Let me ask you a question. To you, what does the future of Satellite Communications look like?


5 Potential Catalysts Including A Huge Company Valuation Could Fuel Tech Profile (ATCLF) To A Possible Breakout

August 19th

Good Evening,

Let me ask you a question. To you, what does the future of Satellite Communications look like?

If you've got no clue, that's alright. Let me help out.

With national economies becoming more global as we traverse the planet's surface, the requirement for wireless interconnection via satellite communications and earthbound wireless tech will only continue to expand.

And as increased utilization of space systems continues evolving, the need for improved space communications systems should only grow along with it.

To help give you some perspective, the global satellite communication market was estimated at $56.01Bn in 2019 and is expected to hit $99.58Bn by 2027, registering a CAGR of 9.2% from 2020 to 2027.

With this upside market growth potential, opp-ortunity could reign supreme in the years to come.

That's why this profile along with its multiple potential catalysts could lead it toward a possible breakout near term.

For Friday's opening bell, there is only one tech profile to have on your radar:

*AdvanceTC Limited (ATCLF)*

AdvanceTC is a premier company specializing in the design, development and commercialization of high tech mobile wireless computing and telecommunication devices since 2005.

The company's flagship products are the AdvanceTC W3, a full Windows® OS microcomputer integrated with cellular telephony capabilities and the Xplore X7, the world's first android smartphone with satellite messaging and emergency service, fully designed and developed using its own patented proprietary technology and engineering innovation.

Their operations are mainly focused on developing Intellectual Property through proprietary hardware/software design and system integration.

A Deeper Look: The Future For Satellite Communications (1)


The increased utilization of space systems – manned, unmanned, and planetary bodies – will evolve the need for improved space communications systems. Clearly foreseeable technologies suggest that several decades of continuing innovations are now possible.

But technology will not be the only source of change for the satellite communications industry. Other drivers of change will include:

  1. New service demands in both civilian and defense-related markets;
  2. Restructuring of commercial satellite organizations through acquisition, merger, and regulatory change;
  3. New allocations or reallocation of frequencies;
  4. Convergence between the various satellite applications markets – both in terms of technology and structural integration;
  5. Constraints in orbital configurations;
  6. Orbital debris; and even
  7. Growth of human activities in outer space may prove to be significant shapers of the growth of satellite systems in the next 20–30 years.

In short, there are remarkable new technologies still to be developed in terms of space-based satellite communications systems, more powerful processors, new encoding capabilities, and new user terminal capabilities that can make user systems more mobile, more versatile, more personally responsive, more powerful in terms of performance, and yet lower in cost.


What Does The AdvanceTC Satellite-Smartphone Device Do That Makes It So Unique?


AdvanceTC invented a unique android smartphone with satellite messaging and emergency services which merges multiple channels and methods of communication into one device which they call multimode-communication.

They hold a patent, the device is approved by the FCC in the US, and they have identified an isolated market which hasn’t seen innovation in the last 40 years.

The company innovates relevant services that will only work on our device. This includes multi-mode communication channels namely GSM, Digital Mobile Radio, Terrestrial Trunked Radio, Push-To-Talk, 4G/5G and of course satellite internet, calling and texting. The range of devices also comes with an integrated emergency button and they provide certain customization options for government.

The company sees growth in offering relevant SaaS, DaaS and carrier services. Those services could be a quite unique offering and only available in combination with the ownership of the device.


And right now, the ATCLF has 5 potential catalysts that could fuel a possible breakout. Check them out:

Your No. 1 Potential Breakout ATCLF Catalyst

AdvanceTC Announces $3.015Bn USD Valuation

NEW YORK, NY, July 19, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- via NewMediaWire -- AdvanceTC Limited (NSX:A88,OTCQB:ATCLF) (“AdvanceTC” or the “Company”) is pleased to announce that we have appointed a professional valuer, Roma Appraisals Limited (the “Valuer”), to conduct a valuation of the Company as of 26th May 2021. The valuation report (“Valuation Report”) dated 16th July 2021 stated the Company’s market value was approximately $3.015Bn USD as at 26th May 2021. The valuation is based on an income approach and discounted cash-flow model.

Grab the full appraisal summary here.


Your No. 2 Potential Breakout ATCLF Catalyst

As of 11:45AM EST Thursday, Barchart was reporting this profile to have several oversold leaning technicals.

These technicals could be signaling a healthy reversal in the near term for ATCLF.

Here's the definition of a "reversal" from Investopedia:

"A reversal is a change in the price direction of an asset. A reversal can occur to the upside or downside. Following an uptrend, a reversal would be to the downside. Following a downtrend, a reversal would be to the upside. Reversals are based on overall price direction and are not typically based on one or two periods/bars on a chart."

Now, here are some key technicals that could signal ATCLF to be oversold and on the verge of a potential reversal.

  • 9-Day Relative Strength Index: 20.86%
  • 14-Day Relative Strength Index: 25.51%

When these numbers drop down to the 30% range and lower, they can be viewed as being in oversold territory. While in this territory, they can paint the picture of a profile that is undervalued.

  • 14-Day Raw Stochastic: 9.36%
  • 14-Day Williams %R: 90.64%

As the Raw Stochastic nears the 10% range and lower and the Williams %R nears the 90% range or higher, these technical indicators may also be viewed as oversold and undervalued.

Keep an eye on these technicals closely.


Your No. 3 Potential Breakout ATCLF Catalyst

AdvanceTC Signs MOA With Malaysian University (UKM), To Conduct R&D On AI Technologies For Mobile Camera For Its Range of Xplore Devices

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / ACCESSWIRE / August 3, 2021 / AdvanceTC Ltd (NSX:A88)(OTCQB:ATCLF) (‘AdvanceTC' or the ‘Company') is pleased to announce that the Company, in recognition of its technologies, has established an R&D collaboration with The National University of Malaysia (UKM), a premier Malaysian University under the ambit of the Ministry of Education, Malaysia for the development of cutting-edge AI technologies for mobile camera vision.

The objective is to conduct and to commercialize new generations of application software (Apps) for future mobile/satellite cameras leveraging on new frontiers in the Digital Signal Processing techniques including but not limited to Artificial Intelligence (AI).

The MOA will focus into areas of Image Processing Algorithms and AI For High Performance Future Cameras. This work will be a step into the future of using holographic virtual reality in digital cameras.

Together with the new innovation in the camera hardware, the R&D in the AI and holography for mobile/satellite cameras could revolutionize the design of new mobile cameras for full user experience that opens up new market opportunities in the future.

"This collaboration will bring together the country's brightest minds, advanced research capabilities and global resources to develop one of the most popular modern smartphone components such as mobile/satellite cameras. AdvanceTC and UKM will bring in real-world industry exposure to carry out joint initiatives and research," said CP Loi, Chief Executive Officer of AdvanceTC Ltd.


Read the full article here.


Your No. 4 Potential Breakout ATCLF Catalyst

AdvanceTC Testing Satellite-Ready, Omnimode Voice Communication App, StarzChat

Unique combination of secure, federated instant messaging with Push-to-Talk radio comm, live video broadcasts, and emergency location sharing

NEW YORK, NY, May 21, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- via NewMediaWire -- AdvanceTC Limited (NSX:A88, OTCQB:ATCLF), Satellite and mobile communication innovation leader, today announced the pre-launch testing of its StarzChat integrated and satellite-ready, voice chat platform, soon to be available free for iOS and Android, Windows, Linux, and macOS.

Amidst a surge in downloads of alternative, encrypted, voice communication apps such as Signal and Telegram due to intensifying consumer and business security concerns, StarzChat is a groundbreaking communication platform combining secure, instant messaging with enhanced capabilities like Push-To-Talk radio communication, live video broadcasting, emergency location sharing, and satellite communications when used with the XPLORE X7U satellite smartphone. Whilst currently in beta, it will be available in one, easy-to-use application and service platform for real-time communities and for critical communications anywhere.

The recent valuation of Discord validated the potential of this market. Discord app's differentiator is its high-quality audio and it was positioned as free voice and text chat for gamers needing seamless voice communication with team members," stated AdvanceTC CEO, C.P. Loi. "In order to w-i-n users and expand market share, it's time to innovate new channels that combine the best of messaging with full media capabilities."

When combined with AdvanceTC’s Android-based satellite smartphone XPLORE X7, Android users can unlock added features like Digital Mobile Ration (DMR), first responder and military oriented Terrestrial Trunked Radio (TETRA), emergency location sharing, body or head-mounted live camera features, and satellite messaging when out of range with terrestrial networks.

Read the full article here.


Your No. 5 Potential Breakout ATCLF Catalyst

AdvanceTC has been approved to upgrade from OTC Pink Market to OTCQB Venture Market

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / April 6, 2021 / AdvanceTC Limited, (NSX:A88, OTCQB:ATCLF) the premier technology company specializing in the design and development of mobile telecommunication and mobile computing devices is pleased to announce that the application for uplisting to the OTCQB Venture Market ("OTCQB") has been approved on 5th April 2021.

The OTCQB Venture Market, operated by OTC Markets Group Inc., is designed for developing entrepreneurial companies in the U.S. and abroad. Companies must be current in their financial reporting and undergo an annual verification and management certification process, including meeting a minimum bid price and other financial conditions. With more compliance and quality standards, the OTCQB venture market provides in-vest-ors improved visibility to enhance trading decisions. The OTCQB venture market is recognized by the Securities and Exchange Commission as an established public market providing public information for analysis and value of securities.

Moreover, on 5th of March 2021, AdvanceTC had announced that the Company has obtained DTC Eligibility by The Depository Trust Company for its shares which greatly simplify the process of trading the common shares. This eligibility created trading opp., liquidity and demand of AdvanceTC shares.

"Admission to the OTCQB venture market is a part of our long-term strategy on building our awareness and to introduce the Company to a border range of in-vest-ors in the U.S.," commented CP Loi, AdvanceTC Chief Executive Officer. "We would like to provide in-vest-ors with the opportunity to easily in-vest in AdvanceTC and share our success.We do believe that the move to the OTCQB venture market will provide enhanced in-ves-tor benefits including higher reporting standards, greater access to analyst coverage and news services, and more comprehensive compliance requirements."

Read the full article here.


ATCLF Recap: Top 5 Potential Breakout Catalyst

#1. Huge $3Bn+ Company Appraisal

#2. Oversold Leaning Technicals, Bounce/Healthy Reversal Potential

#3. Signing Of MOA With Malaysian University (UKM) To Conduct R&D

#4. Pre-Launch Testing Of StarzChat Platform

#5. Uplisting To The OTCQB


Coverage is officially initiated on ATCLF. When you have time, do this to make sure you get all of my upcoming updates on this tech profile:


Before Friday's opening bell, get ATCLF on your radar.


Kai Parker


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