feb. 20, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Vivakor, Inc. (OTC: VIVK), a technology and asset acquisition company with a focus in the area of natural resources, has recently finished third party testing of an additional solvent for use in its Middle East remediation projects. Vivakor’s engineering team was successful in using this new solvent in its proprietary extraction process of heavy crude from oil spills, with acceptable post processed material standards imposed by governments in the region.

“We are very excited about the results of integrating a new solvent into our Remediation Processing Centers (RPCs) which expands the range of potential projects available to the Company. In certain parts of the world we are limited on the availability of hydrocarbon chemicals that are used in our process. This third party testing verified that our new solvent, coupled with our proprietary process, will remove the hydrocarbons to less than a half of a percent post extraction. This level of post processed, Total Petroleum Hydrocarbon residual is a standard required by many projects in the region. This opens up several new project possibilities for the company,” stated Vivakor Chief Executive Officer Matt Nicosia.


Vivakor’s Carbon Nanotube Technology Joint Venture Passes Major Milestone in Upgrading Heavy Crude to Fuel

Disruptive Technology that Can Turn Heavy Crude into Fuel

LAS VEGAS, Jan. 16, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Vivakor, Inc. (OTC: VIVK), a technology and asset acquisition company with a focus in the area of natural resources, has recently passed a major milestone in the creation of its carbon nanotube technology, a joint venture with CSS Nanotech, for upgrading heavy crude to a fuel product.

The technology is advancing to its second phase of 3rd party testing, and engineering, that will create portable upgrading units to be deployed with Vivakor’s Remediation Processing Centers (RPCs) that process heavy crude extraction in Utah and in the Middle East. Both technologies are being manufactured in an Opportunity Zone. The Company is looking to continued development on the technology with potential deployment in the next 24 months.

“We are extremely excited for the next phase of this disruptive technology. The Carbon Nanotube sponge, invented by CSS Nanotech and licensed by Vivakor for the use in hydrocarbon upgrading, has the ability to change the entire supply chain or fuel creation and distribution,” stated Vivakor Chief Executive Officer Matt Nicosia. “After producing product in Utah successfully for two years, and now currently engaged in the extraction of heavy weathered crude in the Middle East, it is evident that there is a need for this upgrading technology to not only increase the value of the end product, but to increase our shareholder, and royalty holder returns. Our ultimate goal is to reduce the cost of fuel production from heavy crude to a tenth of the current industry cost, in a tenth of the time.”

“We are able to design advanced heat exchanger technology to generate value for many petrochemical processes using our three-dimensional carbon nanotube sponge materials as the heating elements. The efficiency of heat transfer we are witnessing is due to a volumetric heating method with the high surface area nanomaterial and will bring about compact units that can manage even the heaviest of crudes that most companies can’t deal with,” stated Vivakor Chief Scientific Officer Dr. Daniel Hashim.


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