This Nasdaq Alert Could Double To Its $7 Analyst Reported Price Tag, Read Why

BHTG: A Low Float Nasdaq Play With Breakout Potential And An Analyst Provided $7 Price Target (more info below)!

March 12th

Good Afternoon,

I know you’ve been patiently waiting all day for this alert, so take a deep breath and let’s dive in. BHTG is a Nasdaq play with tons of upside potential that has some similarities to a recent runner, SGSI.

Released last week, SGSI crushed a single day surge of $.12 from an open of $.18 to a high of $.30 for an intraday move of 66.6%!

You’re probably asking yourself, “how can a $2.00+ stock be so similar to a stock in the $.25 range?”

BHTG, like SGSI, has a low share float. Yahoo Finance reports BHTG to have a float of only 6.63M shares!

Additionally, though in different industries, they are both tech companies that have reported strong revenues in the recent past.

Just take a minute and look at BioHiTech Global, Inc’s 2018 Q3 revenue. Simply, it’s bananas!

This past November the company reported a “Q3 2018 revenues increase by 65.8% with gross profit increasing by 282.8%.”


Enough of the similarities. Just look at how undervalued BHTG could currently be at the time of writing! (est. share price $2.75)

Towards the end of 2018, Maxim Group stock analyst, James Jang, gave BHTG a “Buy” rating and a $7.00 price target! TipRanks has Jang at a near 4 star rating with a 40% success rate.

Wrap your head around that for a second… If BHTG reaches that price target, we’re going to have witnessed a move significantly over 154% from its current share price.

Think about it. Say you were to purchase 3,000 shares of BHTG at its current share price. If you were to hold on to it and the stock moves to the price target of $7.00… You’d be looking at potential gains around $12K! Fantastic!

So you know, I’m not making up this price target. Both Yahoo Finance and MarketBeat report the $7.00 target on their respective websites too.

Now you have an idea of the wild potential on BHTG. It gets better. Check out this press release from last week in regards to the company’s West Virginia facility and reports of the strong potential revenue it could generate:

BioHiTech Global Initiates Operations at the Nation’s First HEBioT Renewable Resource Recovery Facility in Martinsburg West Virginia

– Initial phase of mechanical testing at the facility has been completed

– Facility has received its first deliveries of waste and is expected to begin next phase of processing for production of its EPA recognized Solid Recovered Fuel in March

– Company expects the facility to run at or near full capacity early in Q2 2019

– Company sees the facility’s operations adding $7M of annual high margin revenue

CHESTNUT RIDGE, N.Y., March 5, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — BioHiTech Global, Inc. (“BioHiTech” or the “Company”) (BHTG), a technology and services company that provides cost-effective and sustainable waste management solutions, today announced it has initiated operations at the nation’s first HEBioT™ renewable resource recovery facility located in Martinsburg, West Virginia (the “Martinsburg Facility” or the “Facility”).

The Company has successfully completed the first phase of plant commissioning including the facility’s reception area, overhead bridge cranes, and its primary mechanical sorting equipment The Company has begun the next phase of plant commissioning and progressing operations, which includes receiving limited amounts of waste and beginning runs of its patented high efficiency mechanical and biological treatment process (“HEBioT Process”) for producing an EPA recognized solid recovered fuel (“SRF”). The limited processing runs are expected to result in the production of SRF in the coming weeks with the facility reaching full operations early in Q2 2019.

The Martinsburg Facility is expected to generate $7M of high margin revenue annually while diverting as much as 80% of the waste that enters the facility from landfills. The majority of the waste, to be delivered as feedstock to the facility, is covered under a ten year put-or-pay agreement with a local waste hauler owned by Gold Medal Group, a regional waste management services company backed by Kinderhook Industries, and 100% of the SRF that will be produced is subject to a ten year, take-or-pay agreement with Argos USA, LLC., one the largest producers of Portland cement in the United States. The SRF manufactured at the facility will be utilized by Argos as a partial replacement for coal used in the cement manufacturing process. The 56,000 square foot Facility is completely enclosed and fully automated with no waste being exposed to the outside environment and no workers in direct contact to the waste processing.

Commenting on the announcement, Frank E. Celli, Chief Executive Officer of BioHiTech Global stated, “The initiation of revenue generating operations at this first facility of its kind in the United States is a pivotal moment for our Company and an important step forward in the movement to lessen the environmental impact of waste management. This flagship facility will add significant high margin revenue and will serve as a model for how BioHiTech can cost-effectively create positive environmental change throughout the United States. By bringing this facility across the finish line we are now at the starting line for sustainable long term revenue growth with a roadmap to build significant value for our stockholders.”

(Full article on PR Newswire.)


Just another press release from BHTG talking about creating major revenue… Not bad.

Let’s keep moving forward. Remember how I harped on BHTG’s low float and how volatile it can be short-term, do yourself a favor and look at these trading sessions:

November 29th – This ticker buzzed from $2.59 to $3.45 and a 33%+ intraday surge.

September 21st – BHTG exploded from $3.50 to $4.40 for over 25% intraday.

June 11th – Attacking the bell, BHTG ran from $3.88 to $5.76 for a 48%+ explosion.

Let’s continue down the rabbit hole and study up on BHTG’s bullish short-term technicals and talk about how its chart could be lining up for a squeeze play.

At the time of writing, BHTG is trading above its 50-Day Simple Moving Average and its 13-Day Exponential Moving Average. The cool part is, its 200-Day SMA isn’t far off.

Currently at $3.15, if BHTG sees any momentum through that line tomorrow, it could become a breakout star as traders may view all strong resistance in the rear view mirror.

Right now, I’m also seeing a bullish 7-Day Average Directional Indicator, a 20-Day Moving Average vs. Price, and bullish 20-50 Day MACD Oscillator. All these could factor in mightily tomorrow when traders look for potential in BHTG.

Wednesday morning could get loud with all the positives and potential catalysts surrounding BHTG! Now, let’s learn a little more about the company.


About BioHiTech Global, Inc.

BioHiTech Global, Inc. (NASDAQ: BHTG), is changing the way we think about managing waste. Our innovative waste management services combined with our disruptive technologies provide sustainable waste disposal and supply chain management solutions for businesses and municipalities of all sizes. Our cost-effective technology platforms can virtually eliminate landfill usage through real-time data analytics to reduce waste generation, biological disposal of food waste at the point of generation, and the processing of municipal solid waste into a valuable renewable fuel.

Through the simple integration of their waste disposal technologies with traditional services, they can provide a true end-to-end solution for a “zero landfill” environment to disrupt an industry that has remained unchanged for decades.

Their solutions focus on:

  • Reducing landfill usage and logistics costs through a proprietary process that converts mixed waste into a US EPA recognized Solid Recovered Fuel.
  • Addressing food waste at the point of generation to eliminate transportation costs as well as odors and pest problems associated with traditional disposal.
  • Empowering customers with data analytics information to improve supply chain management, affect behavioral change, and reduce waste generation.
  • Seamless integration with traditional services to provide a turnkey zero landfill solution to waste management.

Company Investor Presentation Link

BioHiTech Renewables

Providing a proven, cost-effective, clean alternative to landfills for the disposal of solid waste throughout the United States. The High Efficiency Biological Treatment (HEBioT™) process, developed and patented by our European partners EntsorgaFin SpA, utilizes a combination of automated sorting equipment, enhanced biological composting, and mechanical refinement to convert waste into an EPA recognized, clean alternative fuel while achieving as much as 80% landfill diversion.

The HEBioT technology is ideal for municipalities, regional waste haulers, large generators of food waste and corporations with Zero Waste initiatives. BioHiTech is an equity partner in Entsorga West Virginia, which will serve as the first resource recovery facility in the U.S., to utilize the HEBioT technology, which will begin commissioning in early 2018.

BioHiTech Digesters

Using aerobic digestion to address food waste at the point of generation eliminating the need for landfill disposal.

BioHiTech IoT™

BioHiTech IoT™ leverages proven technology already installed in hundreds of our digesters around world. With our cloud-based data platform we translate industrial machine language into human language to provide valuable data and information to improve performance of your businesses.


I cannot overstate the amazing upside potential for BHTG. Between the $7 analyst price targetfantastic short-term technicals, and strongrecent newsBHTG shares could soar in price! Are you ready?

I’ll be in touch with updates. Talk soon.


Kai Parker

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