Did you see what happened Thursday with my most recent breakout profile? From an open of $.065, BTLN flew to a high of $.23 for a stunning


New Biotech Breakout (PHBI) Is A $1+ Stock With Impressive Upside Potential

> Thursday's Low Float Profile Zips 253% Intraday <

December 15th

Good Evening,

Did you see what happened Thursday with my most recent breakout profile?

From an open of $.065, BTLN flew to a high of $.23 for a stunning intraday run of 253%!

Now, I want you to focus in on a new stock idea for this coming Monday:

> Pharmagreen Biotech Inc. (PHBI) <

Pharmagreen is a biotech sciences company with specialized products and services in the can*nab*is (CB) industry.

And, interestingly enough, PHBI has something in common with Thursday's breakout profile... This stock has only a tiny amount of available shares for trading.

In fact, the OTCMarkets website reports PHBI to currently have roughly 2.2Mn unrestricted shares.

Volatility could lead to price spiking if above average momentum floods into this profile.

What could cause this type of volatility though? Here's what:

Top New Catalysts Driving Potential PHBI Growth

From Thursday 12/12's news release:

CARSON CITY, NV, Dec. 12, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- via NEWMEDIAWIRE -- Pharmagreen Biotech, Inc., (OTC PINKS: PHBI), is pleased to provide a company development update. The company has secured significant credit facility to date and plans to use the funds to move forward with its projects development to build a state of the art all year round greenhouse and a tissue cultured starter plantlet production facility. The all year round greenhouse was added to the company’s plans for a first build out as time to complete construction is less than six months and revenue producing within 3 months of operations. The greenhouse will allow the company to earn revenues while the tissue culture facility is under construction.


Here are your 3 main takeaway catalysts from this PR snip-it:

No. 1 - PHBI has secured a significant line of credit to push forward its company's growth.

No. 2 - They are moving forward with development on their 24/7/365 production facility.

No. 3 - After completing construction in less than 6 months, it will only take PHBI 3 additional months to start churning out revenues.

This under-the-radar company is making moves and you need to take notice now before any more news like this hits the masses.


--> The Pharmagreen Botany Centre is dedicated to breaking boundaries to become the most internationally recognized and valued biotech science solutions company in North America for its proprietary micro-propagation techniques, tissue culture plantlets production, research and development for plants sustainability, preservation of genetics, extraction of botanical oils, CB products development and plant DNA species identification and certification center.

In other words, Pharmagreen is a science driven and backed company that sees their produced products as unparalleled.

Pharmagreen's model is to provide the hemp farmers the highest quality starter female plantlets to produce the highest quality biomass for the production of CB formulations for human and animal use.

Pharmagreen's ability to supply high CB starter plantlets paired with high level of expertise in farming the strain provides a very lucrative, high CB hemp farming opp. for farmers by making highly efficient use of land.

Here's the kicker...

--> Greater revenue and higher yields can be generated from 10 acres with Pharmagreen's high CB strain and farming techniques than from farming 1,000 acres using standard industrial hemp from seed.

Take a moment and re-read that one before moving on.

DYK: The global industrial hemp market is projected to grow from $4.6Bn USD in 2019 to $26.6Bn USD by 2025, recording a CAGR of 34%.

With that type of growth potential in the global industrial hemp market, wouldn't farmers looking to produce CB from hemp want to maximize their output and product quality while minimizing the amount of land they use for their crops?

I'm going to go out on a limb and say "HECK YEAH!"

That's why I think that PHBI is currently flying under-the-radar and could be the next big breakout idea within the "Green Wave" movement.


These 2 Additional Catalysts Could Set PHBI Off

#1. (10/4/19) - Pharmagreen Biotech is Seeking to Revolutionize Cancer Research and More with Their Botany Center

The CB industry is worth billions, and is showing no signs of slowing down with many CB related companies now providing crowdfunding investment opp's to both accredited and non-accredited inve*stors who wish to participate in its growth. It may also help discover cures and treatments for cancer. Pharmagreen Biotech, with their S1 document now effective from the SEC, is one such company targeting cancer research and much more with their vision of multi-purpose CB Botany Centers.

#2. (9/24/19) - Pharmagreen Signs a LOI for Supply of CB Dana Hemp Starter Plantlets

Pharmagreen Biotech, Inc. is pleased to announce that its Canadian subsidiary, WFS Pharmagreen Inc., has signed a Letter of Intent with Carpere Inc. for the supply of “CB Dana” hemp starter plantlets for the 2020 farming season and beyond.

The Pharmagreen team is excited to work with Carpere to be their supplier of all female high CB hemp starter plantlets to produce the highest quality high CB flower tops as well as production of the CB whole hemp oils and isolate. Carpere owns and manages farmland, on behalf of farmers, in excess of 100,000 acres throughout Canada.


PHBI Company Services Are Cutting Edge


CHIBAFREEN™ a new, highly evolved, state-of-the art in vitro plant production method is introduced by the company Botanical Research In Motion Inc. (B.R.I.M.) for exclusive use by WFS Pharmagreen Inc. for various kinds of high quality transplant production in the company’s Botany Center.

This proprietary process was developed by Dr. Fawzia Afreen.

In this method relatively small chlorophyllous (leafy) explants or single nodal cuttings are grown inside the culture vessel under pathogen free, sterile condition under artificial light.

The conventional in vitro system for transplant production involves four stages:

1) Initiation, 2) Multiplication, 3) Rooting and 4) Hardening.

In their new method one of the stages is eliminated, which reduce the production period and costs drastically. The root formation and the hardening of the plant are carried out using their new technology, coined as Chibafreen™ in vitro plant production. The CB Botany Center will produce approximately 10Mn plantlets at full capacity.


Using DNA testing, growers can ensure they have the right genetics of plants to grow:

  • protect their crops from uncertified plant species investment mitigate the risk of plant to yield ratios
  • reduce losses from environmental conditions
  • protect them from any financial damage

No other DNA commercial facility is in operation west of Manitoba. Saskatchewan Research Council (SRC’s ) Biotechnology Laboratories exists for scientific purposes only. B.R.I.M. will use SSR marker (Simple sequence repeat) technology to fingerprint varieties. We will develop an extensive database for several crops. Clients/growers simply need to collect leaf samples (300 – 500 g) of a suspect variety and our lab will compare its SSR fingerprint to varieties in our database. These services will be provided by B.R.I.M. as a value-added service for Pharmagreen’s Botany Center.


Lowering temperature can slow the metabolic processes (e.g. respiration) and prevent undesirable loss of dry mass and associated deteriorations of quality. The proper combination of air temperature, light intensity and propriety techniques during storage would contribute to minimizing increase/decrease in dry weight and preserving photosynthetic ability and provide immediate regrowth of plantlets after storage.

First of its kind service for:

  • To preserve clients plants strains and propagate them when necessary.
  • To maintain a variety of plants species indefinitely with the immediate ability for mass reproduction.
  • Flexible production schedule on a commercial scale is possible.


Year-round greenhouse structures will be built on the property to provide nursery service for CB plants inclusive of indica, sativa and hemp strains for the CB cultivators. The company will be working closely with industrial hemp farmers for the production of hemp strains with high CB content. B.R.I.M. Inc. has completed successful research on its high CB strain dubbed “CB DANA” which content is well over 10% in CB and the THC at below .03% which makes it ideal for industrial hemp farming.

“CB DANA” will be available for sale exclusively through Pharmagreen’s CB Botany Center.


Extraction service for CB plant oils will be provided for all clients as well as for future production of Pharmagreen brands of CB products for human use. Additionally, B.R.I.M. will be conducting research and development of CB formulations for Pharmagreen brands.

The extraction and distillation equipment will be certified medical grade equipment with a capacity for commercial scale production.





PHBI is my top Biotech stock going into 2020. Make sure it's on your watch-list Monday morning.


Kai Parker


Sources: finance.yahoo.com/news/smallcap-sentinel-hundred-times-better-110000095.html


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