Increasing global healthcare spending and government policies are the factors which have shaped the framework of the industry. Although the


Company On The Rise: See Why (PEMTF) Requires Your Immediate Attention For Friday

Based On Recent Corporate Actions, Thoughtful Brands Inc. Could Be Your Next Green Wave Profile To Run Vertical


August 27th

Good Evening,

The global C*B*D ("CB") market is witnessing great exposure and experiencing a surge within the global medicinal industry. The market is relatively new, but after witnessing low sales during the first few years, due to social psyche, the CB market has witnessed enormous growth in the last five years.

Increasing global healthcare spending and government policies are the factors which have shaped the framework of the industry. Although the significant cross-section of the worldwide population is yet to be under the regulatory ambit, which lead to slow growth of the industry, several countries are now making usage of can*na*bis ("cannbs") legal for medical purposes which will fuel the growth of the CB market.

The growth in recreational usage of cannbs in North America shows that consumers tend to use CB not only for medical reasons, but also for relief purposes. This is anticipated to impact the future of the CB market. Moreover, the development of online distribution platforms has made the availability of CB products easy, leading to an increase in sales of the companies.

As applications for cannbs are brought to market across diverse industries such as cosmetics, health products, food and beverage, pet products, skin care, and pharmaceuticals, the collective market for CB sales is expected to exceed $20Bn in the United States by 2024, according to BDS Analytics and Arcview Market Research.

Now, before I get too far ahead of myself, there is one specific under-the-radar CB-related profile I want you to get on your radar now:

Thoughtful Brands Inc. (PEMTF)

Thoughtful Brands Inc. is an established eCommerce retailer of CB products in Europe and the USA that plans to vertically integrate their brands to become a low cost, high quality global exporter and distributor of CB products.

Until recently, the company's name was Mota Ventures Corp. After the change, CEO Ryan Dean Hoggan shared:

"The change also reflects our commitment to becoming a global leader in the natural products industry. We are already making pivotal progress in the space through our work in psy*che*delics ("PSY") research, as well as by making quality hemp-derived CB products more accessible worldwide through our eCommerce technology platform-and yet we are just starting to scratch the surface."

Currently, PEMTF looks like an undervalued stock due to recent big-time corporate actions that have gone under-the-radar. Allow me to share them with you:

#1 PEMTF Potential Catalyst

Nature's Exclusive Brand Acquires over 134,000 New Customers in 2020

VANCOUVER, BC / ACCESSWIRE / August 26, 2020 / Thoughtful Brands Inc. (the "Company" or "Thoughtful Brands"), a global natural health products and eCommerce technology company, is proud to announce that its United States-based CB brand Nature's Exclusive acquired 134,861 new customers in the year 2020 to date.

The Company attributes the strong sales performance of its Nature's Exclusive brand to the addition of innovative products and significant investment in customer acquisition.

Building off the success of Nature's Exclusive, Thoughtful Brands is continuing to expand its portfolio in the nutraceutical and hemp-based CB product space through the August 2020 acquisitions of Golden Path LLC and Wild Mariposa LLC, two direct-to-consumer eCommerce brands offering natural health products throughout the U.S. The Company expects to leverage its recently acquired eCommerce platform to ramp up customer acquisition and sales of its newly acquired brands.

"By investing in our established brands and forging agreements to sell new brands through our recently acquired eCommerce sales platform, we are charging ahead with our goal to be the global leader in the natural health products industry. With our drive and experience, we are excited to make quality CB products more accessible than ever before to both experienced and new consumers. We look forward to an even stronger fourth quarter across our brands" said Thoughtful Brands CEO, Ryan Dean Hoggan.

#2 PEMTF Potential Catalyst

Thoughtful Brands Finalizes Deal with Unified for Asset Acquisition

VANCOUVER, BC / ACCESSWIRE / August 22, 2020 / Thoughtful Brands Inc. (CSE:TBI)(FWB:1WZ1)(OTCQB:PEMTF) (the "Company" or "Thoughtful Brands") is pleased to announce that its wholly-owned subsidiary, Ecommerce Tech LLC, has acquired the rights to an E-commerce software platform (the "Software") from Unified Funding LLC's wholly-owned subsidiary, Offer Space LLC ("Offer Space"). The acquisition of the asset provides the Company with the opportunity to capture previously unrealized value from the products it launches in the online natural health market.

The Software has facilitated over Cdn$350Mn in consumer transactions, including Cdn$93.8Mn in 2019. The asset will enhance the management of the Company's already profitable online brands, and will allow the Company to launch new products and enter into emerging natural health markets worldwide, more efficiently. In addition to providing immediate value to the existing brands owned and operated by Thoughtful Brands, the newly acquired E-commerce platform is expected to reduce current operating costs.

"The Company was very successful in its negotiations with Unified Funding, and ultimately acquired the asset for US$1Mn. The Company's success in negotiating such favorable terms not only results in less dilution for existing Thoughtful Brands shareholders, it also adds immediate value to the Company," stated Ryan Hoggan, Chief Executive Officer of Thoughtful Brands. "This acquisition is a critical milestone in executing our strategy to further our reach in the natural health products sector. Now that we own the software platform, integral technology and top brands, we will further develop and launch our own platform that will be even more powerful and fit in with our overall strategy."

Thoughtful Brands' existing portfolio of direct-to-consumer hemp-CB brands includes Nature's Exclusive, whose roster of topicals and oils available in North America generated more than Cdn$28Mn in sales in 2019, and Sativida. The Company also recently acquired two leading E-commerce brands selling natural health products in the United States, Golden Path and Wild Mariposa.

Read the full article here.

#3 PEMTF Potential Catalyst

At this moment, PEMTF is displaying several oversold leaning technical indicators that could be the sign of an upcoming healthy reversal.

Here's the definition of a reversal:

A reversal is a change in the price direction of an asset. A reversal can occur to the upside or downside. Following an uptrend, a reversal would be to the downside. Following a downtrend, a reversal would be to the upside. Reversals are based on overall price direction and are not typically based on one or two periods/bars on a chart.

Here are a few of the oversold leaning short-term indicators to familiarize yourself with:

  • 9-Day Relative Strength Index - 39.11%
  • 9-Day Raw Stochastic - 5.88%
  • 9-Day Williams %R - 94.12%

These handful of technicals could be signalling an upcoming reversal and will be important to watch short-term.

#4 PEMTF Potential Catalyst

Mota Ventures Reports Monthly Revenues of Cdn$5.1Mn for Natures Exclusive, Highest in the History of the Brand, Representing, an Increase of 110% from May 2019

VANCOUVER, BC, CANADA / ACCESSWIRE / June 10, 2020 / Mota Ventures Corp. (CSE:MOTA) (FSE:1WZ1)(OTC PINK:PEMTF) (the "Company") the Company's subsidiary, Nature's Exclusive, an eCommerce provider of CB products to consumers in the United States, is pleased to announce an all-time monthly revenue record achieved during May 2020. Revenue for the month of May totaled Cdn$5.1Mn, representing an increase of 110% compared to May 2019. Expenses totaled Cdn$4.9Mn for the month, representing gross gains of Cdn$149K for May 2020.

The Company's investment in customer acquisition continues to yield benefits with the brand acquiring 23,141 new customers during the month of May 2020. The Company's strong ability to continue to acquire and retain new customers for its products continues to accelerate. As consumers continue to seek natural health product solutions, the Nature's Exclusive brand is well positioned to offer consumers quality and convenience.


The Company's Nature's Exclusive brand offers a CB hemp-oil formulation intended to provide users with the therapeutic benefits that hemp may offer. The hemp oil used in the products is derived from hemp grown and cultivated in the United States. The extraction process is designed to maintain all the beneficial qualities that hemp may offer. Nature's Exclusive offers a range of products, which include CB oil drops, CB gummies, CB pain relief cream, CB skin serum and CB coffee.

"I am very pleased our Nature's Exclusive brand achieved another monthly sales record. We continued to expand in the United States, and our outlook for the second half of fiscal 2020 is very positive. We remain on track to achieve our goals for 2020 despite the recent economic turmoil," stated Ryan Hoggan, CEO of the Company.

Read the full article here.


#5 PEMTF Potential Catalyst

Mota Ventures Closes $20Mn Acquisition of European Pharmaceutical Manufacturer of Natural Psi*lo*cybin ("PSI") Extracts

VANCOUVER, BC / ACCESSWIRE / June 2, 2020 / Mota Ventures Corp. (CSE:MOTA)(FSE:1WZ:GR)(OTC PINK:PEMTF) (the "Company") a leading ecommerce provider of CB products to consumers in the United States and Europe, is pleased to announce the completion of its' Cdn$20Mn acquisition (the "Transaction") of all of the outstanding share capital of Verrian Ontario Ltd. ("Verrian") effective June 1, 2020. Verrian is an established and well advanced European PSY medicine company that is focused on delivering and developing products related to addiction reduction, with a focus on alcohol and opiates.

Ryan Hoggan, CEO of the Company stated, "The massive shift towards PSY derived medicines is no longer in doubt and this acquisition sends a strong signal to the market that Mota Ventures intends to be a serious participant this coming decade. Unlike some companies that use PSY as a marketing term, this acquisition of Verrian brings Mota market ready products, world renowned addiction medicine experts, R&D facilities and a 110,000 square foot facility to make it happen. In my opinion this is the most complete PSY asset on the market, and therefore should immediately make Mota a market leader in the space."

Hoggan further added, "In 2020, we have proven our e-commerce ability to acquire tens of thousands of customers and generate millions of dollars in monthly revenues from CB sales. We intend to bring that same market expertise to bear with our PSY business in 2020 and far beyond."


The market for PSY derived medicines and therapies is estimated to be as high as USD$100Bn*. Over the past decade, growing societal awareness and acceptance of mental disorders and addiction as real diseases has accelerated the push for new and innovative treatments using PSY, including PSI.

As a result, PSY research published back in the 50s and 60s has resurfaced and once again highlighted their curative properties. Moreover, the recent LGLization of CB in Canada, as well as, across 33 US states for medicinal purposes, has significantly mitigated any stigma, leading to accelerated interest and investment in the PSY industry.

Verrian has already developed two PSI products that are natural PSI extracts, from organically cultivated mushrooms, combined with metabolism enhancing natural herbs. This is only the beginning with further products in various stages of development.


Verrian owns and operates a 110,000 square foot pharmaceutical manufacturing facility in Radebuel, Germany. Operations within this full suite pharmaceutical manufacturing site include analytical laboratory and finished dose manufacturing, which exceed all international quality standards. The facility and equipment of Verrian have been independently appraised at Cdn$10.6Mn and include an analytical laboratory and full pharmaceutical manufacturing suite.

Verrian operates three distinct business segments:

  • Pharmaceutical Manufacturing - A portfolio of medical & wellness products
  • Phyto API - API creation from medical plants
  • Analytical Testing - European Medicine Agency Standards


Verrian's singular focus is rewiring the mind to overcome addiction through natural medicine. Specifically, the micro dosing of PSI demonstrates potential to remove the dopamine reward of addictive substances, potentially diminishing the desire for addictive substances, thereby reducing or eliminating the need for the addictive substance.

To date Verrian has developed two PSI products: PSI GEN and PSI GEN+. These PSI products are focused on opiate addiction reduction. As natural PSI extracts, from organically cultivated mushrooms, combined with metabolism enhancing natural herbs, they are ideal for individuals commencing micro-dosing and capable of being combined with additional anti-addiction therapies.

All of Verrian's compounds are derived from organic, glyphosate free naturally occurring plants, grown specifically for its own purposes.


In addition to the facility and equipment outlined above, Verrian has invested approximately Cdn$2.4Mn in clinical trial design and development of proprietary formulations for its PSI trademarked PSI-GEN products, and CB products, including trademarked CB*Daily and CBNight.

Verrian's world renowned addiction medicine experts are moving ahead to develop new potential treatments for therapy, with rigorous clinical research. Once EU GMP and narcotics handling recertification are secured, capabilities will extend to: specialty pharmaceutical formulations; and PSI refinement and production for micro dosing.

Read the full article here.


More About Thoughtful Brands Inc. (PEMTF)


Branding Rollout

North America: Acquired an established CB brand with existing sales and gains in the United States. Integrate production of CB products.

Europe: Acquired an established CB brand with existing sales and partnered with a European CB distributor. Expand First Class CB to Europe. Integrate extraction and production of CB products.

Latin America: Build out a greenhouse and extraction lab for non-PSY (CB), for production and distribution of low cost CB branded products. Establish a CB brand for Latin American region.


US - Europe - Latin America

  • CB Global market size is expected to surpass $32Bn by 2022.
  • It is estimated that by 2023 the pain medication market will increase to over $1.5Tn.
  • European CB Market is expected to grow 400% by 2023 with a total value of $1.7Bn.
  • 20% of Europe's Population suffers from Chronic Pain, spending $285Bn annually on pain medication.


  • Growth of existing brands through capital inv.estment targeted in customer acquisition.
  • Expansion of existing brands into new markets, including Europe, the United States and Latin America.
  • Vertically integrate eCommerce supply chain with Colombian cultivation and extraction assets to realize margin efficiencies.
  • Expand product line to quickly meet consumer and new market demands.



Before tomorrow's opening bell, get PEMTF on your radar.


Kai Parker


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