We've witnessed my last 3 profiles turn into triple-digit runners intraday over the previous 2 weeks. In order: #1. AEPT opened at $.0045


An Upcoming Acquisition Could Send Share Prices Soaring For New Breakout Profile (SKDI)

*Last Profile Surged 741% Intraday (3 Straight Champs)*

November 18th

Good Morning,

We've witnessed my last 3 profiles turn into triple-digit runners intraday over the previous 2 weeks. In order:

#1. AEPT opened at $.0045 and blazed to a high of $.018 for an intraday move of 300%.

#2. RCHN ran from $.055 to a high of $.20 for an intraday move of 263%.

#3. GKIT opened at $.0416 and smoked a run to a high of $.35 for a 741% intraday surge.

Overall, 3 profiles rushed up the charts to provide 1,304% in potential intraday gains.

Now, here's my latest breakout idea that I think could be in line for a triple-digit move too...

> Sun Kissed Industries Inc. (SKDI) <

Pay attention closely, because SKDI recently signed a Letter of Intent (LOI) to acquire a premier, revenue-generating company.

This catalyst news has caused this company to pop up on radars over the past week, but as it's only an LOI, the complete transaction has not occurred yet.

When that happens... WATCH OUT.

Share prices could start soaring. If November 7th's session (the day the news dropped) is anything to go by, SKDI could be extremely undervalued at the moment.

On 11/7, SKDI opened at $.03 and rocketed all the way to $.16 for an intraday surge of 433%.

Check Out The Catalyst News Here:

Sun Kissed Announces Fully Executed LOI to Acquire Hakuna Supply, an Award-Winning Commercial Stage CB Products Company

NEW YORK, Nov. 07, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- via OTC PR WIRE – Sun Kissed Industries Inc. (OTCMKTS:SKDI) (“Sun Kissed”, “SKDI”, or the “Company”), an emerging player in the CB marketplace, is thrilled to announce the Signing of a Letter of Intent (the “LOI”) to acquire Hakuna Supply/Products Group, Inc. (“Hakuna” or “Hakuna Supply”), a premier revenue-generating CB-based products company located in California with over 110 established retail distribution partners across over 20 states in the domestic US market.

This is the deal we have been hunting to thrust Sun Kissed onto the global CB products market stage in a major way,” commented Carl Grant, Sun Kissed CEO. “Hakuna is a well-respected private market leader in CB-based products with a massive well-established distribution footprint. The company is already a major player in the space with considerable reach and will deliver over a million dollars in immediate revenue for Sun Kissed on a forward basis.

Hakuna offers award-winning high-end CB-based products, including CB Hemp Roast Coffees, CB Coffee Bundles, CB Tea Bundles, CB Drink Drops, CB Gummies, CB Flower, a range of premium CB Teas, and other premium products.

  • Hakuna Supply received the DOPE Magazine Best New Product award for Southern California in the non-CB/non-tech category in 2017
  • Hakuna’s coffee is currently nominated for “Best Hemp-Derived CB Product” by the California CB awards

The LOI represents an agreement to pursue a transaction in which 100% of the issued and outstanding shares of Hakuna will be purchased through a definitive stock purchase agreement by Sun Kissed on or before November 22, 2019.

According to every major research firm familiar with this market, the dramatic explosion in growth we are seeing in the CB space is being fueled by a massive wave of mainstream adoption among typical US and global consumers,” continued Mr. Grant. “That growth is only expected to further accelerate in the months and quarters ahead, and Hakuna puts us instantly on the map as a market leading force to be reckoned with.

Research firm MRFR sees the global CB market growing at better than 125% annually through 2026. Brightfield Group joins in this view, adding that 2019 alone will show over 900% expansion in total sales of CB-based products across all related product groups.


Zone In Now - Key Date: November 22nd

From this recent news, it appears that the official transaction will occur on or before 11/22/19.

With the LOI creating a day where SKDI saw a run of 433% intraday, what do you think could happen when the official transaction takes place?

*That's The Question You Need To Ask Yourself*

And, as the article above highlights towards the end, the CB market appears to be growing at an exponential rate and could continue to do so in an epic fashion through the years ahead.

That's why you need to get Sun Kissed Industries Inc. (SKDI) on your radar before Monday's opening bell.

This profile could be lying in weeds, ready for a potential breakout when the this transaction becomes official.

More About SKDI

Sun Kissed Industries utilizes and improves upon the current industry model for vertical integration in hemp processing and testing.

Now legal, they’ll be using time tested and approved methods focusing directly on CB processing and testing outright with groundbreaking in farming quick to follow.

The present issues in both testing and processing are primarily reliability and trust in the Labs. Sun kissed will make everything abundantly transparent. This will put their standard operating procedures in a position to be viewed as what the model of SOP in the industry should be.

Production Details


Considered “beyond organic” only the highest quality of farming standards are applied.


Full Spectrum, Broad Spectrum, and Isolated Spectrum. No residual solvent. No impurities.


As with everything they do they'll be offering full transparency in their testing process.



SKDI Is Oversold - Ready For A Potential Monster Bounce

Here are even more reasons to pay attention to SKDI today as its technicals are showing it to be oversold, and potentially undervalued in a significant way.

Key Oversold Technicals:

  • 9-Day Relative Strength Index (Below 40%)
  • 14-Day Raw Stochastic (Below 10%)
  • 14-Day Williams %R (Above 90%)

Additionally, SKDI has witnessed an influx of above average volume over 20-Day stretch in comparison to its Year-To-Date daily average.

Knowing this, it's simple to establish that there are potentially more eyes on this stock right now then in recent history.

Could this upcoming official transaction be the catalyst to send shares soaring?

If there was ever a time to pay attention to this tiny-sized stock, it could be right now. Make sure SKDI is put on your watch-list pronto.



The opening bell rings shortly. Be ready and get SKDI front and center this AM.


Kai Parker


(Always Remember The Stock Prices Could Be Significantly Lower Now From The Dates I Provided.)

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