ALID continues to heat up this AM...


Allied Corp. (ALID) Shoots Up Approximately 37% Hitting A New May High

May 11th

Good Morning,

ALID continues to heat up this AM...

Now up approximately 37%, ALID requires immediate attention.

Hitting a high of $1.10 so far, ALID has risen to a new May high and could continue gaining steam.

Last month, this green leaf profile hit a high of $1.28, so there could be more room for potential growth before hitting possible resistance.

This all comes on the heels of today's breaking news:

Allied Sells Out First Colombian Harvest and Begins to Rapidly Scale Colombian Production

Drop what you're doing right now, read the initial report below, and get ALID on your radar.


For over two years now, the FDA has been fast-tracking psi-lo-cybin for treatment of PTSD.

Psych-e-delic pharmaceuticals coupled with pharmaceutical can-na-bis is now projected to grow at an astonishing 30-fold growth rate approaching $60Bn this decade!

One company, Allied Corp. (OTCQB: ALID), is uniquely positioned to take a commanding lead in the supply chain for this emerging multi-Bn-dollar market.

Today, a new trend is building as psi-lo-cybin enters as a complement to the already launched medical movement for can-na-bis-sourced pharmaceutical compounds. What you’re about to learn is that after years of clinical study, psi-lo-cybin is now being hailed for newly discovered pharmaceutical uses.

In fact, the FDA could be only months away from a breakthrough announcement that puts psi-lo-cybin on the approved formularies list for the treatment of serious mental disorders.

The Starting Block That Launches Massive Opportunities in the Combined Psych-e-delics and Can-na-bis Sector

This is a new frontier, and it is loaded with potential opportunities.

Psi-lo-cybin, found in a unique species of mush-rooms, is the latest plant-based organic compound researchers are proving to be powerfully effective in therapies for treating PTSD, opioid addictions, alcoholism and chronic depression/anxiety disorders.

In the United States, projections are that the pharmaceutical uses for once vilified psych-e-delic and can-na-bis compounds could soar to approach a massive $60Bn market size by the end of this decade.

In this report, you will learn about one company, Allied Corp. (OTCQB: ALID), which is uniquely positioned to take a commanding position in the supply chain for this emerging multi-Bn-dollar market.

Breaking News

Allied Files Provisional Patent for Psi-lo-cybin Therapeutic Invention Seeking Drug Indication for Mental Health Depression and Anxiety Applications

Psych-e-delics Is a Packed Sector… and It’s Only the Beginning

Today, psych-e-delic pharmacology coupled with the also emerging market for can-na-binoid pharmaceuticals, is breaking never-before-seen ground.

As I stated above, forecasts are that this sector will rocket from where it is today to a figure approaching $60Bn this decade!

That’s roughly 30-fold growth!

After a year of following and studying this trend, I believe that now is definitely the time to watch Allied closely.

Before you do, make note of this: that $60Bn figure could be the tip of the iceberg.

In 2018, reported that…

“The U.S. spends over $200Bn on mental health disorders, ranking it as one of the costliest areas of health care, even above heart conditions and trauma and injury. When you consider the prevalence of depression, stress, anxiety, and substance use disorders, this may not be surprising. 18% of Americans have a mental health condition.” [1]

Globally, I believe this figure could be projected into the trill-ions of dollars!

In the end, the top-performing companies in this emerging sector must be capable of quickly and effectively scaling operations to the massive growth seen emerging in this market.

If you share my enthusiasm for this opportunity, then I strongly recommend that you move quickly to get Allied Corp. (OTCQB: ALID) on your radar.

Years ago, Allied management saw this market emerging and began strategic preparations for becoming one of the world’s top suppliers of high-grade psych-e-delic and cann-a-bis compounds for both the direct-to-consumer market and to the pharmaceutical industry.

Their vision has been profoundly prescient. Allied has since grown to international scale with connections and operations that extend from Colombia, South America, to Mexico, the United States and Canada.

In addition to its burgeoning consumer products division, it is now fully prepared to become one of the world leaders in supplying critically needed cann-a-binoids and psych-e-delic compounds to the pharmaceutical industry.

Fulfillment of a Long-Term Vision That Could Propel Allied to Global Leadership

  • Allied Corp. (OTCQB: ALID) reports it is fully capable of scaling operations as a single-source, vertically oriented supplier of cann-a-binoid and psych-e-delic compounds (as legislation allows) soon to flow into the pharmaceutical industry.
  • These compounds will be essential to the pharmaceutical industry in the face of massive markets likely to follow projected FDA approvals.
  • Today, Allied is one of the only companies in the world prepared to use its unique international supply-chain network to meet the anticipated needs of this emerging pharmaceutical industry.
  • At present, Allied may be trading at a fraction of what its longer-term potential holds.

Allied is entering the most transformative phase of its long-term growth plans… generating revenue as well as pro-fit-ability is in their plan, as reported in their most recent in-vestor presentation!

More than anything, this can put Allied on radar screens.


These Are Amazing Figures for a Company That Now Trades At Just Under $1/Share!

What’s taking shape is a rarity. It’s the birth of what could prove to be a multi-Tn industry as it expands globally. You may never again see an opportunity of this scale in your lifetime.

Here’s the bottom line. Since its founding, Allied (OTCQB: ALID) has focused exclusively on the big picture…the rise of this entirely new class of pharmacology.

What’s more, the compounds that Allied intends to produce and supply to the pharmaceutical industry cannot, to the best of my knowledge, be synthesized with current technologies to match natural sources.

All these highly complex compounds must be extracted from their botanical origins. Allied reports it can customize plant production to meet highly specific customer requirements. With this capability, Allied’s resources may never be exhausted.

In my analysis of this evolving market, I firmly believe that pharmaceutical companies will establish strong, dependable alliances with organic compounds suppliers. Allied stands to potentially win big as these alliances are formed.

“…pharma is being careful with its approach to MJ, hemp, CB and related industries. As the cann-a-bis industry advances, we’ll likely see more and more big pharma companies ink deals with cann-a-bis firms.” - Forbes[2]

The start of this is closer than many may think. The clock is ticking…

The FDA Calls Psych-e-delic Psi-lo-cybin a ‘Breakthrough Therapy’ for Severe Depression[3]

Psi-lo-cybin is now being hailed as the most important development yet for treatment of post-traumatic-stress-disorder (PTSD), as well as opioid addiction and chronic depression/anxiety.[4]

Be aware that PTSD is not just a battlefield affliction. First responders, police, medical and fire personnel can face horrific circumstances in their duties. Mental health challenges have long been an issue with civilian first responders, as well as our military.

Mental health issues have also been soaring as the result of the stresses and mental trauma triggered by the CV pandemic. Depression/anxiety and drug addiction are reaching epidemic scale as a displaced, unemployed and isolated population fights to cope with the circumstances of this nationwide problem. New therapeutic uses for psi-lo-cybin could go a long way in providing relief for that suffering.

Allied Corp. has taken a leadership role in successful new PTSD therapies for Canadian and American soldiers. In 2020, Allied initiated one of the very first clinical trials for treating veterans’ PTSD using can-na-bis & CB compounds.

In addition to the Can-na-bis / CB therapies, new research reveals highly promising results from adding psi-lo-cybin to the mix. What’s emerging is the potential for a combined can-na-bis and psi-lo-cybin approach to combat PTSD. If proven, the intellectual property rights could be worth a fortune!

Allied Corp. Advances Its Intellectual Property and Pharmaceutical Development Through Provisional Patents for Treatment of PTSD

Since its founding, Allied has been laser focused on clinical research and trials that address the immediate and pressing crisis veterans face from PTSD afflictions.

Allied’s breakthroughs have pioneered effective new therapies for treating PTSD (and related anxiety disorders) using the company’s proprietary can-na-binoid compounds and psych-e-delics.

The need for these new therapies is urgent…particularly among our veterans and first responders.

The latest Annual Report from the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs reveals that 6,345 vets committed suicide in 2018, a number that has been on the rise for over a decade.[5]

Allied reports that these rates could be significantly reversed through the company’s uniquely developed therapies…as well as its uniquely developed can-na-binoid and psi-lo-cybin compounds!

As a result of this work, Allied now holds two provisional patents for can-na-binoids and one provisional patent for psi-lo-cybin… with more anticipated on the horizon.

This is more than a domestic issue; it’s global.

Businesswire(dot)com reports this about the urgency for FDA approval of psych-e-delic therapeutics in the treatment of anxiety disorders:

“Depression is the world’s leading cause of disability, affecting more than 300 million people worldwide. With such a broad potential impact, this [FDA] designation represents a major step forward in mental health research and for patients suffering from depression.” [6]

Allied intends to take a lead in the development and production of novel psi-lo-cybin- and can-na-bis-based therapies.

With multiple patents already in the works and more potentially to come, these groundbreaking developments hold major implications for Allied Corp.’s ultimate value.

Psych-e-delic pharmacology is in its infancy. When fully grown, analysts predict its market can be measured in the tens of Bn's.

On top of the progress being made in can-na-bis-based compounds, Bn's more dollars will be in play as the FDA advances approvals in the incredible curative secrets of psi-lo-cybin compounds.

Advancing action at the FDA clearly suggests that major pharmaceutical companies like Merck, Johnson & Johnson, Eli Lilly and others are quietly preparing to meet the explosive demand for psi-lo-cybin- and can-na-bis-related-CB pharmaceutical compounds.

Anticipated FDA approvals of can-na-binoid and psych-e-delic therapies could trigger soaring demand from drug manufacturers for secure supplies of Allied’s organic pharmaceutical compounds.

As the FDA begins releasing its approvals, psych-e-delics and can-na-bis-based CB compounds should rapidly accelerate to mainstream medical applications.

This could be the rocket fuel that propels Allied Corp! Breaking down the psi-lo-cybin and can-na-bis supply chain exposes this obvious opportunity.

Allied Corp. Commands a Bottleneck in the Organic Medicinal Compound Supply Chain That Holds Massive Potential

Over the coming years, Allied is fully prepared to expand its cultivation and production capacity to meet the soaring demand anticipated for can-na-bis-based organic medicinal compounds as well as naturally derived psi-lo-cybin (as legislation allows).

On the can-na-bis front, Allied has already locked in stunning cultivation and production capacity more than sufficient to meet foreseeable near- and long-term market needs.

Unlike many smaller scale producers, Allied established production on some of the most productive land in the world — Colombia, South America.


If you’re going to grow can-na-bis, this is the place to do it.

Colombia’s ideal growing conditions allow can-na-bis plants to be brought from vegetative to flower in as little as one month. Production per acre is some of the highest yielding when compared anywhere in the world, as well as being the lowest cost per ton of biomass. Production here can be up to ten to fifteen times less expensive than comparable production in North American locations like California, Canada or even Mexico.


One thing seems abundantly clear to me.

In my research, I’ve come to believe that no producer in the United States, Canada, or Mexico can come close to the production efficiencies that Allied has established in Colombia, period!

Allied has positioned itself as a strong contender for what could become the largest, most dependable can-na-bis production operation on the planet!

This is exactly what big pharma will be looking for as it progresses in its development of domestic and worldwide distribution of can-na-bis-derived pharmaceuticals.

Allied is especially positioned to become a unique supplier of organic compounds essential to meet soon-to-explode domestic and international market demand. At present, it would seem, no one except Allied has a handle on this opportunity in the way that they do.

This is a huge shift in how this industry will operate in the future.

Psych-e-delics and Can-na-bis Markets Combined Undergoing a Paradigm Shift

As the FDA moves forward with its approval processes, this market is destined to soar to industrial scales. Only an industrial scale supplier like Allied appears positioned to meet the needs that are on the horizon.

It’s a paradigm shift of seismic proportions.

Here are the key facts that you must understand to appreciate how Allied is so ideally positioned for explosive future growth.

  • The full extent of pharmaceutical compounds found in can-na-bis and psi-lo-cybin mush-rooms cannot be economically synthesized at scale by any currently known technology.
  • The only current source for the full spectrum of these compounds are the original plants themselves.
  • Allied Corp. specifically built a proprietary, vertical supply chain that controls all three of the essential variables that pharmaceutical companies will demand from their supplier.

Quality. Scale. Price.

Today, Allied has indicated that it is one of the only companies found that can deploy its resources to meet all three of the essential supply criteria expected of the burgeoning pharmaceutical industry.

Those three supply criteria are:

1. Consistent and dependable product quality.

Pharmaceutical company buyers will not tolerate shortages or inconsistencies in the chemical make-up in the pharmaceutical grading of their supplies. Purity is essential to their rigid, uncompromising quality control standards.

  • Allied has positioned itself to control every conceivable variable in the supply channel that can impact quality and dependability of its end product.

2. Scalable supplies to meet soaring anticipated need.

For big pharma, searching across a vast range of can-na-bis and psi-lo-cybin producers simply cannot work efficiently. Qualified suppliers will be needed that are capable of expanding operations to meet growing market needs — this is the only way that these giant companies can be assured of securing product rollout strategies and return-on-investment.

  • Allied has positioned itself to control variables in the supply channel that can impact quality and dependability of its end product.

3. Cost reliability that long-term market planning can depend upon.

Pharmaceutical companies forecast far into the future. Hundreds of Mn's of dollars are put at risk on the promise of scalable, quality inputs, and also on predictable pricing.

  • Allied’s end-to-end predictable control of product quality and quantity ensures that its customers can depend on the company to meet supply channel commitments at a predictable contract price.

Unlike all other organic compound producers, Allied has targeted its ultimate market opportunity serving the pharmaceutical industry’s enormous volume needs. It’s literally a multi-Bn-dollar opportunity!

The above three deliverables could put Allied on track to become one of the world leaders in supplying pharmaceutical companies with organically derived psi-lo-cybin and cann-a-binoid compounds, as well as other organic compounds currently in the early stages of research.

From what I have seen, no other company in the world today is prepared to supply this soaring need using the production technology Allied has built. And the overwhelming consensus is that this market will rocket! The North American market for pure CB compounds alone is forecast to grow over 25-fold over the next six years!


5 Key Reasons To Pay Attention To Allied Corp. (OTCQB: ALID)

1. Mental disorders have risen to rank among the most devastating and costly medical challenges in the United States and the world. Estimates are that 300 million people globally suffer the debilitating effects of PTSD, chronic depression/anxiety, and the related impact of opioid addictions.

2. Clinical trials have already shown significant promise for treating these disorders with can-na-binoids and psych-e-delic compounds. Until recently these compounds have been vilified as illegal recreational drugs. Now, clinicians and medical researchers are unlocking a vast array of therapeutic potentials for treating some of the most challenging medical issues. Allied is contributing to this research with its own clinical trials treating PTSD, depression/anxiety disorders and opioid addiction.

3. On the heels of new therapeutic breakthroughs, the FDA is now fast-tracking approval processes for the psych-e-delic compound psi-lo-cybin. This fast-track approval process could lead to therapeutic approvals this year, which can be added to already advanced treatments being evaluated for can-na-binoid compounds.

4. Though this market remains in its infancy, early gainers have posted ten- to thirty-times growth from this emerging trend. This is a rapidly growing, multi-Bn-dollar market in the making — one of the very few that you will see in your lifetime.

5. Allied Corp. (OTCQB: ALID) is unique in the world in that it has focused diligently on building the end-to-end capability to deliver pharmaceutical-grade can-na-binoids and psych-e-delic compounds (as legislation allows) at a scale that meets all current global growth projections. The company is now fully structured to become one of the largest, if not the largest, supplier of pharmaceutical-grade can-na-binoids and psych-e-delic compounds to the world. Its capabilities allow total control, end to end, of the supply chain. Nobody else does what they do to provide scalable, high-quality, and dependable compounds to a market projected to approach $60Bn this decade!

Bonus Reason Allied Corp. is now issuing guidance for massive revenue and pro-fit-ability growth over the next three years... along with a growing portfolio of proprietary botanicals, production processes, and intellectual properties.[6]


Drop what you're doing now and get ALID on your radar.


If there are any more updates today, I'll get them out to you quickly.


Kai Parker


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