OPTT Obliterates The Market After My Alert. Share Prices Soar – Approx. 131% Run

OPTT: A Fire Breathing Beast Running Approximately 131% From My Release! New Alert Coming Shortly

SWN Members,

Holy Toledo! This morning was something wild, right?

During pre-market, I delivered NSPR early as it looked like it could be today’s champ. Alerted at approximately $7.00, it climbed to a pre-market high of $7.65.

But, just as it looked like it could go into full breakout mode, OPTT dropped this bombshell of a press release right at 9:00AM.

The moment I saw that, I knew OPTT had a chance to absolutely explode! Wow, was I right!

OPTT was alerted pre-market at approximately $7.00 and sucked up everyone’s attention in the market as momentum started flowing into it at breakneck speed!

From my alert, OPTT put the pedal to the metal and crushed a move all the way to a day high of $16.20.

Overall, from my alert to the high of day, OPTT cruised on an approximate 131% run!

CMPY keeps moving up the charts as it hit a high of $4.19 today, up from Monday’s open of $2.93! Since my recent release, it has moved 43% this week! Solid.

Do this and make sure you get your next alert as quickly as possible:

Step One: Text the word “FASTER” to the number 474747 on your cell phone dial pad. Literally type in 474747 into your phone dial pad, then look for area on your phone saying “Send Message” and click Send.

Step Two: After you send it, you will immediately receive a confirmation message on your cell phone saying, “StockWireNews You’re Now Signed Up To Get My Stock Profiles Lightning Fast!”

I’ll be in touch again soon with your next power-packed alert.


Kai Parker

Stock Wire News




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