The clock is ticking once again. GoldMining Inc. (NYSE-A: GLDG) is today's must-know exploration profile.

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Get NYSE American Gold Explorer (GLDG) On Radar Quickly (Multiple Triggered Technicals Right Now)

June 5th

Greetings Readers,

The clock is ticking once again. GoldMining Inc. (NYSE-A: GLDG) is today's must-know exploration profile.

Check this out...

Recently GLDG has been surging, putting together a 23% run from a low of $.8061 on May 15th to Tuesday's $.994 high.

At the same time, GLDG has moved above 3 important technical lines in its 50-Day Simple Moving Average (SMA), its 200-Day SMA, and its 13-Day Exponential Moving Average (EMA).

If support grows at those 3 levels, watch out! This NYSE American profile could start attracting a ton of chart buzz.

Additionally, at close on Tuesday, Barchart was reporting GLDG to have several technical indicators to be triggered across the short, medium, and long term.

Here's a quick list:

Short Term Indicators

  • 20 Day Moving Average
  • 20 - 50 Day MACD Oscillator
  • 20 - 100 Day MACD Oscillator
  • 20 - 200 Day MACD Oscillator

Medium Term Indicators

  • 50 Day Moving Average
  • 50 - 100 Day MACD Oscillator
  • 50 - 200 Day MACD Oscillator

Long Term Indicators

  • 100 Day Moving Average
  • 150 Day Moving Average
  • 200 Day Moving Average

Furthermore, Barchart's composite "Trend Seeker" indicator was also triggered as of Tuesday's close.

Make sure to watch these technical indicators closely moving forward.

Drop what you're doing and get NYSE American explorer (GLDG) front and center this morning.


Born out of the rubble of the 2009 crash: GoldMining Inc. (NYSE-A: GLDG) has quietly spent more than 10 years acquiring over a dozen Gold assets with very calculated timing…

Now, they’re positioned well to leverage on Gold’s Recent Record Pricing:

  • Two IPOs launched from the portfolio in the last 3 years
  • Sold another project for equity consideration and contingent payments totaling 14X what it initially paid based on share prices at the time of closing
  • And potentially more to come soon…

GoldMining controls a diversified portfolio of resource-stage gold and gold-copper projects in the Americas.

Alastair Still, CEO of GoldMining Inc., has been in the mining industry since the mid-90s… and he’s watching a major shift happening in the gold mining space.

For years, large gold companies have underfunded their projects and are now exploring for new assets.

Gold and commodity prices peaked in 2011 and stayed depressed as money flowed to tech firms, real estate, you name it.

Suddenly…in 2024…

Gold prices have hit record highs… and don’t forget about copper nearing all-time highs!


And mining companies are looking for projects they can acquire and advance to the production stage.

Enter Alastair and a potential opportunity for GoldMining Inc.

GoldMining (NYSE-A: GLDG, TSX: GOLD) is a public company that had its IPO in 2011.

GoldMining Inc. is listed and trades on the NYSE American under the symbol GLDG.

It has quietly been buying up gold and copper mining projects in North and South America since the company’s inception.

GoldMining is focused on the acquisition and development of gold assets in the Americas.

Through its disciplined acquisition strategy, the Company now controls a diversified portfolio of resource-stage gold, gold-copper projects and strategic holdings in Canada, U.S.A., Brazil, Colombia, and Peru.

“Development” means pushing the ball forward progressing mineral resource estimates, preliminary mine scoping studies, environmental monitoring, and permitting… just some of the groundwork so a big company can jump in and take over from there.

Acquiring and developing is what GoldMining has done for 15 years… and now it's time to seek to take advantage of 15 years of acquisitions and work.

The CEO of GoldMining, Alastair Still, claims, “it’s harvesting time,” from the gold and gold-copper rich portfolio of assets in the Americas.

That means trying to monetize in some form the assets to benefit shareholders.

He is now trying to position the Company to capitalize on its buildup of projects over the last 15 years.

GoldMining Inc. had some 14 mining projects at the end of 2021.

By 2024, two of those assets have been part of transactions to unlock value. So, what happened?

  • 1) It IPO'd Whistler Project, Alaska, into a separate public company that trades on its own on Nasdaq.
  • 2) It completed the option sale of the Nutmeg Mountain Project for paid equity consideration and contingent payments totaling 14X what it initially paid based on share prices at the time of closing resulting in 28% indirect ownership of the project.

Meaning, there are 12 mining projects in their portfolio, where he can look to monetize and pull value from... extracting value like the previous two transactions is the intent.

  • These 12 other mining projects present tremendous opp. and
  • contain a cumulative total of 12.5 million gold-equivalent ounces measured and indicated and 9.7 million gold-equivalent ounces inferred.

(NOTE: Please refer to GoldMining's website for further important information regarding its resource estimates and links to all technical reports on its projects.)

The company holds around CAD$162.5Mn in cash and equity holdings (based on cash as of GoldMining’s filing for the quarter ended February 29, 2024 plus the market value of public company shares based on closing prices on applicable exchanges on April 30, 2024) and has NO debt.

The market cap is around CAD$203Mn as of May 15, 2024.


As GoldMining seeks to unlock more value from its projects…

it could daylight additional value from an extensive portfolio of gold focused projects.

The company holds 12 other mining projects outside of the CAD$162.5Mn in cash and other publicly traded equity holdings (based on April 30, 2024 trading prices).

  • Just ONE of these projects – La Mina in Colombia – has a Preliminary Economic Assessment (PEA), that included an estimate of pre-tax net present value (NPV) of $447.3Mn using a 5% discount rate using a $1,750 gold price. (based on a 2023 technical report).
  • The gold price today is above $2,300 per ounce.

La Mina is just 1 of 12 projects, at varying stages of exploration, owned by GoldMining.

The Company has recently announced plans to advance exploration at the São Jorge project in Pará State, Brazil (See press release dated November 29, 2023). The project has a near-surface gold mineral resource and an extensive land package of over 113,650 acres (that’s more than 5 times the size of Manhattan Island).

The GoldMining team has pinpointed several promising new exploration targets within the project, located in a rapidly developing gold region.

This area has attracted substantial interest from major gold financiers in adjacent projects, including the Tocantinzinho mine targeted to start production in 2024 to become Brazil’s third largest gold mine.

Along with its exploration targets, São Jorge sits near paved roads and powerlines, with easy access to water which also makes it extremely attractive for potential future development.

Similar projects are extremely remote, far from roads and access, which is not the case for São Jorge.

The project has undergone 37,154 meters of drilling across 145 holes, identifying 711,800 ounces of gold in the measured and indicated category, plus additional ounces in the inferred category.

(For further important information see the technical report titled “São Jorge Gold Project, Pará State, Brazil, Independent Technical Report on Mineral Resources” with an effective date of May 31, 2021, which is available at under GoldMining’s SEDAR+ profile.)

This is why the strategy that GoldMining deployed over the last 15 years was so smart…

As of today they have a sizable gold resource…

On a very large regional project…

In an attractive district that already has other projects that have attracted hundreds of Mlns of dollars from some of the industry’s largest players on other projects in the area.

(Note: You can access all of Goldmining’s resource and technical reports here)

That’s just a snapshot of 2 of the company’s 12 assets.

As gold reserves decline globally…

And inflation persists with endless money printing…

Gold is seeing a rejuvenation not seen in decades.

And GoldMining Inc. has laid a foundation to succeed in unlocking value from a resource-rich portfolio of gold assets.

GoldMining Inc. Is Modernizing The Mining Sector Blueprint

Rather than put all the risk into 1 or 2 mining projects, praying for the lottery ticket to pay off… CEO Alastair and team are seeking to add shareholder value in two innovative ways:

One way to provide value:

Spin-offs that go public

A spin-off is simply taking an asset they already own and going public via IPO.

This allows GoldMining to raise capital, divest to de-risk the main portfolio, raise the awareness of the GoldMining brand, and attract more capital to different projects.

#2 way to provide value:

Strategic sales and partnerships of current assets

When Alastair talks about “harvesting,” this is another big way to do so…

Take projects from within the GoldMining Inc. portfolio of assets:

And then sell or option them to other gold mining and exploration companies - with specialty skills to advance them further.

Remember, many of the largest gold miners have seen their reserves shrink to pre-2007 levels. That’s alarming.

In 2024, GoldMining completed its divestiture of the Nutmeg Mountain project in Idaho which it acquired for just CAD$1.15Mn.

It sold it to a public gold company for share consideration then valued at CAD$9Mn that GoldMining has already received and stands to receive a further CAD$7.5Mn in future potential payments.

GoldMining is now the largest shareholder, owning about 28% of this public company listed in Canada with four gold projects including Nutmeg Mountain

  • Assuming the buyer of this one asset meets certain specified milestones for the project and contingent payments are made, GoldMining could see a potential 14X under this deal!

GoldMining still retains exposure to exploration successes on the property through its approximate 28% equity ownership.

This is how you harvest wins.

  • Plus, GoldMining Inc. (and its shareholders) get to ride any future success at the project with no additional funding required.

You’ve seen the potential catalysts already:

  1. GoldMining Inc. has a proven track record of buying mining projects at depressed prices over the last 15 years… and now harvesting value with two spin-offs and one sale in the last 3 years.
  2. Gold prices may be poised to continue to break higher as inflation remains stubborn, plus the global debt rising in America and Europe.
  3. The GoldMining Inc. management team has decades of experience in mining and gaining value by divesting from projects.
  4. Even with selling one asset for up to 14X more than it initially paid for it and two others spun-off successfully…

GoldMining Inc. (NYSE-A: GLDG) is worth following for those interested in not just another gold profile… but also a company that’s diversified across multiple exploration stage projects they bought at lower prices…

Of course, please do your own due diligence.

GoldMining Inc. has its entire corporate presentation on their website.

(You should also carefully review its Annual Information Form for the year ended November 30, 2023, financial statements and other disclosures on its website and at

Consider adding GoldMining Inc. (NYSE-A: GLDG) to your Watchlist.


Kai Parker


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