Whoa! BRLL has already traded more shares this morning than it has during any other session so far in 2020. This could be a major sign for


Critical Update: BRLL's Volume Surge Highest All Year, Major Upside Potential Detected, See Why Below

BRLL Investor Presentation

February 28th

Good Morning,

Whoa! BRLL has already traded more shares this morning than it has during any other session so far in 2020.

This could be a major sign for a potential breakout in the short-term.

Also, going into this morning's session, Barchart was reporting that both BRLL's 9-Day and 14-Day Relative Strength Index were below 40%.

This hints that this stock is leaning oversold with a ton of upside potential before even coming close to overbought territory.

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The hemp-derived CB market has soared in recent years and further strong growth is predicted.

Leading CB researchers BDS Analytics and Arcview Market Research, project the collective market for CB sales in the U.S. to surpass $20Bn by 2024.

With the 2018 Farm Bill, there has been an acceleration of hemp industry growth by removing hemp-derived CB as a Schedule 1 controlled substance and lifting interstate transport limitations.

Because of the Farm Bill and other restrictions loosening, the hemp derived CB market is set to potentially erupt in upcoming years.


MarketsandMarkets™ also reports that the Industrial Hemp Market is projected to grow from $4.6Bn in 2019 to $26.6Bn by 2025, which provides us with even more ammunition that both the Hemp/CB industries could be ready to rocket.

With the Hemp/CB markets set to potentially explode, companies that are joining the space right now will have a leg up on the competition.

> Here Is My No. 1 Hemp Stock For 2020 <

Barrel Energy Inc. (BRLL)

According to Yahoo Finance, Barrel Energy, Inc. develops production opportunities in the energy sector in North America. The company primarily focuses on lithium, cobalt, and graphite production. It holds a lease on shut in wells that are unproved oil and natural gas properties in Alberta, Canada.

But, according to a February 10th shareholder update and a revamped website (barrelhemp.com), the company is now looking to take advantage of the booming "Green Wave" industries.

BRLL is active in both the cultivation and production of hemp and its many important byproducts. With a 10 year lease agreement on over 600 acres within the agriculturally dominant Sacramento Valley of California, Barrel is producing useful and high value hemp products.

Barrel recognizes the value and growth potential of the multifaceted CB market and will be active in serving this market as well as exploring ways to create new products for both consumer and medical applications.

And, here's what you need to know about BRLL and why shares could go vertical in the short-term.

> BRLL's #1 Potential Catalyst <

A Game-Changing Shareholder Update

Barrel Energy Provides Shareholder Update

LAS VEGAS, Feb. 10, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Barrel Energy Inc., (OTC Markets: BRLL) (the “Company” or “Barrel”) is pleased to present our corporate update and new strategic plan for 2020.

Barrel has adopted and begun execution on a new strategy to create a publicly traded merchant banking model with the objective of providing superior capital appreciation through investments in high growth industries that will benefit from the addition of capital provided on rational and reasonable terms, the streamlining of business operations applied by industry experts and the broadening of marketing and development opportunities through our array of business relationships.

The Company is pleased to announce the following completed initiatives:

  • In May 2019, Barrel entered into a Lease with Crocker Acana, LLC for 602 acres of land in Tehama County, California with the intent to cultivate hemp on the property. It is expected that Tehama County will approve Hemp farming for 2020. Our plan includes securing the capital investment and developing the strategic partnerships necessary to convert the Tehama property into an integrated Hemp industry hub for cultivation, processing, product and production research and marketing and branding.
  • The Company has currently targeted acquisitions in three key areas of the rapidly expanding multi-Bn dollar Hemp and CB industry-- propagation, extraction and manufacturing. The targeted companies possess licensed operating farms and farming partners in California, Colorado, Oklahoma, South Carolina and Tennessee.
  • The Company has executed a LOI to acquire ZB Holdings, Inc, (www.zoombang.com) and is engaged with the principals of ZB Holdings to complete the transaction. ZB Holdings is the manufacturer of the incredible Zoombang protective apparel line. Zoombang boasts a unique polymer technology providing state-of-the-art sports, military, law enforcement and industrial safety protection. Zoombang’s high-quality gear is currently being used by professional athletes within the NFL, NBA, NHL, CFL, the X Games, AMA Motocross and Major League Soccer and together with Barrel are mapping out new applications, markets and channel partners for the products.

Chairman Harp Sangha said, “Simply stated, our strategic plan is to acquire interests in early stage, high growth businesses, and provide them financing, strategic and tactical guidance, and access to new markets and channels to assist them in realizing their optimal potential. We see this as the best way to rapidly expand our Company and produce the highest return for our Shareholders.”

In addition to the previously-mentioned ventures, the Company is currently in discussions with several groups in the technology and a large scale gold asset currently in production.



Barrel Energy Inc. (BRLL) Shareholder Opp's

✓ Hemp derived CB is one of the fastest-growing markets with sales projected to reach into the billions

✓ Company Strategically Located in Large and growing addressable Market

✓ Early mover advantage in Extraction and Manufacturing

✓ Solid Economics and inroads into U.S. and global Supply chain

✓ Low valuation compared to market peers


More About Barrel Energy Inc. (BRLL)

From The Company Website/Investor Presentation:



BRLL is a tiny-sized $.04 stock with the potential for a bright and lucrative future. Check it out now before Wall Street puts eyes on this stock.

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