These are 3 of the most recent profiles I've released that show striking similarities to today's breakout stock idea: 10/21 ITRK ran 600%


Today's Breakout Idea Is (AEPT) - A Low Float Profile With Unreal Upside Potential

Pull AEPT Up Quickly This AM

November 7th

Good Morning,

These are 3 of the most recent profiles I've released that show striking similarities to today's breakout stock idea:

  • 10/21 ITRK ran 600% intraday from $.01 to a high of $.07
  • 10/10 CLTH ran 887.5% intraday from $.008 to a high of $.079
  • 10/7 ESYL ran 1,900% intraday from $.0045 to a high of $.09

Now, here's your new company profile for November 7th:

American Energy Partners, Inc. (AEPT)

Closing Wednesday's trading session at approximately $.0030, AEPT could be ready to get after it today as this low float profile shows breakout potential.

Volatility could be key as it is reported that AEPT has just over 1.13Mn shares currently available for trading.

These few available shares make AEPT very similar to the intraday runners I brought to your attention above.

More About (AEPT)

American Energy Partners (AEPT) and its group of companies focus on providing ans's in markets where energy production and water meet technology. Collectively, the subsidiaries are engaged in the energy sector as well as the design, construction and operation of regional water treatment facilities that serve the industrial, energy and government sectors. American Energy Partners is focused on the acquisition of cash flow properties and assets that include non-operating oil wells, service companies, engineering service companies, and other energy assets on track to be cash flow positive.


AEPT Subsidiaries

Hydration Company of PA

Hydration Company of PA focuses on sourcing, implementing and distributing reclaimed water. This subsidiary’s competitive advantage mainly lies within its pure volume of reclaimed water and its access to low-cost treatment with high flow rates and highly concentrated solids through the technologies of AEPT’s partners. Because of the volume as well as the flexibility of the model established via patent pending methodology and conveyance methods, HCPA can effectively gain market share immediately as large corporations prefer access to one source that can supply massive amounts of reclaimed water regardless of drought conditions.

  • HCPA possesses the technical know-how to source, implement and distribute at reclaimed water.
  • The company can operate out of multiple, predetermined, sites within the U.S.
  • The sites differ in terms of geography, storage and water quality. Sites will enable for augmentation or the ability to mitigate during pass-by conditions.
  • Augmentation of existing water flow allows HCPA to provide every day water as well as to provide additional waters to the system when low flow conditions are present.
  • This is a valuable piece of the model because no matter how long or severe of a drought it gives customers the ability to consume at their intake up to their maximum docketed withdrawal thus granting them pass-by exemption.


American Energy Solutions, Inc.

American Energy Solutions, LLC utilizes a network of partners to provide off-the-shelf and custom-designed treatment technologies that contribute to HCPA’s business model of low-cost treatment and distribution. As a provider of design, this subsidiary is capable of repeatable and synergistic services across the value chain. American Energy’s long-term plan is to utilize an in-house team to grow market share as water use continues to become more critical to the modern industry.

  • Through its partners, AES can provide off the shelf and custom designed treatment technologies across our customer base that contribute to HCPA’s business model of low-cost treatment and distribution.
  • By providing design of projects, AES is capable of selling repeatable and synergistic services across the value chain.
  • In the short-term, AES expects to use and manage a set of strategic partnerships with existing water treatment providers. This will allow AES to evaluate the performance of these consultants and build an in-house team from on the job experience with our partners.
  • Long-term AES intends to utilize our in-house team to supplant existing and generate new market share as water use continues to expend as a necessary component of modern industry.


Gilbert Oil & Gas Company

Gilbert Oil & Gas Company is leveraging broad industry valuation experience to move forward on its mission to add shareholder value through drilling, operating, and partnership opp's in the upstream oil and gas space. Equipped with the in-house capabilities necessary to source and evaluate opp's, Gilbert is positioned to become a strong customer of AEPT’s other subsidiaries, providing them with the foundation to attract other customers and enter new markets.

  • Leveraging broad industry valuation experience and access to deal flow, Gilbert intends to initially invest in opp's within the Marcellus and Utica region.
  • These may be in the form of ownership of op and non-op stable producing properties, drill to earn projects, joint venture partnerships, and royalty interest purchases.
  • Gilbert currently posses all of the capabilities in-house to source and evaluate these types of opp's.
  • Staff build outs, while initially intended to be minimal, in the long-term will reflect the acquired assets and executed opp's.


AEPT could be a breakout to remember. Get it on your radar quickly.


Kai Parker


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