This Little Known $.03 Crypto/Cannabis Company (Inside) Could Be Ready To Burst

This Under-The-Radar Cannabis/Crypto Company Could Be The Ticket To Mind-Blowing Potential Gains

May 11th

Good Morning,

Guess what… I’ve found the perfect way to kick-off your weekend!

While scanning the markets this week, I uncovered a potential hidden gem that you need to be fully aware of heading into Monday.

The hidden gem is Universal Solar Technology, Inc. (OTC Markets: UNSS), and its upside could turn out to be legendary.

With the markets on the slow side this week, I decided to do some digging on PR websites that aren’t as highly publicized as others.

What I came across could be a company flying under-the-radar at the moment, but ready for liftoff to higher share prices.

Take a few moments and read this key press release I found on the EIN Newsdesk:

Universal Solar Technology, Inc. and Safe Bank Join Forces

Innovative companies together to deliver next level support functionality to cannabis sector.

Universal Solar Technology, Inc. (OTCMKTS:UNSS)

HOUSTON, TEXAS, UNITED STATES, March 22, 2019 / — In a move that will expand its business plan and industry focus, Universal Solar Technology, Inc. (OTC Markets Pink: UNSS), has signed a Letter of Intent with the emerging online international banking firm Safe Bank, with headquarters in London, U.K./South Africa. The extensive plans of the partnership include banking and financial services products which will prove to be disruptive to some of the current traditional banking and financial services product offerings. However, the initial focus of the partnership will be the release of a crypto currency coin targeting the cannabis industry. The coin is labeled “Khrysos” after the Greek god of gold.

Safe Bank President and CEO, Marckensie Theresias says, “We believe that the fledgling cannabis industry is ripe to demonstrate the true abilities of fintech combined with blockchain technology. The ability to track every step of a transaction and attach the data to each currency unit will reduce the stress placed on all network participants including government agencies. This tracking capability will address the need for access to information that satisfies governmental and legal regulatory requirements. We are convinced that partnering with Universal Solar Technology will open doors to an enhanced strategy deployment approach available through the public markets and allow Safe Bank to fully develop this solution.

”Darrell A. Calloway, President of Universal Solar Technology, Inc. says of the budding partnership, “Universal Solar has been careful in its selection of the right opportunity to expand its industry reach. We were looking for an opportunity that had the right product and company personality. We believe Safe Bank brings an awesome opportunity in the banking industry and are convinced that its leadership has the personality that compliments the core values of Universal Solar.”

The release of Khrysos is planned for second quarter 2019.

Read the full UNSS article right here.


When the markets are in a sea of red as they were this week, you might tend to just check out. I’m telling you right now, you need to check back in this instant!

The website is not one that has a huge following like some others you might recognize (i.e. Reuters, Business Wire, PR Newswire). Overall, einnews has an Alexa ranking (website ranking service) of 57,031. Now, take that number into account when comparing Reuters (647) and PR Newswire (4,368).

Can you see how this news could have slipped past the masses?

Since the EIN Newsdesk doesn’t have all their releases distributed among the most popular websites (i.e. Yahoo Finance), it’s understandable that a KEY potential partnership like this one between UNSS and an “emerging online international banking firm” could have gone unnoticed. You lucky dogs…

If this news on UNSS starts making the rounds and is potentially distributed by more popular websites, interest in this company could sky-rocket.


Let’s focus in on the actual news for a moment, because when you completely understand what this upcoming partnership means, the outcome for UNSS could be unreal.

Just think about it for a second. Cannabis and Cryptocurrency.These are two of the fastest emerging markets in the world.

“Yeah, Kai, but cryptocurreny is getting killed…”

Think again my friends! If you haven’t been paying attention over the last few months, cryptocurrency is back in a big way. Just take a look over at It is a sea of green out there!

Bitcoin just hit an 8-month high within the last 24 hours! The vast majority of the top 100 coins by market cap are also up and riding the wave of green.

Take a look at HempCoin (THC), a cannabis related crpytocurrency. In the past 24 hours, its up over 30%!

While reading the UNSS article above, it’s key to note that their initial focus is on the cryptocurrency, Khrysos. Like HempCoin, it will be applied to target the Cannabis industry.

And, according to Arcview Market Research, along with research partner BDS Analytics, they report the worldwide legal Cannabis industry could grow 38% to $16.9B in 2019. This would be up from $12.2B in 2018. Going back as far as 2017, industry spending was at $9.5B only.

Can you see how UNSS’s puzzle pieces are put together to create a picture of an under-the-radar company on the verge of something special?

With Cannabis laws evaporating daily worldwide, this partnership could lead to something extremely special!

Now, this next part is very important. I’m going to be hitting you with updates over the next couple days including Monday. To ensure you receive them, you need to do one “Action Step” right now:

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Study this report closely and do some research into the cannabis and crypto markets. Monday could be huge for UNSS. Be prepared.


Kai Parker


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