After a solid week producing two short-term double-digit champs, I've uncovered a new idea that could be temporarily undervalued. Let me


At Just Over $.02, See Why This Breakout Bounce Idea For Monday Has Triple-Digit Upside Potential

June 5th

Good Afternoon,

After a solid week producing two short-term double-digit champs, I've uncovered a new idea that could be temporarily undervalued.

Let me give you some quick details on why you should get this new profile on your radar ASAP.

The worldwide hand sanitizer market could realize an absolute growth of over 280% in terms of retail volume consumption – a phenomenal leap of over 100 million gallons between 2016 and 2025.

Further, the high-volume consumption for hand sanitizers during the ongoing CV-19 pandemic could push the global market revenue by over 600% in 2020.

On accounts of recommendations by various global healthcare institutions such as the WHO and US CDC, alcohol-based hand sanitizers will contribute the highest absolute market revenue of over $2.9Bn during 2019-2025.

Top brands such as Purell, Dettol, and GermX could lose significant market shares to emerging local brands and private labels which have taken advantage of the demand and supply gap created owing to supply chain constraints in 2020.

This is huge...

And, according to Arizton estimates, market share of private labels will increase globally from 38% in 2019 to 54% in 2020.

Because of these figures and more, I want you to focus in on a company that is currently flying under Wall Street's radar while trading at just over $.02+.

Your new stock profile for Monday, June 8th is:

Scepter Holdings, Inc. (BRZL)

Scepter Holdings, Inc. is a high-performance consumer goods sales and marketing company and is in the process of developing an ethanol based hand sanitizer formula infused with hemp seed oil.

Talk About A Potential Game-Changer!

Considering the current domestic need for disinfectant and cleaning supplies, Scepter Holdings is responding by pursuing a new hand sanitizer formula that will disinfect while supporting healthy skin.

The new formula will contain hemp oil extract, rich in omega fatty acids. The goal is to provide a hand sanitizer product that is less harsh on the skin when used multiple times a day.

"Scepter has been fortunate to have good relationships with manufacturing partners that enable us to quickly develop new products in response to consumer needs. We anticipate a positive response to our new hemp infused hand sanitizer formula once it has been launched." - Adam Nicosia, VP of Sales.

Here's where it gets even better... The company has just added a major player to their Advisory Board.

No 1. Potential BRZL Catalyst - Addition Of Chad Murdock

Scepter Holdings, Inc., Welcomes Chad Murdock of M2G Media to Advisory Board

Scepter is pleased to announce Chad Murdock, President of M2G Media, as the newest member of its Advisory Board

LAS VEGAS, NV / ACCESSWIRE / June 2, 2020 / Scepter Holdings, Inc., (OTC PINK:BRZL) a high-performance consumer goods sales and marketing company, welcomes Chad Murdock to its Advisory Board.

Chad Murdock, President of M2G Media is an executive producer, producer/director, marketer & writer with over 35 years of creative, marketing & management experience. Chad continues to be one of the most creative innovators in Direct Response. He has worked on joint projects with companies & products such as SC Johnson, Estee Lauder, Your Baby Can Read, Epson, Time Life Music & Video, Hooked on Phonics, Body Flex, Home Shopping Network, QVC, Select Brands, Braun, Bell South, Fitness Quest, Tony Little Enterprises, Nissan, Hoover & Warner Vision.

Mr. Murdock has been a producer/director/exec-producer on shows that have grossed over $2Bn in revenue. Those shows have been nominated for over a dozen Direct Response Industry awards & have won 3 of those prestigious awards, including Best Infomercial and Best Short Form for Your Baby Can Read. As a member of Scepter Holdings' Advisory Board, Chad Murdock brings his expertise from years of successful marketing in the consumer goods product space. The Company looks forward to working with Chad to identify new brands and develop competitive marketing campaigns.

"We are excited to have Chad as part of our Advisory Board. Chad's deep knowledge of the industry will be critical in the development of new brands and the execution of their promotional campaigns," stated Robert Van Boerum, Chairman of the Board.


No. 2 Potential BRZL Catalyst - New Agreement Signed

Scepter Holdings, Inc., Signs Exclusive Sales and Marketing Agreement to Market Nosebudz(R) Nasal Air Filter

Scepter signs agreement with Dr. Robert Brunst to market his innovative NoseBudz® nasal air filter

LAS VEGAS, NV / ACCESSWIRE / April 29, 2020 / Scepter Holdings, Inc., (OTC PINK:BRZL) a high-performance consumer goods sales and marketing company, is pleased to announce that they have signed an exclusive sales and marketing agreement with Dr. Robert Brunst to market his innovative NoseBudz® nasal air filter.

NoseBudz is a simple, innovative, nasal air filter designed to stop aerosolized viral particles and allergens. The unique patent-pending conical filters in NoseBudz are designed to filter particles one-micron or larger, while maintaining sufficient airflow to allow normal breathing through the nose.

Scepter will take the responsibility for marketing and selling NoseBudz through brand owned websites and Amazon. Dr. Robert Brunst and his team will provide product inventory and funding to directly support marketing expenses. Sales revenue less cost of goods, expenses, returns, merchant fees, etc., will be shared with Scepter in exchange for its marketing and sales services.

"We believe the market for NoseBudz nasal air filter is stronger than it has ever been. We look forward to relaunching the brand under Scepter's guidance," stated Adam Nicosia, Vice President of Sales.


No. 3 Potential BRZL Catalyst - New Additions On Amazon

Scepter Holdings, Inc., introduces Gevitta Glow and Multi vitamin sprays on Amazon

Gevitta Glow and Multi vitamin sprays now available on Amazon(dot)com

LAS VEGAS, NV / ACCESSWIRE / April 14, 2020 / Scepter Holdings, Inc., (OTCPINK:BRZL) a high-performance consumer goods sales and marketing company, introduces Gevitta branded vitamin sprays, Glow and Multi, for sale on Amazon(dot)com.

Gevitta Glow vitamin spray is a liquid Vitamin D spray supplement. Customers looking for a simple to dispense Vitamin D supplement will appreciate the taste and convenience of Gevitta Glow.

Gevitta Multi vitamin spray is a multivitamin supplement spray containing a blend of Vitamins C, D, E, Thiamine, Niacin, B6, Folic Acid, B12, Biotin, and Pantothenic Acid. Gevitta Multi contains many of the essential vitamins found in competitive multivitamin tablets, but in a more convenient spray form.


"We are happy to introduce Gevitta Multi and Glow for purchase through our store and Amazon(dot)com. Our Gevitta vitamin sprays are a great solution for customers searching for a convenient vitamin supplement," stated Adam Nicosia, Vice President of Sales.


That is some huge news, because it was only back in February that the company produced this press release relaying solid sales feedback.

Scepter Holdings, Inc., Credits Amazon Advertising for Increasing Sales

Scepter has increased investment in Amazon Advertising to drive online sales

LAS VEGAS, NV / ACCESSWIRE / February 14, 2020 / Scepter Holdings, Inc., (OTC:BRZL) a high-performance consumer goods sales and marketing company, credits Amazon Advertising as one of the primary drivers behind increased sales of Dermacia cosmetics in January and February this year.

According to a recent article on Forbes, retail brands are enjoying higher returns with Amazon Advertising than with Facebook or Google. The article cited data from a recent Feedvisor study which concluded that 66% of consumers begin their new product search on Amazon, that Amazon drives a 7X return for most brands.

Scepter invests most of its advertising dollars in Amazon Advertising, and has recent leveraged some of the new advertising features introduced by Amazon in the last 6 months to increase return on advertising spend (ROAS). January and February of 2020 have demonstrated a rise in ROAS over last year, as well as an increase in sales over the same period last year, which supports additional investment in Amazon Advertising.

"Amazon's advertising platform has helped us better target consumers most likely to purchase Dermacia or Gevitta products with a greater return than what we traditionally received from advertising on Facebook. This has lead to us launching more campaigns on Amazon than any other platform," stated Adam Nicosia, Vice President of Sales.

Read the full article here.


No. 4 Potential BRZL Catalyst - Oversold Technicals, Major Upside Breakout Potential

Take a look at BRZL's 2-month chart below:


As you can see, this stock is trading towards the bottom of its range which makes it a potential healthy reversal/bounce candidate in the short-term.

Additionally, you can see how quickly this profile can run when above average momentum floods into it like what happened in the final days of April.

In the span of 3 sessions, BRZL made a mad dash from a low of $.037 to a high of $.08 for a short-term surge of approximately 116%.

That's no joke when it comes calculating breakout potential in a stock.

Look even deeper. It was only on June 2nd when BRZL was trading at $.048, more than 2X its current levels at around 2:00PM on 6/5.

A return to that level Monday would provide BRZL with a surge of around 100% from its Friday 2:00PM approximate valuation ($.023).

At Friday's opening bell, I also saw BRZL to have multiple oversold leaning technicals including its:

  • 9-Day Relative Strength Index (~39%)
  • 14-Day Williams %R (~89%)
  • 14-Day Raw Stochastic (~10%)

Are we staring at a potential big bouncer at Monday's opening bell???


I'll be in touch over the weekend. Enjoy the rest of your day.


Kai Parker


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