This Stock Has A History Of 100%+ Short-term Surges

AGHI Has Triple-Digit Short-term Potential. Get It On Your Radar Before It’s Too Late

April 15th

Good Morning,

Your Monday morning special alert is AGHI, and I don’t think it will continue to trade from these currently undervalued areas for much longer.

This could be your last chance to track this ticker at a sub $.10 level.

Right now, AGHIlooks extremely oversold which could provide quite the opportunity.

With a 14-Day Relative Strength Index at 43.80%, it’s very apparent that AGHI is on the oversold side of neutral providing tons of growth potential before entering overbought territory.

AGHI has a bullish 7-Day Average Directional Indicator which points to it gaining momentum over the past week of trading.

When AGHI gains momentum, it has shown the ability to breakout in the short-term.

A quick look at AGHI‘s 6-Month chart shows on multiple occasions this ticker rising over 100% in share price within 3 trading sessions.

For example:

On 11/2/18, AGHI opened at a price of $.13. It promptly hit a high of $.30 the next day for a 130% 2 day surge!

On 1/7/19, AGHI opened at $.1115. The following day, it hit a high of $.235. That 2 day blast can be calculated as a run of 110%!

On 3/6/19, AGHI opened at $.0769. By 3/8, AGHI leaped to a high of $.1705 for a 3 day burn of 121%!

AGHI is no stranger to catching fire in the short-term, and with it’s subsidiary’s B2B platform nearing completion, just imagine the potential share price burst that could be on traders’ hands when that news drops!

That’s all the more reason to get AGHI on your radar this instant!

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I’ll be in touch this morning with updates. Do your research and be ready at the bell. Talk again shortly.


Kai Parker

Stock Wire News



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