VIVK Update: Potential 50-Day SMA Breakdown Could Lead To Long-term Success

ATTENTION: VIVK Could See A Breakdown Of Its 50-Day SMA Lead To Big Things

March 25th

Good Afternoon,

VIVK is off to a strong start today, but I think the future is the keyon this natural resources/tech alert.

According to Barchart, it notes a “67% Buy” in the long-term while noting two separate bullish technical indicators (100 Day Moving Average vs Price & 50-100 Day MACD Oscillator).

There appears to be great potential long-term on VIVK, and in the short-term, we could see a continued price jolt after company dropped a huge press release this morning

At times, I’ve seen VIVK over 19% higher then last week’s $.42+ close. Could more be around the corner? It’s possible and here’s why.

VIVK is trading above its 13-Day Exponential Moving Average along with its 200-Day Simple Moving Average.

Right now, VIVK‘s chart is showing its 50-Day SMA to be at the $.49+ range. Currently trading right at that level, VIVK could have front row seats to a potential squeeze play/breakout if its 50-Day SMA breaks down!

VIVK‘s RSI’s, both 9-Day and 14-Day, are still both below neutral at 50% which means there is significant room for this pick to continue growing before reaching overbought territory.

If VIVK‘s 50-Day SMA breaks down, don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Plus, make sure to check out this morning’s press release because it holds key company details you need to read right now.

Stay tuned. I’ll hit you with more updates as soon as possible


Kai Parker

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