Let's get to it. Previously, I brought this profile to your attention in 2020.


Could This Past Mega-Champ (ISWH) Be On The Verge Of Another Major Vertical Surge?

5 Key Potential Catalysts To Know Now...

April 21st

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Let's get to it.

Previously, I brought this profile to your attention in 2020. On the morning of August 18th, it opened at $.148 and rocketed to a high of $.27.

That intraday surge resulted in a breakout champ which moved 82% in a blink of an eye.

But, here's where things get interesting...

By the time February 24th, 2021, rolled around, this profile had climbed all the way to a high of $1.47.

From that open of $.148 after my initial alert, this past champ climbed 893% in the span of around 6 months.


Now, due to several potential new catalysts, it's time to get this profile back on your radar.

For Thursday, April 22nd, this past champ needs your immediate attention:

*ISW Holdings, Inc. (ISWH)*

ISW Holdings, Inc. (ISWH), based in Nevada, is a diversified portfolio company composed of essential business lines that serve consumer product demands. Their expertise lies in strategic brand development, early growth facilitation, as well as brand identity through their proprietary procurement process.

Together with their partners, they seek to provide a structure that meets large scalability demands, as well as anticipated marketplace needs. They are able to meet these needs through a variety of strategic innovative processes. ISWH is creating and managing brands across a spectrum of disruptive industries. It maneuvers its proprietary companies through critical stages of market development, which include conceptualization, go-to-market strategies, engineering, product integration and distribution efficiency.

And, right now, this profile has 5 key potential catalysts that could lead towards a possible vertical move:

Your No. 1 Potential ISWH Catalyst

ISW Holdings Announces 2020 Annual Financials Featuring 69% PHH Sales and 276% Asset Growth; Crypto Mining Seen Topping 2020 Revs

LAS VEGAS, April 15, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- via InvestorWire -- ISW Holdings, Inc. (OTC: ISWH) (“ISW Holdings” or the “Company”), a global brand management holdings company with commercial operations in telehealth and cryptocurrency mining, is pleased to announce the filing of the Company’s 2020 financial performance data, which features continued top-line growth, overall positive net profitability on sales, and strong growth in cash.

While this data is important, it references a period that predates the commercial launch of our cryptocurrency mining and mining equipment segment, but we are still proud to have continued our strong trend of growth in telehealth and home healthcare, and that trend is evident in our 2020 performance data,” commented Alonzo Pierce, president and chairman of ISW Holdings.

Financial Highlights for the Year Ended Dec. 31, 2020

  • Paradigm Home Health (PHH) gross revenues of $1,061,927, compared to $627,498 in 2019, representing year-over-year growth of 69%.*
  • PHH recognized a two-year net profit average of 9.95%. Net profits for the two-year period ending Dec. 31, 2020, totaled $147,361.*
  • Net cash increased 528% year-over-year to $86,000.
  • Total assets increased 276% year-over-year.

*Paradigm Home Health (PHH) is a joint venture. The Company earns 50% of the net profit or loss associated with PHH.

Operational Highlights for the Year Ended Dec. 31, 2020

  • Invested in cryptocurrency mining through Bit5ive LLC partnership and design, assembly and installation of first POD5IVE mining pod.
  • Invested in TeleCare subsidiary, including telehealth technology, creating opportunity to materially improve home healthcare revenue share.
  • Established anti-dilution initiative, sharply reducing authorized and outstanding shares and convertible note liabilities.
  • Established stock option compensation plan in anticipation of the establishment of an advisory board and the addition of new top team members.
  • Set in motion process to uplist onto OTCQB exchange tier.

Despite challenges related to the pandemic health crisis, 2020 turned out to be a year of dramatic transformation for ISW Holdings. The year was marked by several major transitions, all of which form the contextual foundation supporting much bigger expectations in 2021.

Foremost among these key steps was the critical mid-year formation of the Company’s partnership with Bit5ive, LLC. That step established the Company’s cryptocurrency mining and mining equipment segment at a time when Bitcoin was trading at approximately $10,000. That was followed by aggressive investment in the design, assembly, shipping and installation of the Company’s first POD5IVE high-PUE mining pod.

The Company’s investment in establishing its TeleCare subsidiary has also turned out to be a key step, laying a foundation for its recent and beneficial restructuring of its relationship with its telehealth and home healthcare joint venture partner, Paradigm Home Health. As recently announced, that new agreement now stands to increase the Company’s share of revenues from related operations by up to 40% in 2021 versus prior years.

The Company also continues to make good on its anti-dilution initiative, which was established in 2020. To date, the Company has reduced outstanding shares by nearly 25%, reduced authorized shares by 88% down to 60 million, and eliminated over $3.4Mn (or 94%) of outstanding convertible debt.

As noted in its recent corporate update, the Company anticipates at least threefold growth in top-line performance in 2021 versus 2020.

Read the full article here.


Your No. 2 Potential ISWH Catalyst

As of 11:00AM EST Wednesday, ISWH was displaying a multitude of triggered technical indicators on Barchart. Check these out:

Short Term Indicators

  • 20 - 100 Day MACD Oscillator
  • 20 - 200 Day MACD Oscillator

Medium Term Indicators

  • 50 - 100 Day MACD Oscillator
  • 50 - 150 Day MACD Oscillator
  • 50 - 200 Day MACD Oscillator

Long Term Indicators

  • 100 Day Moving Average
  • 150 Day Moving Average
  • 200 Day Moving Average
  • 100 - 200 Day Moving Average

Additionally, the website recognizes ISWH as a "100% BUY" in the long term.


Your No. 3 Potential ISWH Catalyst

ISW Holdings Announces Elimination of More Than $2.4M (92%) of Outstanding Convertible Debt

LAS VEGAS, April 07, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- via InvestorWire – ISW Holdings, Inc. (OTC: ISWH) (“ISW Holdings” or the “Company”), a global brand management holdings company with commercial operations in telehealth and cryptocurrency mining, is thrilled to announce that the Company has signed an agreement (the “Agreement”) with GPL Ventures (“GPL”) to eliminate over $2.4Mn in convertible promissory notes.

The Agreement covers all convertible debt held by GPL and represents more than 92% of the Company’s outstanding convertible debt obligations.

This is a huge step,” commented Alonzo Pierce, president and chairman of ISW Holdings. “We are making good on our anti-dilution pledge announced last year and taking strong action to reduce or completely eliminate toxic debt and dilution risk from the equation for our shareholders. This enormous step prevents millions of shares from coming onto the market. We were able to take this step as a direct result of strong operational performance and a significantly improved outlook ahead.

The Company notes that all of the outstanding capital obligation to GPL was subject to conversion at a significant discount to the stock’s current trading levels, potentially followed by immediate liquidation by GPL. However, as a result of the Company’s move to eliminate the obligation, no related conversion or liquidation will take place.

The Company continues to move forward with the commitments made in its anti-dilution initiative, as announced in December 2020. Since that announcement, the Company has reduced outstanding shares by nearly 25%, reduced authorized shares by 88% down to 60 million, and eliminated over $3.4Mn (or 94%) of outstanding convertible debt.

Read the full article here.


Your No. 4 Potential ISWH Catalyst

ISW Holdings to Take Center Stage at Prestigious ‘Mining Disrupt’ Crypto Conference this Summer in Miami

LAS VEGAS, March 26, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- via InvestorWire – ISW Holdings, Inc. (OTC: ISWH) (“ISW Holdings” or the “Company”), a global brand management holdings company with commercial operations in Telehealth and Cryptocurrency Mining, is excited to announce that the Company will be represented in a keynote speaker slot at the Mining Disrupt conference (MiningDisrupt(dot)com) this summer at the Miami Airport Convention Center in Miami, FL, July 20-21, 2021.

As an Elite Sponsor at the event, ISW Holdings will have access to a number of valuable branding amenities, including:

  • Main exterior of conference building logo on 10x40-foot banner, social media, website, sponsor logo wall, and other marketing material
  • 15-minute keynote
  • 2 panel slots
  • Up to 10 VIP Lounge passes (registered)
  • Up to 5 VIP Experience passes (registered)
  • 10x20 End-Cap Booth

Robert Collazo, CEO of Bit5ive, LLC (“Bit5ive”), the Company’s partner in major operations in its Cryptocurrency Mining and Mining Equipment division, will be the primary presenter on behalf of ISW Holdings in its keynote presentation slot.

Our model is about driving shareholder value in the cryptocurrency space through both our own mining operations and marketing an equipment solution to other firms and projects establishing serious cryptocurrency mining operations,” commented Alonzo Pierce, President and Chairman of ISW Holdings. “Building our brand visibility is essential for the latter objective. And the Mining Disrupt conference is quickly becoming one of the most important events for establishing that presence.

The Company recently launched its initial POD5IVE Cryptocurrency Mining Pod, a fully self-contained high-PUE mining solution designed, assembled, and installed in partnership with Bit5ive at the Bit5ive 100 MW renewable energy cryptocurrency mining facility in Pennsylvania.

It has since tripled its fleet of mining pods. Each pod is powered by 280 mining rigs and is capable of driving roughly $2.9Mn in annualized revenues (at current cryptocurrency price levels).

ISW Holdings continues to build out its own mining capacity, with plans to bring multiple additional pods online this year. However, data from pod mining operations is also being collected for the purpose of marketing the POD5IVE datacenter to other businesses and individuals interested in a self-contained industry-leading cryptocurrency mining solution.

Read the full article here.


Your No. 5 Potential ISWH Catalyst

ISW Holdings Enters $300Bn Teleheath and Home Healthcare Sector with Official Launch of TeleCare Home Health LLC

LAS VEGAS, March 24, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- via InvestorWire -- ISW Holdings, Inc. (OTC: ISWH) (“ISW Holdings” or the “Company”), a global brand management holdings company with commercial operations in telehealth and cryptocurrency mining, announces the official launch of TeleCare Home Health, LLC (“TeleCare”), a wholly owned telehealth and home healthcare subsidiary. ISW Holdings, through its subsidiary TeleCare Home Health, LLC, is now positioned to take advantage of the $300Bn global home healthcare market.

Grand View Research anticipates the global home healthcare market size to reach $515.6Bn by 2027, registering an expected compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 7.9% from 2020 to 2027.

TeleCare Home Health gives us a proprietary footprint in the vastly growing telehealth and home healthcare market,” said Alonzo Pierce, president and chairman of ISW Holdings. “With demand for telehealth and home healthcare services increasing due to our aging population, we believe we are well positioned to offer high quality, effective services to meet the rapidly growing demand for more patient-centric services through value-based healthcare. We are confident that today’s official launch of TeleCare Home Health is the beginning of a company focused on providing a solution to what will soon become a half-Tn-dollar marketplace.

TeleCare is awaiting Medicare/Medicaid accreditation but has already reached the qualifying number of patients and has hired a full-time Director of Nursing. As a feature of its continued partnership with Paradigm Home Health, LLC, management from both companies will work together to foster the success and growth of the joint venture.

Pierce added, “The pandemic crisis has sparked many changes, and some of them will be with us for the long term. A great example of one such change is the way we interface with our healthcare resources. Regulatory and cultural changes have opened up a more efficient path forward, and TeleCare will be one of the frontline players helping to shape that future.

The Company believes there is tremendous upside in the global home healthcare market with the projected growth numbers, which may be underestimated in the space following the pandemic. Advances made in telehealth technology, broad deregulation of external health management, and widespread acceptance of care outside of traditional healthcare facilities have clearly become far more common over the past year.

Read the full article here.


More From The ISWH Website

PHH – Home Health

Delivery of healthcare is changing, and PPH is looking to be at the forefront of this change with its home health division. Buyer motivations are high because of health-related concerns. ISWH sees the future of healthcare to be one in which homecare services are improved. With the increasing number of Baby Boomers in the country, we need to care for and treat the aging community effectively. The home health division of ISWH will take its place in the healthcare industry by incorporating not only quality service to those in need, but also infusing it with new emerging technologies.

How PHH will change the healthcare industry

In 2020, estimates showed that healthcare spending in the United States will rise to $11,172 per capita, a growth of 66% over the course of the last decade alone. However, and despite its growing importance, expenditure on home healthcare makes up less than 5% of that amount.

PHH Paradigm Home Health, ISW Holding’s home health division, is developing a pilot for its on-demand healthcare, providing a platform which will effectively bridge the gap between healthcare providers and patients. Patients will be able to find outpatient clinic services in their vicinity, compare the cost and pick the one suitable for their budget and location. PHH is also developing tools and technology to facilitate the provision of healthcare services outside of specialized facilities. Telehealth services have seen a dramatic increase in relevance in recent years, a phenomenon which has gained in momentum during the C-virus pandemic as patients have been obliged to reimagine the ways in which they access healthcare. Our efforts will be dedicated towards homecare facilities, which will help shift the medical burden away from clinics or hospitals.

A crucial component underpinning PHH’s medical offering is Telecare – a revolutionary technology designed to provide home health patients with a simple, one-button wearable device to call their call their visiting nurse, home health provider, or a 24/7 nurse assist hotline anytime they need medical assistance. Combining cutting-edge technology with an extensive training program designed to provide healthcare professionals with the required skillset needed when providing care at a distance, PHH aims to be a crucial partner to patients and healthcare providers within the burgeoning US home healthcare market.

Bit5ive LLC.

A recent report on the global cyptocurrency mining hardware market has revealed that the sector is poised to grow to an annual market value of $2.8Bn by 2024, progressing at a CAGR (Compounded Annual Growth Rate) of 7% between 2020 and 2024. Through our joint venture with Bit5ive, a global leader in cryptocurrency mining and innovative turnkey mining solutions, ISW Holdings will seek to consolidate our position as a leading purveyor of digital currency and crypto-mining support services while further expanding our global product offering within the digital data services and mining center markets.

Bit5ive operates as an official distribution partner for Bitmain, the industry’s leading fabless manufacturer of computing chips, and is charged with distributing Bitmain’s range of Antminer mining rigs to over 30 countries spanning the length of Latin America, Central America and the Carribean. Bit5ive also produces and distributes the P0D5 and Power Skid 2.5, the most efficient and successful infrastructure for crypto mining hardware available as of market introduction.

Bitmain’s Antminer S19 Series mining rigs have rapidly gained acclaim within the cyptocurrency mining market following their launch. Boasting processor speeds of up to 110Tn hashes per second (TH/s), over 24Tn hashes per second faster than some of its closest competitors, the mining hardware enables data centers to significantly increase the efficiency and profitability of their ongoing bitcoin ‘farming’ operations. Bitmain revealed that it has received its first notable North American order for its new product line in recent days, with Washington state-based mine hosting company Core Scientific agreeing to purchase 17,595 S19 Antminer rigs.

Through its tie-up with Bit5ive, ISW Holdings will be able to provide clients with access to an expanded product portfolio boasting some of the most cutting-edge mining technology available in the global market. The new hardware offering along with ISWH’s ancillary range of services will assist our partners to run profitable and efficient crypto mining projects and take advantage of the incredible future growth trajectory projected for the crypto market.

Volum Project

Coordinating business practices and supply chains of its partners is essential to growing any business successfully. Our supply chain management division was created with supply chain efficiency as its core goal. Our focus is to identify and implement advanced methods of supply chain management that will allow our partner companies to scale to market and grow using principles that are applicable to various industries with rapid implementation. We design systems that allow our clients motivation for cost-effective products to be realized. We accomplish cost-effectiveness with highly reliable solutions that create innovative technologies and reliable, unmanned system operations. We work towards better collaboration with the supply chain and introducing innovative technologies to reduce costs.

ISWH Website


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