Let's cut to it, because your time is important. What I'm bringing to you today is a previous big-time runner that is once again showing str


This Past Champ (300% Intraday) Energy Stock's Share Prices Could Jump On Recent Acquisition News

Based On Corporate Actions Found Below, *AEPT* Could Be Your Next Major Breakout Profile

March 7th

Good Morning,

Let's cut to it, because your time is important. What I'm bringing to you today is a previous big-time runner that is once again showing strong upside potential.

Brought to you last November on the morning of the 7th, this stock profile opened the trading session at $.0045 before rocketing to a high of $.018.

When the dust settled, this stock had blazed a 300% surge intraday!

Now, billionaires like Sam Zell, who made his fortune scooping up distressed assets, recently shared with CNBC that he's been taking advantage of the stock market volatility.

In fact Zell, the founder of Equity Group Investments, says he’s spending a lot in energy, a sector he “always keeps track of” in hopes of finding opp's. “We think the energy space is really cheap..."

Trading at a lower stock price than it took off from back on 11/7, I think this Energy stock could be ready to run again due to recent, game-changing news.

That's why you need to pull up this past champ stock profile for Monday, March 9th:

> American Energy Partners, Inc. (AEPT) <

American Energy Partners, Inc. and its group of companies are dedicated to delivering solutions wherever energy production and water meet technology. The company has positioned itself to benefit from above-favorable margins on each of its subsidiaries due to the synergy of the chain of revenues.

#1 AEPT Potential Catalyst - Recent Acquisition News

American Energy Partners, Inc. Signs Definitive Agreement for Acquisition of Oilfield Basics, LLC

ALLENTOWN, PA, Feb. 10, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- via NEWMEDIAWIRE -- American Energy Partners, Inc. (“American Energy”) (PINK: AEPT), a diversified energy company, has agreed to acquire 100% of the membership units of Oilfield Basics, LLC (“Oilfield Basics”) in exchange for 1,000,000 shares of American Energy’s common shares equal to less than 1% of American Energy’s outstanding common stock. American Energy reserves the right to repurchase these common shares prior to any other third parties.

The transaction was approved by the Board of Directors after determining, in good faith, that the acquisition is in the best interests of American Energy. The acquisition will immediately contribute to top-line revenue that will be derived from an underserved segment of the oilfield services industry in which American Energy currently does not participate.

The addition of Oilfield Basics to American Energy’s group of subsidiaries expands American Energy’s services to an online educational platform that can derive growth through advertisements, podcasts, videos, and webinars that market to the energy industry.

This acquisition represents only one of a series of acquisitions planned for the future. This acquisition is a continuation of American Energy’s buy and build strategy. [...]

Josh Hickman, COO of American Energy, commented, “The opp. to acquire Oilfield Basics presented an excellent opp. for AEPT to increase our footprint in the energy sector. The Company’s core competency is marketing services through educational awareness. Oilfield Basics is a well-connected thought leader in this area and has just recently completed their 50th podcast. We at AEPT are looking forward to a great future with the Company.

Derek Krieg, Co-Founder of Oilfield Basics, LLC also commented, “This company started with an entrepreneurial business competition during my time at Marietta College and over the few years it has been running, we have partnered with multiple companies and have created over 100 educational resources for our industry. Now as we join the AEPT family, I am confident that their guidance, network, and expertise will make Oilfield Basics an industry leader in the educational marketing space. I look forward to what the future will bring.

Read the full press release here.

#2 AEPT Potential Catalyst - Major HGQ Revenue News

American Energy Partners, Inc. Issues Update on Acquired Entity Hickman Geological Consulting’s Projects and Performance -- 100% Average Increase in Top-Line Revenue

ALLENTOWN, Pennsylvania, Feb. 19, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- via NEWMEDIAWIRE -- American Energy Partners, Inc. (“American Energy”) (PINK: AEPT), a diversified energy company, issues an update on the recently acquired geological services company, Hickman Geological Consulting, LLC (“HGC”).

Since 2018, Hickman Geological Consulting, LLC has served geotechnical clients in the Greater Pittsburgh region through project management of landslide remediation and expert witness services for lawsuits. While 2019 brought steady geotechnical work, 2020 has seen a significant increase in both the client base for these services and associated revenues. We have seen a 100% average increase in HGC’s monthly revenues since the acquisition of this entity.

The Company is pleased to announce that two additional geotechnical projects related to the remediation of active landslides have been awarded and will start in the spring. These projects will have a significant, positive impact on the revenue of HGC for 2020. An increase in engaged expert witness projects has also been noted that will lead to revenue generation during litigations.

Brad Domitrovitsch, Chairman & CEO of American Energy Partners, Inc., spoke on the subject, “We are pleased with the growth in Hickman Geological’s geotechnical projects.” Reflecting on the acquisition, he went on to say, “When the Company was purchased this was the smaller of the revenue centers and it has grown, as we projected, to be equal with that of the oil and gas valuation services.

The growth in service sectors referenced above is projected to drive a significant increase in HGC’s top-line revenue, well beyond the $30K per month average the Company had generated in 2019.

Read the full article here.

#3 AEPT Potential Catalyst - Company COO Talks Expansion

American Energy Partners COO Announces Aggressive Expansion Plan Increasing Footprint in Energy Services

ALLENTOWN, PA, Feb. 13, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- via NEWMEDIAWIRE -- American Energy Partners, Inc. (“American Energy”) (PINK: AEPT), a diversified energy company, announced today that Oilfield Basics, LLC. (“Oilfield Basics”) has released a podcast discussing its acquisition with American Energy’s COO, Josh Hickman. Mr. Hickman delves into American Energy’s introduction to the public markets, past acquisitions, and speaks personally of his own sale of Hickman Geological Consulting, LLC, one of the leading providers of expert geo-technical and valuation resources for surfaces and minerals throughout Ohio, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia to American Energy. Closing the discussion, Mr. Hickman details the composition and progress of our “buy and build strategy,” laying the foundation for future expansion.

Oilfield Basics was founded in 2018 and adds Educational Marketing to American Energy’s suite of Energy services; these services include but are not limited to:

  • Industrial waste stream treatment, water exploration, augmentation, and treatment of polluted waters
  • Contracts in place that are moving towards the treatment and supply of water from a 5 billion gallon mine pool
  • Full-service valuation and geotechnical services,
  • Ownership and maintenance of producing oil & natural gas wells

Oilfield Basics adds Educational Marketing opp's to this full spectrum of energy services. Oilfield Basics provides educational tools to companies including engineering and law firms, as well as services related to construction, drilling, flowback and completions. Oilfield Basics specializes in the Educational Marketing platforms of podcasts and videography to not only inform the public about their customer’s solutions, but also as a platform to discuss issues faced and opp's present within the industry.

American Energy plans to use this platform as a source of advertising and paid services, thereby simultaneously increasing top-line revenue and corporate exposure.

Read the full article here.


More Info On AEPT's Subsidiaries

The following info is from this OTC Disclosure from AEPT.


American Energy Solutions is an industrial waste stream treatment company that intends to engage in the remediation of Superfund sites, coal ash, acid mine drainage, mine influenced water (MIW), drill cuttings (horizontal direction drilling or HDD and vertical directional drilling or VDD), flowback (water and other debris that comes to the surface after a well is fracked), produced waters and other industrial processes.

We provide treatment technologies that contribute to Hydration Corporation’s business model of low-cost treatment and distribution. These treatment technologies also allow AES to leverage existing contacts in the industrial space and convert these contacts into contract value. AES’s long-term goal is to bring waste stream treatment technologies in-house.


We intend to develop Gilbert Oil and Gas, LLC (“Gilbert”) as a U.S. based exploration and production company focused on generating long-term shareholder value through drilling, operating, and partnership opp's in the upstream oil and gas space.

Gilbert’s sole service is to provide cash flow through investment in oil and gas royalties, producing wells and the development of mineral rights.

Gilbert came into existence to capitalize on the depressed asset pricing in the oil and gas space. Gilbert’s business model is to first capture royalty opp's then gain working interests on producing wells and lastly to acquire land inventory through mineral rights.

Gilbert will concentrate its initial capital inside the Marcellus & Utica formations where we can monetize existing water assets and treatment technologies in WV, OH and PA.

Following this model, we are of the belief that meaningful asset and cash flow value will be derived over the course of time.


Hydration Corporation is engaged in the businesses of water exploration, water augmentation, and the treatment of impacted waters. Through its subsidiaries and partners, we design, build, and operate regional water treatment facilities. Hydration Corporation is a leader in water-neutral energy solutions, as well as providing waste water technologies specifically designed to improve the impaired water disposal process.

We believe that Hydration Corporation’s technology delivers one of the highest energy yields from a broad range of water-bearing assets, with one of the lowest capital expenditures of any other known water processes.

Hydration Corporation offers a range of low cost attractive modular systems or fixed facilities via its water conveyance methodologies, which produce low-cost water solutions in partnership with select small to large-size industrial energy users, government agencies, and non-pro*fit watershed groups in target markets.

Hydration Corporation provides a solution to locate, procure, treat and distribute water. This patent-pending process provides cleaner water which results in an improved, safer environment. It can also mitigate drought conditions by accessing water previously unavailable. Applications may include, but are not limited to: oil and gas, pipelines, industrial use, utilities, mining, municipalities and landowners.

Hydration Corporation has designed a unique, patent pending system to treat and distribute water in an efficient and economical process that should encourage treated water to be used by gas drillers, pipeline companies, utility companies, industry and municipalities.


Hickman Geological Consulting, LLC (“HGC”) is a full-service valuation and geotechnical services company that focuses on the decision space between earth materials and financial matters. Since 2013, HGC has been the Pittsburgh area’s leading valuation house for oil and gas minerals connected with estate planning, expert witness, lease negotiations, and mineral sales. Since 2016, HGC has provided these services nationwide. In 2018 HGC diversified into geotechnical services related to landslide identification, mitigation, and design as well as geotechnical residential building services, such as ground stability and infiltration testing.

Mr. Hickman is a registered Professional Geologist in the state of Pennsylvania. Hickman Geological Consulting, LLC is sub-contracted for these services by small to mid-sized engineering and environmental firms to lend our expertise in these matters to their individual projects. Mr. Hickman’s areas of expertise include soil physics and mapping for construction, erosion, sediment, and landslide issues, writing geologic investigation reports, and hydrological investigations.

Hickman Geological Consulting, LLC provides expert reports and testimony on the value of oil and gas rights and royalties in cases of tax, estate planning, divorce, real estate transactions, and litigation. HGC is the technical backbone of many successful mineral buying companies. We direct buy areas, provide expected pro*fit statements, and provide the technical data necessary to educate investors.

We provide independent acquisition and divestment due diligence reports. We provide advisement to supplement your existing team, or act as customers’ representatives. These services include geologic and/or reservoir modeling, well curve, EUR, and cost input creation and verification, economic model creation, data room generation and review, and environment and sediment control field review.

Hickman Geological Consulting, LLC’s experienced staff can provide the needed experience and technical understanding to put landowners on level ground with operating companies in negotiations. We provide assistance during leasing, right of way, and well pad siting. Examples of these services include leasing terms, right of way negotiations, settlement options, and well pad locations.



AEPT could be Monday's big breakout stock profile. Get it on your radar now.


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