GZIC is starting off on a solid green trend and this could just be the start.


Coming Out Hot, Low Float (GZIC) Is On A Solid Green Trend And Could Be Picking Up Steam (Here's Why)

April 27th

Greetings Readers,

GZIC is starting off on a solid green trend and this could just be the start.

With this burst out of the opening bell to a $1.25 high, GZIC has moved above several lines of potential support.

Those including its:

  • 5-Day Simple Moving Average (SMA)
  • 20-Day SMA
  • 5-Day Exponential Moving Average (EMA)
  • 13-Day EMA

If potential support is growing at the levels, watch out, it could act as building blocks towards a continued vertical move near term.

Plus, as I mentioned in the report below, this is a low float idea which means volatility can be in the cards on a daily basis.

Also, take a look at the company's game-changing news that dropped just last week: GZ6G Technologies Outlines Acquisition Strategy

Take a second now to read my initial report and get GZIC on your radar quickly.


Guess what? I've come across a new low float idea.

When it comes to low float ideas, don't forget we're not too far out from releasing BSTO earlier this month, another low float idea that surged approximately 260% intraday from an open of $.061 to a high of $.22.

But let's get into the thick of it. Did you know...

There will be more than 75.44Bn connected IoT devices by 2025.

That's from Abdullah Al Hayajneh, an author of Improving Internet of Things (IoT) Security with Software-Defined Networking (SDN).

Those numbers are simply astonishing at first glance, but are they really?

As tech continues to grow and improve, enterprises are looking for "Smart Solutions" to be able to operate safely and quickly.

A smart solution is the connection of digital infrastructure hardware and software combined together.

This enables enterprise organizations to evolve how they operate and what capabilities they can deploy.

To offer a complete smart solution, this one company I've been tracking closely has developed four specializations to bring together a fast track to project completion and have put together a managed support team to keep enterprises up and running like never before.

Even better than that, this profile has a low float, just highlighted their acquisition strategy this month, has made several key additions to its staff, and recently uplisted within the last 12 months.

Ready for this mouth-watering, unique idea for Wednesday's opening bell?

Then you need to get ready for:

*GZ6G Technologies (GZIC)*

GZ6G Technologies provides smart digital technologies through its proprietary platform to offer 5G and Wi-Fi 6 technology applications to large venues, including stadiums and universities, and municipalities nationwide. Through a family of four business units, the Company advises on critical decisions about how best to store, process and protect data, upgrade facilities and building operations with emerging wireless and IoT applications, helping to create new revenue streams and pro-fit centers.

And right now GZIC has several potential catalysts you need to be aware of going forward. They include:

No. 1 - A Low Float Profile

No. 2 - GZ6G Highlights Its Acquisition Strategy For Future Growth

No. 3 - Major Announcement Regarding Advancements In FiBox Pro

No. 4 - The Company's Growth Is On Full Display

No. 5 - Uplisting To OTCQB Could Provide Significant Exposure

But more on those in second...

GZIC Full Company Overview

GZ6G Technologies Corp - A smart solutions tech provider focused on developing and acquiring early stage wireless 5G/6G interactive communication technologies. Products include IPTV, digital displays, VR, AI, data analytics software and wireless security tools for Stadiums, Airports, Universities and Smart City Projects.

Their Mission: create shareholder value by creating a family of wireless technology companies specializing in vertical markets that support subsidiary business units with necessary skill sets to deliver value-added smart Solutions to partners and customers.

They strive to be one of the most innovative and trusted 5G, Wi-Fi 6 and beyond enterprise smart technology solutions providers globally, enabling enterprise technology and expertise consulting to build smarter cities and venues of the future.

The Company’s focus is on three distinct revenue streams:

  • Selling and installing equipment needed for venues to provide high-speed Wi-Fi connections
  • Maintaining the hardware needed to provide these connections
  • Selling advertising services to monetize these venues’ traffic

Acquisition Strategy

As Smart City enterprise accounts need support, GZ6G Technologies plans to expand each GZ6G division through acquisitions in local markets. GZ6G will also leverage smart platforms, integrate products, seek capital support, and cross-sell to grow as a leader in the emerging smart technologies market.

Four Areas of Acquisition Interest

  • Wireless IT Managed Service companies
  • SaaS IoT Software Applications/Devices
  • Digital Marketing and Sponsor Agencies
  • Data Centers

Requirements for acquisition consideration:

a) demonstrated revenue

b) niche product offerings

c) established customers and talented leadership.

GZ6G Divisions

GZ6G Technologies operates several divisions to provide wireless and monetization enterprise-level smart solutions to cities and large venues that require multiple types of products, services and third-party solutions to fulfill client needs.


More Details And Full Company Presentation Here.

And right now, GZIC has several key potential catalysts to watch closely. Check them out:

No. 1 GZIC Potential Catalyst - A Low Float Profile

According to the OTC Markets' website, GZIC has a relatively low float.

The website reports this profile to have approximately 14.53Mn shares in its float.

Why is that important? It's important on one crucial level. Volatility.

With so few shares available for trading, other potential catalysts (like big news) could spark a vertical move in the short-term.


No. 2 GZIC Potential Catalyst - GZ6G Highlights Its Acquisition Strategy For Future Growth

GZ6G Technologies Outlines Acquisition Strategy

Potential Addition of Managed Service Providers Should Help Drive Future Growth

LAS VEGAS, NV, April 21, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- via NewMediaWire –GZ6G Technologies Corp. (OTCQB: GZIC), an enterprise smart solutions provider for cities, stadiums, universities, and other large venues, today outlined its acquisition strategy to drive future revenue growth and provide technology support that allows the business to expand nationally.

The Company is working to identify and complete acquisitions of managed service providers (MSPs) and other smart digital technology companies in cities nationwide to enhance and expand its GZ Smart Networks division capabilities. Acquisition candidates must have existing revenue, IT support teams and technology solutions in place for at least three years. The Company is looking for MSPs that generate from $1Mn to $10Mn in revenues.

The Company’s strategic acquisition initiatives call for candidates with niche end-markets, high recurring revenue models, and low customer churn.

We are a forward-thinking company and seek to collaborate with other like-minded businesses that want to expand in the fast-growing technology solutions space,” said Coleman Smith, CEO of GZ6G Technologies. “By working alongside MSPs and other smart-technology enabled companies, we can build our brand and influence, as we strive to become a leading provider of in-venue security and innovative technology for stadium and event venues across the nation. Acquiring companies that provide emerging technologies and have a similar growth mindset to GZ6G should help us solidify our suite of solutions and drive long-term growth.


Read the full article here.


No. 3 GZIC Potential Catalyst - Major Announcement Regarding Advancements In FiBox Pro

GZ6G Technologies Advances FiBox Pro—Smart WiFi 6 Large Area Gateway with Built-In Captive Portal—Through Green Zebra Labs Division

LAS VEGAS, NV, Dec. 14, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- via NewMediaWire – GZ6G Technologies Corp. (OTCQB: GZIC) today announced new advancements to their proprietary product offering, FiBox Pro, developed by Green Zebra Labs. The FiBox Pro is a smart WiFi 6 gateway with a built-in captive portal that delivers fast and reliable bandwidth, firewall security, and data capturing to large venues like airports, cities, enterprises, stadiums, and universities.

“The FiBox Pro is a great option for customers, who need to integrate more IoT devices, and combines a gateway and captive portal in one,” said Coleman Smith, CEO of GZ6G Technologies. “This is a huge step to connecting the entire ecosystem—IPTV, Point-of-Sale, Ticketing, and any other smart solutions—so that venue executives and managers can access all of their smart solutions data and make more precise decisions for their operations.”

The FiBox Pro is pre-integrated with Green Zebra’s data cloud and backup management. The FiBox Pro accepts API integrations from a wide range of devices and IoT smart solutions, including point of sale, security, lighting, ventilation, parking, ticketing, and more.

FiBox Pro Benefits:

  • All-in-one easy to set up
  • One dashboard to monitor all devices
  • Software integration for WiFi monetization and communications
  • Supported by future updates

FiBox Pro Features:

  • Connects up to 25k simultaneous Venue users
  • Daisy chain to connect 100k venue users or more
  • Built-in multifunctional user experience captive portal
  • User and security data analytics
  • Localized Closed Loop venue networks
  • Cloud managed
  • Authenticate and control user access
  • Router and firewall
  • Hotspot controller
  • Extensive API integrations
  • WiFi 6 bandwidth control up to 2 Gbps/router
  • Customizable aesthetics to hide from view
  • Integrated with Green Zebra Cloud and Green Zebra Networks Cybersecurity

24/7 cybersecurity monitoring for the FiBox Pro is also available from the Green Zebra Networks team, who have deep knowledge of the device, its design, and the processes for securing the gateway and connected devices and IoT sensors.

Cybersecurity continues to be top of mind for managers, as adding more IoT devices to a network creates new vulnerabilities, a lesson learned by one North American Casino that saw its high-roller database compromised by a fish tank thermometer.

To secure every device on a network requires a new set of processes and diligence that many organizations will need to adopt or rely on the experts. “All of these devices need security patches to stay ahead of cyber threats, but they’ve also been known to cause problems,” said Larry DeCair, Sr. Solutions Architect. “We test security patches before we roll them out to customers. That’s one of the advantages of choosing the FiBox Pro and Green Zebra Networks to manage the security.


Read the full article here.


No. 4 GZIC Potential Catalyst - The Company's Growth Is On Full Display

GZ6G Technologies Completes Build-Out of Orange County Office, Adds 25 Staff Members in Past 15 Months

LAS VEGAS, NV, March 22, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- via NewMediaWire – GZ6G Technologies Corp. (OTCQB: GZIC), an enterprise smart solutions provider for cities, stadiums, universities, and other large venues, today announced completion of its Orange County office build-outs and has added 25 staff members in the past 15 months, including 14 new hires in the first quarter of 2022.

The new 6,500 square-foot facility, in Irvine, Calif., houses up to 50 employees and features a state-of-the-art IT networks bullpen, media center and software lab, plus dedicated electric vehicle charging stations.

We are building our company and positioning GZ6G for long-term growth,” said CEO Coleman Smith. “During the onset of the CV-19 pandemic, we set up shop on the west coast and assembled talented, collaborative teams in all departments, from sales and marketing to IT, to take the Company to the next level of growth and development. Additional hires are expected in the months ahead, as we bring our technology to market, launching new products and services, and applying the Company’s proprietary platform to offer 5G and Wi-Fi 6 solutions to large venues, such as stadiums, universities, and municipalities throughout the United States.

The Company’s platform is multi-faceted, offering applications to venues for building better consumer engagement. Its soon-to-be-launched VenuTrax CRM and data analytics platform combines venue stats such as gate entries and purchases, as well as guest attendance, team statistics, employee logs, smart device controls, and more.

Our goal is to provide a richer experiential approach for consumers, while centralizing and monetizing venue analytics for facility owners. As a forward-thinking entity, GZ6G’s next steps are continuing to establish partnerships with leading venues throughout the nation, as well as with internet and telecommunications distribution and resell providers,” Smith added.

Read the full article here.


No. 5 GZIC Potential Catalyst - Uplisting To OTCQB Could Provide Significant Exposure

GZ6G Technologies Announces Uplist to OTCQB Venture Market

LAS VEGAS, NV, Oct. 21, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- via NewMediaWire -- GZ6G Technologies Corp. (OTCQB: GZIC), the next generation wireless smart venue engagement technology, and venue data analytics company for large venues, focused on customers’ experience, game day venue intelligence, data insights and artificial intelligence (AI) to enhance stadiums, airports, universities and cities’ capabilities to connect and manage communication with thousands of fans, customers and visitors simultaneously, has today announced that its OTCQB market quotation has been approved and came into effect at market open on October 20, 2021. The “GZIC” ticker symbol is now quoted on OTCQB.

Coleman Smith, CEO, commented, “Trading on OTCQB is an important achievement for our Company, providing increased transparency to both existing and prospective shareholders. In combination with plans underway for ongoing corporate growth through the balance of the fiscal year, the Company believes a listing on the QB Tier will allow our exciting story to reach a greater in-vest-ment audience. Increasing exposure to a wider in-vest-ment community has been a key milestone for the Company in 2021.


Read the full article here.


GZIC Recap - 5 Key Potential Catalysts To Know Now

No. 1 - A Low Float Profile

No. 2 - GZ6G Highlights Its Acquisition Strategy For Future Growth

No. 3 - Major Announcement Regarding Advancements In FiBox Pro

No. 4 - The Company's Growth Is On Full Display

No. 5 - Uplisting To OTCQB Could Provide Significant Exposure


Coverage is officially initiated on GZIC. When you have time, do this:


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Kai Parker


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