CYLC is off to an impressive start this morning. If you haven't yet, get it on your screen. Trading up approximately 12% from Friday's


Today's Breakout Profile (CYLC) Is Up Approximately 12%

Hitting A New October High, CYLC May Just Be Warming Up...

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October 28th

Good Morning,

I have a very urgent message regarding your new trade alert (CYLC). Pay close attention...

Notice the chart below.

August, September, and October CYLC has been creating higher lows and higher highs. Look below and you can see the giant spike in late September CYLC sky rocketed to approximately $.44 cents.

Now it appears CYLC could potentially make another move like it did last.


Remember, this is a low float idea (1.45Mn shares), so volatility can appear at any moment and drives share prices up quickly.

County Line Energy Corp. (CYLC)

... and with the company's acquisition of the Grow Box 5000, this tiny unknown entity may soon become the go to source for "Green Wave" growers worldwide.

Recent catalyst news:

County Line Energy Corp. Greenlights Phase 2 Development for Grow Box 5000

Santa Ana, CA, Sept. 18, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- via NEWMEDIAWIRE -- County Line Energy Corp. is pleased to announce the 11 month trial for the Grow Box 5000 (“GB5K”) has completed with the GB5K meeting or exceeding all expectations. The self-enclosed ecosystem has simplified the growing process for medicinal plants, fresh vegetables, and growing processes for growing a variety of plants in a controlled or uncontrolled environment.

With Phase 1 complete, CYLC has decided to move to Phase 2, which includes fully automated systems for advanced growing and management prototypes.

“We expect to deliver the fully automated machines 1st quarter 2020. These systems will contain software to assist in controlling the environment of the GB5K to ensure the highest yields possible, regulating lighting, water, and atmospheric changes,” stated Emanuel Margaretis, CEO of County Line Energy Corp, and inventor of the Grow Box 5000.

The GB5K units can be custom skinned to integrate with any type of home décor. Further, it will be available in a variety of sized to ensure households of any size will have the most efficient outcome.


More About The Grow Box 5K

An exciting aspect about the company’s self-contained growing systems is that they could become a household name in cannabis (CB) cultivation in doors!

Grow Box 5K was created with a focus on creating a platform that promotes indoor CB production on all scales.

CB cultivation today is a lot different than what it was decades ago where people cultivated the drug in secrecy. Hidden buildings, or deep forests were the only choices for many to grow MJ.

Today people can grow it from their own homes and control their growing right from their smartphones. This is a high-tech world and CB growing can be simple and easy to do because of it.

The Grow Box 5K is fully automated and can be controlled from your smartphone which means you can set it up and walk away. Multiple Grow Boxes can also be linked together and controlled from a single interface.


If there are more updates, I'll get them to you quickly. Talk soon.


Kai Parker


(Always Remember The Stock Prices Could Be Significantly Lower Now From The Dates I Provided.)

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