Did you see how last week closed out? My last major stock profile was BEGI, an idea that turned into a huge triple-digit intraday breakout


Coming Off An Approx. 381% Intraday Runner, Your New Low Float Profile Below Could Be Breakout Ready

Based On This Report, See Why New You, Inc. (NWYU) Could Be Your Next Surging Star...

May 25th

Good Morning,

Did you see how last week closed out?

My last major stock profile was BEGI, an idea that turned into a huge triple-digit intraday breakout star.

Opening at $.027, BEGI shot like a missile out of the 9:30AM bell and climbed to a high of $.13 on the session.

Overall, that run amounted to an intraday surge of 381%!

Now, we turned towards the future and your next big breakout idea.

For Tuesday, May 26th, you need to turn your full focus to:

*New You, Inc. (NWYU)*

New You, Inc. is a publicly traded company (NWYU) that currently holds one subsidiary, NEWYOU LLC. NEWYOU is positioned to capture a huge share of the booming U.S. CB market with its flagship product DROPS™. DROPS nano-CB utilizes a proprietary nanoencapsulation technology to deliver superior bioavailability offering greater efficacy than traditional CB oils.

NEWYOU is currently in its soft launch with a mission to help deliver innovative, superior quality products as it launches into the CB market that's expected to grow to $22Bn by 2022.

DROPS Uses Nano-Amplified® Process For Ultimate Potency

NEWYOU says one serving of DROPS, its flagship product, can change your drink and world. It is a powerful 220 mgs Canna-active™ CB beverage enhancer. It's tasteless, flavorless and instantaneously adds the wellness benefits of high output USA-grown organic CannaBDs to any beverage or liquid you love. It delivers advanced benefits that support the EndoCannaBD System with superior bioavailability.

Breaking it Down

What is Nano-Amplification? A revolutionary process that naturally makes NEWYOU's CannaBD isolate more bioavailable and active in the body, as well as tasteless and odorless:

  1. They take a larger isolate particle
  2. They amplify it through a natural process that breaks it into hundreds of thousands of extremely small individual particles
  3. Upon amplification, they use a technique to encase these smaller particles into highly active nano-size water clusters—the size that can penetrate cell membranes.

This revolutionary process could turn NWYU into a household name as the CB market continues to expand in the years to come.

Now, for more immediate potential catalysts, here's what you need to know:

No. 1 Potential Catalyst Trigger: NWYU's Low Float Structure

Similar to last week's breakout triple-digit intraday runner, BEGI, this new stock profile has a very low float.

According to the OTCMarkets website, NWYU has a low, low float of approximately 3.5Mn Shares.

What do we know about low float stocks? They are susceptible to serious volatility in the short-term.

When volatility kicks in, extreme price spiking can occur and end in a stock doing a vertical surge up the chart.

All it takes sometimes is a little good news like a solid press release from a company to bring in some above average momentum.

Before you know it, a stock can catch ablaze and leap towards previous or new highs.

In case you haven't looked yet, NWYU does have a 52-week high of $2.99.

Not that I'm saying that will occur on Tuesday, but it does give NWYU 464% in upside potential to that previous high.


No. 2 Potential Catalyst Trigger: NWYU's Hot New Product

New You, Inc. (NWYU) combines 3 Lucrative Market Trends into one HOT New Product with the debut of NEWYOU Caffe Canna™

CARLSBAD, Calif., March 9, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- It's a great-tasting, dark roast instant coffee with two clinically proven weight loss ingredients and Canna-Active™ CB all in one amazing product. The debut of Caffe Canna by New You, Inc.'s NEWYOU subsidiary is a bold step by the company to combine several growing market trends into an effective product for consumers and a strong market driver for its business-minded distributors.

"As a pioneer in delivering cutting-edge weight loss products to the marketplace over the last three decades and partnering with a trailblazers who are responsible for many of industry firsts in the CB space, I saw a unique opp. with Caffe Canna to create a triple play in three markets," said NEWYOU Co-Founder Ray Grimm, Jr.

With Caffe Canna dropping off the pounds is as easy as drinking a cup or two of coffee a day. It contains two clinically tested and patented active ingredients SuperCitrimax® and ChromeMate®, which have been shown to be three times more effective than diet and exercise alone. It also includes other powerful natural ingredients that may assist the body with fat burning, appetite suppression, blood sugar control, and more:

As an added bonus, Caffe Canna includes a shot of 99% plus pure T*H*C-Free Hemp-derived CB for those desiring the added health, weight loss and [...] support that have been reported. This positions Caffe Canna to be a homerun for NEWYOU during the biggest weight loss season of the year.

Read The Full Article Here.


No. 3 Potential Catalyst Trigger: 2 World Champs Join Up

Two World Champions Named to NEWYOU's Athletic Advisory Board

CARLSBAD, Calif., March 17, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Two-time World Heavyweight Boxing Champion Chris Byrd and World UFC MMA Fighting Champion Guy Mezger have both put their names in the CB ring with NEWYOU as part of the company's new Athletic Advisory Board.

"We all have choices. So do professionals. The caliber of pros coming on board says a lot about the bright future ahead," said NEWYOU Co-Founder Ray Grimm, Jr.

Professional boxing legend Chis Byrd is considered to be one of the most feared defensive fighters of all time. A two-time Heavyweight Champion of the world and three-time National Amateur Champion, he's gone fist to fist with some of boxing's hardest hitters including the likes of Evander Holyfield. After retiring in 2008, the collateral damage of years in the ring put Byrd in a literal fight for his life.

"For me personally and professionally, CB saved my life." said Byrd. "I am not alone in understanding the 'miraculous' benefits of CB and its potential to help manage the debilitating issues that high level athletes experience. I thank God every day for CB brands like NEWYOU that take it to the next level."

Professional champion combat athlete and Texan Guy Mezger, recognized in Mixed Martial Arts for winning both the UFC and King of Pancrase, agrees with Byrd. With 6 World Titles in four separate full contact sports and a PhD in Holistic Health, Mezger believes there's not a single person alive today that doesn't need CB on a daily basis.

"It's that important," Mezger said. "I tell people CB is mandatory for your health! It's why I'm on board with NEWYOU. I only align myself with the best and they have the best."

Read The Full Article Here.


More From The NWYU Website

NEWYOU. It’s our Name and it’s our Mission. You see we’ve all been down this road a time or two, and we’re here to make this your biggest success. From our ultra pure and potent Canna-Active™ products to our lucrative work-hard-play-hard compensation plan, NEWYOU is ready to change the world one drop and one life at a time. From our corporate and leadership teams’ success-laden track record to our mission to help you discover your best self, NEWYOU is unlike any company doing business today. We understand if you want to get to the next level of your life physically and financially it will require a NEW version YOU. And that’s why we’re here and why you are, too.


Ray Grimm Jr: Co-Founder, Built 3 Multi-Mn Dollar Nutritional Companies

A veteran entrepreneur with more than a quarter century experience building some of the top nutritional and weight loss companies in Direct Sales history, Ray W. Grimm Jr. has what many consider to be the Midas touch when Multi-Mn dollar companies, three of which exceeded $50Mn in sales within their first five years.

Five years ago, Ray Grimm, Jr. also created and co-founded one of the fastest growing weight loss brands ever developed producing $10Mn in sales in its first year. His vision, leadership and expertise in nutrition, weight loss and Direct Sales are unmatched and so is his unique formula for success all of which have benefited the physical and financial health of thousands.




Tuesday's opening bell will be here before you know it. Make sure NWYU is on your radar by then.


Kai Parker


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