TIME’S UP: This Alert Could Be Poised For A Strong Reversal From Oversold Territory

Time’s Up… Get VIVK On Your Radar Right Now

March 25th

Good Morning,

It’s almost go time once again. I hope you had a solid weekend, but now it’s time to turn your full attention towards Vivakor Inc. (VIVK) this morning.

VIVK is currently developing a true game-changer in oil remediation tech. Though the patent is pending, this potentially pivotal technology could help provide SWN followers with a small cap company with tremendous upside.

VIVK looks to be currently oversold and ripe for a potential reversal from undervalued territory.

According to VIVK‘s 9-Day and 14-Day RSI, there is a ton of room for potential growth before nearing overbought territory.

Its 9-Day and 14-Day Raw Stochastics are both right at 10% or lower. When those percentages get into the single digits, the signify that a stock is oversold and due for a potential reversal.

The same goes for the 9-Day and 14-Day Williams %R on VIVK. They 89% or higher at the moment. When those percentages get above 90%, they are recognized as oversold as well.

I’ll be in touch soon with updates on VIVK this morning.


Kai Parker

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