It's tough to deny that the plant-based food market is growing in popularity.


(FLLLF)'s Expansion Within The Booming Plant-Based Food Market Could Propel It On To Wall Street's Radar

United States (FLLLF) - Canada (FEEL)

December 14th

Greetings Readers,

It's tough to deny that the plant-based food market is growing in popularity.

More and more plant-based food options keep appearing at the grocery store and at restaurants.

And this could just be the beginning...

As demand for plant-based alternatives continues to grow, Credit Suisse believes the industry could grow to astronomical levels around $1.4Tn by 2050.

So when I saw this company flying under-the-radar, my ears perked up.

Looking deep into the current plant-based products this company is already providing along with the products it currently has in development, this has become an idea you'll want to get your eyes on quickly.

For Wednesday's opening bell, there is only one idea to square-up on your radar:

*Feel Foods Ltd. (FLLLF)*

Feel Foods Ltd. is an agri-food holdings company focused on innovative products and technologies in the food services industry including its wholly-owned Black Sheep Vegan Cheeze Company, offering a variety of 10 unique vegan dairy substitute products and currently available in over 30 retail locations.

Its 100% owned Be Good Plant-based Foods line of plant-based chicken, pork and beef products is currently in-vest-ing in the research and development of keto-friendly plant-based candy products.

Feel Foods Ltd. also trades on the Canadian Securities Exchange under the symbol (FEEL).

The company is angling to be a disruptive force in the plant-based foods space with a line of plant-based meats, cheeses, along with cutting-edge R&D with keto-friendly plant-based candy products on the way.

The world may want to get familiar with this plant-based st-ock on the ground floor before the masses find out.

At the moment, the company offers plant-based “cheezes” for example, such as:


This melting cheese is famous for making the best vegan grilled cheese sandwich. It has mild heat and a delightful cheddar flavor. The company makes it orange not by adding color but by including organic tomato paste. It is an excellent flavor enhancer and pleasing to the eye, and also works excellent on Nachos, Pizza, and quesadillas. It’s incredibly delicious melted since the Jalapenos change the texture compared to the other organic almond milk “cheezes.”


This is for people who absolutely love the unique hint of garlic and mushroom flavor from the truffle oil. This makes a great appetizer with freshly baked bread and roasted garlic. FEEL believes this cheese best works melted on pizza, grilled cheese sandwiches, quesadillas, lasagnas, fondue, and more. But, it can also be sliced onto sandwiches, wraps, or enjoyed as cheese and crackers, etc.


This is another popular and unique melting cheese with a distinct smoky taste. Delightfully smooth and an excellent addition to any charcuterie board. It is tasty on crackers or melted on your favorite pizza, grilled cheese, or quesadilla.


Who doesn’t love pizza? This cheese has a unique blend of basil and oregano, perfect for pizza lovers. Although all of FEEL’s organic almond milk “cheezes” melt, this one was designed specifically for just that. We love to grate it from frozen onto your pizza. This way, it spreads evenly to make your creation the most aesthetically pleasing.

On top of this, the company also offers plant-based chicken tenders, chicken patties, burger patties, and chicken nuggets.


Feel Foods Aims To Expand Into a Potential $1.4 Bn Plant-Based Candy Market(1)

Feel Foods is firmly in the research and development phase and is looking to expand into a potential multi-Bn-dollar plant-based candy market.

For an idea of potential growth, consider this.

According to analysts at Grand View Research, as noted by Candy Industry, “The global vegan chocolate confectionery market size is expected to reach $1.41Bn by 2028.

North America alone accounted for the largest revenue share of over 37% in 2020... The rising vegan population across the region is estimated to drive market growth. Asia Pacific is expected to be the fastest-growing regional market during the forecast period,” they added.

It May Even Expand Into a Potential $5.97Bn Vegan Dessert Market(2)

According to Grand View Research:

The global vegan dessert market size is expected to reach $5.97Bn by 2027.

Increasing demand for low fat, lactose-free, and all-nat-ural products is expected to fuel the growth of the market in the upcoming years. In add-ition, rising in-come and health consciousness among the consumers have been driving the sales of dairy-free foods over the world.

The frozen dessert segment is expected to register the fastest CAGR of 11.0% from 2020 to 2027 owing to the rising demand for dairy-free products among young consumers. Key players of the ice cream industry have been entering the market considering the increasing opp. Unilever’s Magnum brand introduced a Non-Dairy Sea Salt Caramel Bar.

It’s Also Looking to Expand Into a Potential $8.6Bn Plant-Based Pet Food Market(3)

There’s even massive potential for plant-based pet food.

The industry could be worth $15.6Bn by 2028 from $8.6Bn in 2020 according to Research and Markets.

Vegan pet food is produced with plant-based and natural ingredients without having a trace of animal-derived raw material and ensuring no cruelty or exploitation of animals in any sorts. The factors such as the trend of veganism, humanization of pets, and increasing number of pet owners propel the growth of the vegan pet food market. However, nutrient deficiency related to vegan pet food hinders the market growth,” they added.

Long story short... The company's potential could be sky-high.


And right now, FLLLF has 5 key potential catalysts that could spark vertical growth in the near term. Check them out:

No. 1 FLLLF Potential Breakout Catalyst

Feel Foods Gets ‘VITAL’ Go Ahead For U.S. Expansion

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA, Dec. 07, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- FEEL FOODS LTD. ("Feel Foods") (CSE: “FEEL”) (OTC: “FLLLF”) (FSE: “1ZF”) has just been granted a ‘Safe Food for Canadians’ license from the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (the “CFIA”), allowing Feel Foods to sell its plant-based food products throughout Canada and export to other countries, including the United States.


Feel Foods CEO, David Greenway, stated: “This license is a vital step as we systematically build a strong Canada-wide distribution network with a presence at over 70 grocery, restaurants and marketplaces in BC, marketing beginning in Alberta and now Feel Foods has the way cleared for U.S. product roll outs and sales.


Read the full article here.


No. 2 FLLLF Potential Breakout Catalyst

Feel Foods to Launch ‘Breakfast’ of Plant-Based ‘Eggs and Bacon’ Products

VANCOUVER, British Columbia, Dec. 09, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- FEEL FOODS LTD. ("Feel Foods") (CSE: “FEEL”) (OTC: “FLLLF”) (FSE: “1ZF”) announced today it is developing plant-based eggs and bacon products and will be launching them shortly.

Traditional breakfast segments of the plant-based foods sector are experiencing ‘meteoric’ growth and Feel Foods is at the forefront having already acquired 100% of Black Sheep Vegan Cheeze.


Feel Foods CEO, David Greenway, stated: “Breakfast segments of the plant-based foods industry are currently experiencing meteoric growth and we are aiming right at it with the imminent launch of our new eggs and bacon plant-based products. We feel these traditional breakfast items are part of a fast-growing segment of the plant-based movement and are highly complementary to our Black Sheep Vegan Cheezes and whip product.

Read the full article here.


No. 3 FLLLF Potential Breakout Catalyst

Feel Foods Launches Distribution Campaign Across Canada

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA, Dec. 06, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- FEEL FOODS LTD. ("Feel Foods") (CSE: “FEEL”) (OTC: “FLLLF”) (FSE: “1ZF) announced today its advisor, Robert S. Rendle, has been given the go-ahead to begin marketing and distribution for Black Sheep Vegan Cheeze and Be Good Plant-Based Products expansion across Canada with Alberta first.


Feel Foods CEO, David Greenway, stated: “With Robert’s extensive experience in distribution, sales and marketing in Alberta, combined with TWA, it makes sense to start our breakout from BC into our neighbouring province.

He was a partner at Alberta-based All Clean Natural, a company that grew, under his guidance, from direct to consumer sales to a Canada-wide distributed portfolio of products available at over 1,000 locations country wide, including Loblaws, Safeway, Save-On-Foods, London Dr-ugs, Co-Op, Chevron and many other retailers across Canada."

With over 70 marketplaces, grocery and restaurants offering feel foods products in BC and 1 in Alberta, introducing the Black Sheep and Be Good lines widely to the Alberta retailers is a natural progression for the company’s brands and we are placing its countrywide expansion in safe experienced hands,” commented Greenway.


Read the full article here.


No. 4 FLLLF Potential Breakout Catalyst

Feel Foods Introducing Plant-Based Gummies Under ‘Feel Sweets’ Brand

VANCOUVER, British Columbia, Nov. 23, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- FEEL FOODS LTD. ("Feel Foods") (CSE: “FEEL”) (OTC: “FLLLF”) (FSE: “1ZF”) announced today the company has completed its newest formulations for its ‘Feel Sweets’ gummy candy line which will offer keto-friendly, plant-based candies across North America as the vegan confectionery market grows rapidly.

The candies are to be sent out for testing and go into the growing distribution network as well as online in Canada and the United States.

Feel Foods CEO, David Greenway, stated: “Candies, especially gummy type ones, are very popular and Feel Foods is committed to introducing plant-based products that offer a true alternative to regular ones, especially in the high growth rate vegan confectionery market. With the growing demand for our plant-based meat and cheese products, we are excited to bring yet another product to market to continue to fill the shopping cart ahead of our imminent e-commerce launch.


Read the full article here.


No. 5 FLLLF Potential Breakout Catalyst

Feel Foods to Launch Plant-Based Foods E-Commerce Platform

VANCOUVER, British Columbia, Nov. 18, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- FEEL FOODS LTD. ("Feel Foods") (CSE: “FEEL”) (OTC: “FLLLF”) (FSE: “1ZF”) announced today it is creating a new e-commerce platform with advanced logistics operations in time for the festive season.

Web developers ‘Able & Howe’ is designing the new e-commerce site with full e-commerce capabilities as well as state-of-the-art inventory control capabilities, ensuring operations are efficient, effective, and uninterrupted.


Feel Foods CEO, David Greenway, states: “The highly anticipated launch of our new e-commerce platform is an upcoming milestone for Feel Foods. This direct-to-consumer model is the most pro-fit-able sales channel in retail sales and allows us to scale up its distribution while controlling quality and reliability.

"Our Black Sheep Vegan Cheeze brand continues to grow its presence and distribution online as well as in stores and now available in over 70 grocery and food services locations throughout British Columbia. Our Cranberry Voursin is one of our best sellers and a perfect substitute to spreadable cheeses when entertaining this festive season. We are currently working on launching exciting new plant-based products for you to enjoy ahead of the holiday season this year.


Read the full article here.


Coverage is officially initiated on FLLLF. When you've got a second, do this:


Get FLLLF on your radar now.


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