JZXN was the talk of the town yesterday morning.


Friday Complete Update On Nasdaq Profile (JZXN)

June 24th

Greetings Readers,

JZXN was the talk of the town yesterday morning.

Riding high to approximately $1.25 in pre-market and hitting the same high after the bell, JZXN was up significantly at times from Wednesday's closing valuation of $.96.

This all came after the company dropped some big news. Check it out here:

Jiuzi Holdings Inc. to Announce Entry Into an Electric Vehicle Purchase Agreement with Authorized Agent of WM Motor Technology Co., Ltd.

With yesterday's big news acting as a potential catalyst for JZXN's vertical move, this profile hit a high it hasn't seen since May 10th.

Could Thursday's high signal this profile is undervalued at current levels?

As I mentioned previously, JZXN was trading as high as $2.00+ in 2022.

Now, I'm not expecting JZXN to return to those levels today, but you need to be aware of this Nasdaq idea's upside potential from Thursday's closing valuation.

Take a moment and read my initial JZXN report below and get this profile back on radar today.


Did you know that in 2021, China posted extreme growth in the Electric Vehicle (EV) market with right around 3.2Mn EVs sold? (1)

The crazy part is that was an increase of approximately 2Mn EV units sold compared to 2020.

On top of that, this move resulted in China regaining significant dominance in the global EV market (overall share of 53%).

The massive jump of 6% in 2020 to 13% in 2021 in China's EV penetration rate is a direct reflection of the facilitatory role of the government, con-sume-r adaptability and a diverse OEM product offering.

Long story short, China is pushing the tech envelope and can't be slept on any longer.

The most recent addition to its ever-growing technological prowess is its domestic production of EVs.

Between those details, a low float, recent highs providing over approximately 100% potential upside from current levels, and this week's big breaking news, you need to shift your complete focus to this under-the-radar Nasdaq idea Thursday:


*Jiuzi Holdings, Inc. (NASDAQ: JZXN)*

Jiuzi Holdings, Inc., headquartered in Hangzhou, China, and established in 2017, franchises and operates retail stores under the brand name "Jiuzi" to sell New Energy Vehicles ("NEVs") in third-fourth tier cities in China. The Company mainly sells battery-operated electric vehicles, and sources NEVs through more than twenty NEV manufacturers. It has 31 operating franchise stores and one company-owned store.

And right now, JZXN has several potential catalysts that could provide a breakout spark near term. Check them out:

No. 1 - A Low Float Profile (Volatility Watch)

No. 2 - Big News Wednesday Could Provide Breakout Spark Near Term

No. 3 - Check Out This 6-Month Chart

No. 4 - Company Enters Into Game-Changing Equity Acquisition Agreement

No. 5 - Launching Of Company's New Subsidiary (Important For Green Travel)

But more on those in a second...

JZXN - The New Energy Automobile Supermarket Chain

The new energy vehicle chain + Internet operation model not only has national policy support, but also has the needs of the broad consumer market, and it also has the advantages of low cost and high profit. Chain operations include integrated operations of offline physical stores, experience stores, supermarket stores, and online platform APPs.

1. Jiuzi New Energy Automobile Chain Supermarket

The single system of auto sales brand authorization can no longer meet the needs of market development. Because the channels are too single, it gradually loses market competitiveness. In the future, non-manufacturer channels do not have to obtain authorization from auto manufacturers to cater to current and future updated con-sume-r habits, such as automobiles.

2. Combination of Physical Stores, Brand Promotion Stores, Experience Stores, and Online APP Delivery Stores

Compared with traditional car 4S stores, the regional consumption level is almost zero, and the car will be dispatched directly from the unified ex-factory price; the layout of thousands of chain supermarkets, the macro-control of the company headquarters, fully realize the effective use of funds, channels, and resources of new energy car manufacturers; each region adopts a business model that combines brand promotion stores, new energy vehicle experience stores, and online APP delivery stores to achieve an effective combination of online and offline. There is no need to stock up a large amount of cars. The national regional free deployment, flexible capital turnover, and reduced operations Risks, to achieve perfect returns.

3. Time-sharing Lease and Sale on Behalf of Lease

A new car rental model in the car rental industry in the car sharing market. The idea originated in the 1990s. Some European companies that pay attention to environmental protection began to promote the concept of car sharing, thinking that it is not necessary for everyone to own a car, otherwise it will be a huge disaster to the environment. Timeshare leasing refers to the provision of on-the-fly leasing services for cars on an hourly or day basis. Consumers can book the number of hours of car rental according to their personal car needs and car usage time, and their charges will be calculated on an hourly basis. The purpose of the Jiuzi new energy automobile supermarket chain is for Jiuzi New Energy to build a new blue sky. Through the time-sharing leasing platform, it can effectively relieve pressure, improve traffic efficiency, relieve people's consumption pressure, achieve effective energy conservation and environmental protection, and create a full life cycle of new energy vehicle sharing systems.

4. Online Smart Sharing Platform, New Energy Vehicle Cloud Mall

Jiuzi New Energy uses a self-built offline car city, online intelligent sharing platform, Jiuzi car rental, new energy automobile cloud mall to increase sales, increase sales, and increase big data. Introduce a large amount of capital market investment to accelerate the pace of listing.

5. The Triple Identities of "Boss, Salesman, and Consumer" Lock in Consumer Groups in Advance

The Jiuzi new energy automobile chain supermarket, each store adopts a joint-stock cooperative business model, which has transformed the traditional waiting for customers to come to the car sales model to proactively seek out potential customers, increasing the transaction volume, and the shareholders themselves are also potential consumers. In the end, they will also participate in the dividend as the boss, so the role of three different identities (boss, consumer, salesman) on the same platform ensures that our new energy car chain supermarket will open on fire across the country!

6. Use the Car for Fr-ee, I Will Pay for the Car You Use

Entering the 21st century today, global economic integration is developing rapidly, market competition has become fierce, the operation of countless car companies is struggling, and the traditional car marketing model is increasingly being challenged. A new thinking and new model "you use the car, I pay the bill." The ultimate promotion multi-win model came into being. Consumers can deliver the car in full, and when the new energy vehicle has been used for three years, all of it will be returned to the consumer, thereby shaping the consumer's new energy vehicle application concept, creating new energy vehicle consumption habits, and letting new energy vehicles interact with people. Life is closer.


And as I mentioned previously, this company has several potential catalysts to know immediately. Here they are...

No. 1 JZXN Potential Catalyst - A Low Float Profile (Volatility Watch)

According to the Yahoo Finance website, JZXN has a low float.

The website reports this profile to have approximately 8.45Mn shares in its float.

Why is that important? It's important on one crucial level. Volatility.

With so few shares available for trading, other potential catalysts (like big news) could spark a vertical move in the short-term.


No. 2 JZXN Potential Catalyst - Big News Wednesday Could Provide Breakout Spark Near Term

Jiuzi Holdings, Inc. Enters into Strategic Cooperation with Leading Chinese Car Dealer, Shuke

HANGZHOU, China, June 22, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Jiuzi Holdings, Inc. (NASDAQ: JZXN; the "Company"), a new energy vehicles franchisor and retailer under the brand name "Jiuzi" in China, today announced that it has entered into strategic cooperation (the "Agreement") with Zhejiang Shuke Automobile Service Co. Ltd. ("Shuke"), a leading car dealer in China. The cooperation will be operated by its newly established subsidiary Hangzhou Jiuyao New Energy Automobile Technology Co. Ltd. ("Jiuyao").

According to the Agreement, Jiuyao is granted a non-exclusive right to engage in the sales of Shuke electric-vehicle (EV) cars, Shuke's car-hailing business, and financial products. Jiuyao plans to purchase 200 standard and customized models of Shuke EVs between 2022 and 2023. Shuke is prepared to provide about a financial credit line of up to 100Mn yuan to Jiuyao based on Jiuyao's fi-nan-cing needs. Jiuyao will be able to sell Shuke's EVs directly to end users on car-hailing platforms such as T3 Mobility, Didi Chuxing, Huolala, Jiuzi Haoche, and Zhongche Chuxing, among others, according to the Agreement.


Mr. Shuibo Zhang, CEO of Jiuzi Holdings, Inc., commented: "We are delighted to announce major cooperation with Shuke for our recently launched new energy vehicles procurement platform Jiuyao. Shuke's brand, service network, and its distribution ability are being recognized by well-known automakers and vehicle trading companies. We would anticipate fruitful returns from our cooperation with Shuke in the following year."

Read the full article here.


No. 3 JZXN Potential Catalyst - Check Out This 6-Month Chart

While tracking JZXN during Wednesday's session, there were several key lines to pay attention to. Here they are:


During the day, JZXN found itself in a battle with its 13-Day Exponential Moving Average.

Now, if this potential resistance were to break down in the near term, its 50-Day Simple Moving Average (SMA) would come up next.

Here's where things get interesting. JZXN is already trading fairly close to that line.

And if that breaks down, there is a ton of potential room to run until it encounters its 200-Day SMA around $1.69.

Oh, and did I mention that this profile was trading at over $2.00 recently.

Just look above!

Could we see a return to those previous highs in the near term?


No. 4 JZXN Potential Catalyst - Company Enters Into Game-Changing Equity Acquisition Agreement

Jiuzi Holdings, Inc. Enters into an Equity Acquisition Agreement to Acquire Automobile Sales Serviceshop Operator Under Top China Automaker Geely Auto's Premium Electronic Vehicle Brand Geometry

HANGZHOU, China, April 26, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Jiuzi Holdings, Inc. (NASDAQ: JZXN; the "Company"), a new energy vehicles franchisor and retailer under the brand name "Jiuzi" in China, today announced that, on April 11, 2022, the Company, through its subsidiary Hangzhou Jiuyao New Energy Automobile Technology Co. Ltd. ("Hangzhou Jiuyao"), has entered into an equity acquisition agreement (the "Agreement") to acquire 72.05% equity interest in an automobile sales service shop operator, Huizhou Jiwo Automobile sales service Co. Ltd. (the "Target"), from Guangdong Huarui Automobile Sales Service Co., Ltd. ("Guangdong Huarui"), a subsidiary of a top China automaker Geely Auto Group, which produces the premium electric vehicle brand "Geometry."

Geometry is Geely Auto Group's independent pure electric vehicle ("EV") sub-brand that focuses on the manufacture of sedans and SUVs. Launched in 2019, Geometry unveiled its latest SUV model EX3 in September 2021. This model is powered by a liquid-cooled battery and can sustain a range of 322 km (200 miles).

Pursuant to the Agreement, Hangzhou Jiuyao will acquire 72.05% equity interest in the Target and will make an in-vest-ment into the Target's registered capital upon completion of the transaction under the requirement of China's commercial policies. The Target is the sole authorized dealer for Geometry EVs in Huizhou city, Guangdong province. It is also a repair center for vehicles participating in online hailing services, and provides integrated auto services such as EV sales and after-sale maintenance. The Target sold more than 1,000 units of EVs in 2021.

Mr. Shuibo Zhang, CEO of Jiuzi Holdings, Inc., commented: "This acquisition is an important strategic milestone for our Company. The addition of the high-end EV brand Geometry of Geely Auto Group furthers our multi-brand strategy and achieve another major advancement by upgrading our competitiveness and securing sustainable development in the future. It will also drive our continuous business growth in the new fiscal year. Furthermore, since Geometry could potentially achieve over 1,000 unit sales, we are confident that the model will contribute significantly to our annual sales in 2022. Notably, it also marks a meaningful step for our Company in penetrating the southern China market."

"As competition becomes increasingly fierce in the new energy vehicle market, JZXN will continue to innovate, forge ahead, improve our competitive strength, and manifest our brand's core value through forward-looking strategic planning, in order to build a first-class smart trading platform for new energy vehicles and to provide consumers with a premium green travel experience."

Read the full article here.


No. 5 JZXN Potential Catalyst - Launching Of Company's New Subsidiary (Important For Green Travel)

Jiuzi Holdings, Inc. Expands "ToB" Business and Launches New Subsidiary, Jiuyao

HANGZHOU, China, May 31, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Jiuzi Holdings, Inc. (NASDAQ: JZXN; the "Company"), a leading new energy vehicles (NEVs) franchisor and retailer under the brand name "Jiuzi" in China, today announced that its subsidiary, Hangzhou Jiuyao New Energy Automobile Technology Co. Ltd. ("Jiuyao"), an NEV procurement platform servicing business customers, has officially launched its operations.

Set up as a joint venture with the Company and Hubei Yaonin Chuxing Automobile Service Co, Ltd. ("Yaonin Chuxing"), Jiuyao integrates the strengths, resources, and skills of both Jiuzi and Yaonin Chuxing to help car rental and ride-hailing corporate customers procure qualified NEVs to operate cost-effectively. Jiuyao also provides its customers with financial solutions via partnerships with licensed third-party financial institutions. Jiuyao will serve a quintessential role in furthering the value of the joint venture and implementing the Company's "ToB" strategy.

"We are delighted to celebrate the official launch of our Jiuyao platform, which demonstrates our determination to manifest the Company's ambition to spearhead in the implementation of green travel in the EV industry," said by Mr. Shuibo Zhang, CEO of Jiuzi Holdings, Inc. "Since Jiuyao has strong customer resources and operational capacity in the online car rental sector, its launch represents a milestone in perfecting a one-stop service system in the EV industry, and renders us well positioned to meet the growing demand for EVs as a result of China's plan to achieve carbon neutrality by 2060. Jiuyao's launch will also help us optimize the resources from our strategic partners in the sectors of car services, dealership and EV charging facilities that allow us to both offer full-range of operational and commercial services to our customers and foresee the needs of tomorrow."

Read the full article here.


JZXN Recap - 5 Potential Catalysts To Know Now

No. 1 - A Low Float Profile (Volatility Watch)

No. 2 - Big News Wednesday Could Provide Breakout Spark Near Term

No. 3 - Check Out This 6-Month Chart

No. 4 - Company Enters Into Game-Changing Equity Acquisition Agreement

No. 5 - Launching Of Company's New Subsidiary (Important For Green Travel)


Coverage is officially initiated on JZXN. When you have time later, do this:


Get JZXN on your radar now.


Kai Parker


Source 1

(Always Remember The Stock Prices Could Be Significantly Lower Now From The Dates I Provided.)

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