This $1.00+ NASDAQ MedTech Alert Shows Breakout Potential In A Growth Filled Sector

This $1 NASDAQ Stock Could Be A MedTech Breakout Alert To Take The Markets By Storm, Read Why…

May 24th

Good Afternoon,

With my scanners tuned in, I’ve been on the search for a new stock to zero in on.

Coming across a NASDAQ company with breakthrough tech, I think I’ve found one with impressive breakout potential.

Currently trading in the $1 range, Nemaura Medical, Inc (NASDAQ: NMRD) could be the upside filled stock of a lifetime.

Recently, Co-Head of Healthcare Investment Banking, Michael Margolis was quoted as saying, “MedTech is the next frontier in healthcare; state-of-the-art technologies and emerging therapies have the potential to fundamentally alter how the industry operates, creating new opportunities for patients, doctors and healthcare professionals alike…

And guess what… He isn’t kidding.

In 2018, medical equipment stocks outperformed other health care industries like biotech and pharmaceutical stocks.

Focused on non-invasive and convenient medical diagnostic technology, Nemaura Medical (NMRD) strives for better healthcare outcomes across numerous medical conditions.

Their patent-protected technology continuously measures selected molecules in the blood via a painless, non-invasive (needle-free) disposable skin patch connected to a small electronic device.

Allowing both users and healthcare professionals to closely monitor chronic diseases, for example diabetes, their technology will ultimately enable better disease and wellness management, potentially improving quality of life for the user, while also aiming to reduce healthcare costs.

According to the World Health Organization, around 1.6 million people worldwide died due to diabetes in 2016.

It is estimated that 425 million people are living with diabetes all over the world.

By 2045, projections show this number rising to some 629 million diabetics globally. 

In other words, we have a global crisis on our hands and there might be no turning back unless companies can provide access to cutting edge technologies that help people be in control of their health.

That is where Nemaura Medical and its sugarBEAT® technology comes into play.

The technology is a non-invasive, affordable and flexible Continuous Glucose Monitor (CGM) designed to help people with diabetes and pre-diabetics to better manage their glucose levels by spending more time in range. Insulin users can adjunctively use sugarBEAT® when calibrated with a finger-stick glucose reading.

How it works:

  • Passing a mild, non-perceptible electric current across the skin, sugarBEAT® painlessly draws a small amount of glucose molecules out of the interstitial fluid which naturally sits just below the top layer of skin, into a chamber within the patch.
  • The rechargeable transmitter then measures the glucose levels present within the chamber, and securely transmits this clinically relevant data every five minutes via Bluetooth to a pre-downloaded smart phone / device app.
  • Using a proprietary algorithm, the app then converts this data into glucose values. In order to better understand how glucose levels are affected by lifestyle factors, diet / medication / exercise / mood data can also be inputted into the app.

key takeaway is this is the world’s first non-invasive CGM (Continuous Glucose Monitoring) device. It simply sits on top of the skin and does not puncture the skin.

The sugarBEAT® $179B+ opportunity consists of three target markets:

  • $69B+ TAM (total available market) Type II diabetics (95% of all diabetics)
  • $50B+ TAM Pre-diabetics – approximately 3x population
  • $60B+ TAM Wearable Health-Tech market – low carb / weight loss / fitness

The markets are only going to keep growing. With the company having over 30 patents (~70% approved and ~30% pending) spanning the following six patent families:

1. Sensor related

2. Algorithm and methods of using the CGM data

3. Algorithm related – allowing sensing cycles to be reduced

4. Devices & methods to enhance glucose sensing

5. Methods to enhance glucose sensing

6. Devices and methods to extract glucose; and

NMRD planning on filing a further 60 patents over the course of the next 18 months, this MedTech idea might not continuing trading at these potentially undervalued areas for much longer.


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NMRD could be Tuesday’s breakout stock idea for a multitude of reasons. This report is only a taste. I will be hitting you with updates as the weekend plays out. Keep your eyes peeled.


Kai Parker


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