The bioscience sector is expanding its reach and taking advantage of economic development policies and incentives that nurture growth. And,


BREAKING: GreenStar Biosciences' Tenant Partner Reveals Record Breaking 2019 Revenue

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March 2nd

Good Morning,

Major news just dropped this AM regarding Monday's stock profile GTSIF and their tenant partner, Cowlitz. Check it out:

GreenStar Biosciences' Cowlitz Reports Record Breaking Revenues of $19.5Mn for 2019

Vancouver, British Columbia--(Newsfile Corp. - March 2, 2020) - GreenStar Biosciences Corp. (CSE: GSTR) ("GreenStar" or the "Company"), is pleased to announce that its tenant partner Cowlitz County CB Cultivation Inc. ("Cowlitz") has generated over $19.5Mn in gross sales revenues for 2019.

"We are very pleased with the rate at which Cowlitz is growing. 2019 revenues represent a 33% increase over 2018," said Rahim Rajwani, Chair of the Strategic Advisory Board to GreenStar.

Newly appointed CEO Tom Baird added, "Cowlitz's strength in a highly competitive market is positive and provides the perfect base for GreenStar's plans to expand its footprint across the United States with similar best-in-class companies. 2019 has been a banner sales year for Cowlitz, with the company achieving record sales of over 2 million pre-rolls. In addition, their recent grow room additions should further increase operating margins and overall profitability for 2020."

Read the full article here.

Reminder, GreenStar also trades on the Canadian Securities Exchange under the ticker (GSTR).

If you haven't yet, read the full GTSIF report below and get it on your radars now.


The bioscience sector is expanding its reach and taking advantage of economic development policies and incentives that nurture growth.

And, with a market estimated to grow more than 260% to a dizzying $1.25Bn over the next four years, it appears that the demand for CB is expected to continue.

In fact, that recent industry study predicted the global CB market will grow from $311.7Mn this year to that staggering $1.25Bn height by 2024.

There are easily more than 1,000 CB-infused products currently available online.

Will This Idea Be The Top "Green Wave" Stock Of 2020 & Beyond?

As the sector continues to grow, I've been looking at multiple stocks with Green Wave connections that could be hidden gems.

Here's one that Wall Street has let slip past them and I want you to put on your radar for Monday, March 2nd:


GreenStar Biosciences Corp. trades on the OTCMarkets under the ticker (GTSIF). The company also trades on the Canadian Securities Exchange under the ticker (GSTR).

GreenStar is making its mark in the CB industry and doing so through partnerships that don’t put its name in lights, but they certainly put value in the company. The tech and services company is a provider of real estate, financial, management, IP and branding support to licensed U.S. CB businesses. In these efforts, GreenStar partners and makes investments in innovative or disruptive technologies and businesses.

Right Now GTSIF Could Be Ready For Its Next Bullish Trend


Look at the chart above. On January 9th, 2020 GTSIF was hovering around the same price as it is now at approximately $.04 to $.05/share.

In the following days, GTSIF started its bullish trend. On January 16th, 2020, the stock made a move to $.11+/share for a clean double in roughly 1 week.

Does GTSIF have the potential to start another bullish trend?


GreenStar Is An Emerging Opp. To Be Watching Closely

GreenStar Biosciences planned a major expansion in 2019 with the plan of entering several states that include California, Oregon, Michigan, West Virginia, and Nevada. Initially, the company had been focused on the burgeoning CB market in Washington state. This was one of the first states to roll-out a recreational CB platform. When it comes to the Washington state CB market, GreenStar Biosciences has been successful and is a top 5 CB producer/processor in this market.

GreenStar Has Generated More Than $30Mn In Revenue Since Inception

In 2015, GreenStar Biosciences became operational and started selling products in April. The company has been nothing short of an execution story and has recorded strong growth since inception. In 2016, the company generated $6.58Mn of revenue and grew this to $10.4Mn in 2017. In 2018, GreenStar recorded further growth and generated almost $15Mn in revenue.

A Differentiated Growth Opportunity

GreenStar Biosciences represents a differentiated opportunity that is generating significant revenues and has attractive growth prospects. The company is led by a management team with a proven track record of success.

#1 GTSIF News Catalyst Towards Potential Breakout Growth

GreenStar Biosciences Announces Transformational Phase One Expansion at Cowlitz

Vancouver, British Columbia--(Newsfile Corp. - December 2, 2019) - GreenStar Biosciences Corp. (CSE: GSTR) (OTC Pink: GTSIF) ("GreenStar" or the "Company"), is pleased to announce that its tenant partner Cowlitz County CB Cultivation Inc. ("Cowlitz") has completed the first phase of its expansion initiatives with the completion of several grow rooms at its existing facilities. This allows Cowlitz to produce its own high quality CB to meet its growing customer demands.

The first phase of Cowlitz's expansion involved the set-up of four separate grow rooms in its facilities using LED lighting to ensure its cultivation operations are as efficient as possible resulting in reduced operating costs and higher overall margins. All of these grow rooms will be producing the highest "A" grade flower using Cowlitz's own proprietary genetics. Cowlitz recently harvested plants from its first grow room and expects plants from the second room to be harvested by mid-December 2019. Cowlitz has two additional grow rooms established and expects crops from both to be harvested in the coming months. The addition of these fully functional grow rooms increases competitiveness, while significantly lowering product costs, especially in the premium CB market which commands higher prices.

"The first grow room production will hit dispensary shelves this month, and with three additional planned harvests, we expect to see significant growth in both revenues and operating margins," said Rahim Rajwani, CEO and director of GreenStar. Rajwani added, "This additional supply will support strong continued sales and we look forward to Cowlitz achieving additional production and revenue milestones."

Cowlitz operates in a mature yet growing Washington State market. In 2017 the CB sector generated $1.486Bn in sales (per www(dot)502data(dot)com) and this figure is expected to grow to $2.6Bn by 2020 (source: New Frontier Data U.S. CB Report 2019). Cowlitz is a top five licensed processor in the state of Washington, having built a strong reputation by being proven operators providing quality products. Although Cowlitz has secured supply of quality CB through several strategic relationships, the company has seen increased demand for its high end products and has responded by launching its own production initiatives. The addition of its own production capability will support future expansion initiatives including the launch of additional brands and premium product offerings in the coming months.

#2 GTSIF News Catalyst Towards Potential Breakout Growth

GreenStar Biosciences Shares An Open Letter to Shareholders from the CEO Highlighting Recent Successes and Future Plans

Vancouver, British Columbia--(Newsfile Corp. - October 3, 2019) - GreenStar Biosciences Corp. (CSE: GSTR) ("GreenStar" or the "Company") is pleased to share an open letter to shareholders written by Rahim Rajwani, GreenStar's CEO and Director.

Dear Shareholders,

I want to begin by thanking you for your support as GreenStar transitioned to a publicly-listed company in June 2019. This has been instrumental in building the Company and providing a solid foundation for future expansion. So far, 2019 has seen the Company reach significant milestones and I am excited about our prospects as we look to 2020.

GreenStar's first tenant partner company, Cowlitz County CB Cultivation, continues to show strong sales with over $11.8Mn in gross revenue generated for the first seven months of 2019. That puts them on track to meet or exceed 2018 revenue figures in a mature and competitive Washington State market.

Cowlitz has achieved an impressive feat in a relatively short time frame by becoming one of the top processors in all of Washington State. This growth has been driven by a number of factors, including focus on quality, creating valuable relationships with growers and building a highly recognizable brand.

Moreover, the changes to GreenStar's executive management team have brought a wealth of capital markets and operational expertise to the Company. Management is already in the process of reviewing several potential M&A opportunities, new product launches and other operational/tenant partnerships as well as pursuing a U.S. stock quotation. Although recent stock prices for many companies in the CB sector, including GreenStar, have softened, I believe the Company has created a solid foundation for future growth.

Furthermore, GreenStar's value-add proposition includes acquiring, using and licensing innovative technologies. The Company recently announced positive results from initial tests using the proprietary patent-pending technology of Progressive Herbs Inc. A 50/50 joint venture between GreenStar and Progressive holds the exclusive license to utilize the cultivation technology. Additional successful testing and results will provide significant value to the Company and potential alternate revenue streams for GreenStar. Over the coming months, we plan to conduct further testing at scale.

We look forward to building on our successes and delivering long term, enhanced value to the Company.


GreenStar's Game-Changing Portfolio

Tenant Partner: Cowlitz

GreenStar is steeped with experience in the CB industry earned while refining strategies in Washington, the first state (along with Colorado) to LGLize recreational MJ in 2012. With that experience in tow, the Vancouver-based company – through its subsidiary – has a variety of agreements with Cowlitz County CB Cultivation, Inc. ("Cowlitz"), one of the largest CB companies in Washington. GreenStar refers to companies in its portfolio of operations as “tenant partners.”

Cowlitz is a Tier 2 processor, meaning it utilizes mid-size canopies ranging from 2,000-10,000 square feet, while maintaining a community-minded business model. The company is also one of the largest independent buyers of dried flower in Washington. It needs to be because it produces about 2 million CB pre-rolls each year.


Across the brands owned by GreenStar: Dab Dudes, Hi Guys and Cowlitz Gold, Cowlitz has built a reputation for premium CB at fair prices, with products on shelves in about 20% of all the CB retailers across Washington.

Cowlitz is a growth story in the expanding Washington market that recorded sales of $1.49Bn in 2017 and forecasted to rise to $2.6Bn by next year.

Throughout the first seven months of 2019, data from the Washington State Liquor and CB Board showed Cowlitz generated $11.8Mn in sales.

"Cowlitz's strong continued sales in a highly competitive market is positive and provides the perfect base for GreenStar's plans to expand its footprint across the United States with similar best-in-class companies," commented GreenStar CEO Rahim Rajwani in a news release last October.

Rajwani was referencing the company's plans to penetrate other LGL markets, with Michigan, a top medical MJ state that LGLized recreational MJ last year, a top priority.



GreenStar + Progressive Herbs = Capri

Last year, GreenStar made a savvy business move in partnering with Progressive Herbs, forging a joint venture under the name Capri PHGS LLC. The partnership brought Progressive Herb's proprietary cultivation technology into GreenStar's portfolio, which it promptly took to Cowlitz's facilities to grow plants for independent lab testing.

2,500 CB plants were grown using the patent-pending nutrient system, then analyzed at Praxis Laboratory, an accredited Washington State testing facility. The results were nothing shy of spectacular, including higher-than-normal CB levels (22.85% to 32.54%) grown at lower operational costs. Praxis and accredited heavy-metal screening lab Medicine Creek Analytics testing further verified that the plants were free of pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, heavy metals and other contaminants.

In addition to shaving grow costs, the initial test plants grew faster than conventional methods. All plants were harvested in roughly 72 days, meaning that five harvest cycles can be completed in one year.

The next phase of testing will be designed to validate the scalability of the new technology. The plan is not only for Capri to use the technology itself to produce high-quality CB at lower costs, but to license the technology to third parties as a separate revenue stream.



Oral CB Strips

Down the road, it will be interesting to see how this technology squares with GreenStar's partnership with PharmaStrip to produce CB-infused mouth strips. This is an under-appreciated method for reliably delivering precise amounts of CB's with rapid uptake. GreenStar doesn't speak a lot on this part of the business as it devotes resources to Cowlitz and Capri, but the company is quietly positioned to emerge as a leader in the space whenever it flicks the switch.

Perhaps one day, GreenStar will be a household name with partnerships with Cowlitz, Capri, PharmaStrip and whatever else it acquires in the future under its umbrella. Maybe it will forever be the obscure like the goliaths mentioned above. For now, though, the company seems perfectly content with business development, not touting its own name, as its highest priority, but now you know.


GTSIF is a tiny-sized stock with a potentially bright, bright future. Not only should this idea be at the top of your watch-list going into Monday, but you should also do this right now:


If there are more updates today, I'll get them out to you quickly.


Kai Parker



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