GSPT requires full attention this second. Here's why...


Low Float (GSPT) Is Cooking This Morning, Up Approximately 48% And Could Just Be Getting Started

January 7th

Good Morning,

GSPT requires full attention this second. Here's why...

Right now this low profile is trending green and is up approximately 48% while hitting an early high of $.159.

On top of that, the company released a key shareholder update only yesterday that is continuing to make the rounds.

Check it out here: Golden Star Enterprises Ltd. Year Overview and Shareholder Update

From a technical standpoint, this profile had several oversold leaning technicals heading into today which include a 9-Day and 14-Day Relative Strength Index both under 36%.

Could today's green spurt be the beginning of a major bounce/reversal?

Remember, this profile has been a 2X intraday champ running over 60%+ after two of my previous alerts.

Take a second now to read my initial report below and get GSPT only our radar quickly today.


Your time is important, so let's get to it.

I've been closely monitoring a former intraday breakout champ closely and want you to get it on your radar again.

When I brought this profile to you on two previous occasions, it absolutely caught fire.

Making a move of over 60% intraday from its open to the high for the two days I alerted it, this breakout idea could be geared up for another potential vertical shot near term.

That's why for Friday, January 7th, there is only one profile to have at the top of your watch-list:

*Golden Star Enterprises Ltd. (GSPT)*

Golden Star Enterprises Ltd. is a publicly-traded holding and acquisition company interested in taking technology start-ups and growing them to the next level. They actively search for exceptional in-vest-ment opp's in the technology vertical. They leverage management’s extensive experience in the marketplace and tech industry connections to create opp's for companies in their portfolio.

Huge Intraday Breakout Champ

As I mentioned above, GSPT was a big intraday champ the last time two times I brought it to your attention.

Opening on November 4th at $.458, GSPT shot like a missile to a high of $.75 on the day.

Overall, that move became a stunning breakout surge of 63%!

I then followed up with GSPT for the morning of December 3rd. That day it opened at $.29 and ran to a high of $.47.

That intraday surge resulted in GSPT running an incredible 62% intraday!

Could GSPT be gearing up for round 3 near term? Here's what you need to know...

GSPT's Latest Acquisition - Enigmai

Golden Star Enterprises completed the acquisition of Enigmai, an Israeli tech company that specializes in the Workforce Management space, as its new subsidiary. Enigmai was established in 2009 and developed a comprehensive workforce management system that enables large organizations to better manage their employees’ schedules and save money by providing a state-of-the-art management tool.

The Workforce Management (WFM) system is critical to any organization that manages employees’ shifts. It is even more critical since many people work remotely, with employees distributed between various locations including their home office. Enigmai’s offering is holistic as it offers an end-to-end solution that integrates with existing systems used by an organization.

Huge Market Potential

  • There are 60,850 contact centers (with over 10 seats) in North America with 3.3 million agent positions
  • The North American Contact center industry is valued at $28Bn per annum. 30% of that ($8.4Bn) represents outsourced activity
  • Almost one in ten Contact Centers are still using either pen and paper or whiteboards to schedule staff
  • 33% of the call centers are generating revenue less than $500Mn
  • The five largest call centers in the US employs 40,000-47,000 employees

More than 30% of Medium and Large Companies are Not Happy with their WFM - Significant Market Opp.

Managing Call Centers Made Easy

Providing Better service by assigning the right people with the right skills to the right shifts

  • Day-to-Day Management Ongoing management and adaptations based on real-time data and alerts
  • Forecasting Accurate forecasting based on historical data
  • Reporting Analysis and tracking through clear dashboard and reports
  • Employees Engagement Involving employees in the planning process to increase their engagement
  • Scheduling Creating efficient schedules based on forecast

The Solution - EBS System by Enigmai

AI-Enabled Work Force Management System Providing Top to Bottom Solution for Every Role in the Organization

What makes their solution better:

  • Real-Time data analysis - Highlight and Prevent Scheduling Gaps
  • Optimizing Manpower Scheduling - Decrease Overtime and Save $
  • Smart Alerts - Get Relevant Data and Make the Right Decisions
  • Process Manpower Changes & Requests - Allows CSR's to take part in the scheduling process

Enigmai - Top Clients

Isracard - Among largest Credit Card companies in Israel

Clal - One of the largest Insurance companies in Israel


And right now the company has 5 potential catalysts that could fuel it to a breakout near term. Here's what you need to know:

No. 1 GSPT Potential Breakout Catalyst - Low Float

According to the OTC Markets' website, GSPT has a low float.

The website reports this profile to have approximately 5.65Mn shares in its float.

Why is that important? It's important on one crucial level. Volatility.

With so few shares available for trading, other potential catalysts (like big news) could spark a vertical move in the short-term.


No. 2 GSPT Potential Breakout Catalyst - Oversold Leaning Technicals + Possible Healthy Reversal Short Term

As of 10:30AM EST Thursday, Barchart was reporting this profile to have several oversold leaning technicals.

These technicals could be signaling a healthy reversal in the near term for GSPT.

Here's the definition of a "reversal" from Investopedia:

"A reversal is a change in the price direction of an asset. A reversal can occur to the upside or downside. Following an uptrend, a reversal would be to the downside. Following a downtrend, a reversal would be to the upside. Reversals are based on overall price direction and are not typically based on one or two periods/bars on a chart."

Now, here are some key technicals (as of 10:30AM EST Thursday) that could signal GSPT to be leaning oversold and on the verge of a potential reversal.

  • 9-Day Relative Strength Index: 33.79%
  • 14-Day Relative Strength Index: 37.05%

When these numbers drop down to the 30% range and lower, they can be viewed as being in oversold territory. While in this territory, they can paint the picture of a profile that is undervalued.

Keep an eye on these technicals closely.


No. 3 GSPT Potential Breakout Catalyst - Major Shareholder Update This Week

Golden Star Enterprises Ltd. Year Overview and Shareholder Update

Claymont, Delaware, Jan. 06, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- via NewMediaWire -- Golden Star Enterprises Ltd. (OTCPink: GSPT) (the “Company” or “Golden Star”) updates shareholders with a summary of the fiscal year 2021 activities and plans for the coming year.

2021 was a transition year for Golden Star. During the year, the Company focused on operations of its newly acquired Israel-based subsidiary, Enigmai Ltd., and in-vest-ments in upgrades to its WorkForce Management (WFM) software product.

Here are some of the activity highlights from fiscal 2021:

  • Enigmai signed three-year contracts with its existing clients
  • Enigmai was featured in a webinar in Israel, resulting in dozens of new client leads
  • GSPT established an advisory board and nominated its first two advisory board members
  • Enigmai commenced the upgrade of its WFM products’ user interface
  • Enigmai signed a pilot program for its WFM with the city of Tel-Aviv
  • Enigmai signed a contract with AuroraView, a US Based, customer-oriented software development and consulting company that offers products, solutions to take over software product support in Israel and North America
  • Enigmai participated in a major trade conference in Israel, resulting in many additional client leads
  • Enigmai signed a Letter of Intent to pilot its WFM software at some of Canada’s largest hospitals
  • The Company retained PCAOB audit firm, Pinnacle Accountancy Group (DBA Heaton & Associates) to audit fiscal 2020 and 2021 operations in order to move a step closer to becoming a fully reporting issuer with the Securities and Exchange Commission, and potentially upgrade our listing to OTCmarkets: QB

We expect fiscal 2022 to bring the following additional accomplishments:

  • Enigmai will complete the development of the upgraded front-end client for its WFM for initial installation with existing clients
  • Enigmai will commence the WFM software pilot program with several hospitals in Canada
  • Conclude 2021 and 2020 audit of our financial results, and complete a registration statement to become a fully reporting issuer with the SEC
  • Commence development of the mobile application for Enigmai’s WFM software system
  • Commence marketing and sales activities in North America

Mr. Louis Shefsky, Golden Star President, commented, “During fiscal 2021 the company focused on building foundations for both Golden Star and Enigmai. We feel we have been successful in our initial endeavors, and I am happy with our results to date. The list of accomplishments in 2021 is impressive, and we will continue to add value for in-vest-ors in 2022. We have many exciting plans for the future including developing a mobile application for our WFM software that will open the door to additional clients and business verticals. One of the larger opportunities we currently see, under the guidance of our advisory board, is the expansion of our WFM product for hospitals. We believe that we can bring significant value and resolve some of the most pressing challenges hospitals face around employee scheduling. We will continue to update our in-vest-ors on our plans and activities as they occur.

Read the full article here.


No. 4 GSPT Potential Breakout Catalyst - Company Subsidiary Enigmai Makes Moves

During the 2nd half of 2021, Enigmai made moves left and right. Just check it out for yourself:

#1. 12/27/21 - Enigmai, Wholly-Owned Subsidiary of Golden Star Enterprises Ltd., Reports Success at Telco 2021, Israel

#2. 12/14/21 - Enigmai Ltd., Wholly-Owned Subsidiary of Golden Star Enterprises Ltd., Attends Kickoff Meeting With Toronto-Based Hospitals’ Union

#3. 12/7/21 - Enigmai, Wholly-Owned Subsidiary of Golden Star Enterprises Ltd. Provides Update on Software Development for Upgraded Enterprise Business Solution for Workforce Management Software Suite

#4. 11/21/21 - Enigmai Ltd, a Wholly-Owned Subsidiary of Golden Star Enterprises Ltd., Signs a Letter of Intent to Pilot Its WorkForce Management System in Hospitals

#5. 10/21/21 - Enigmai, a Wholly-Owned Subsidiary of Golden Star Enterprises Ltd., Investigating the Growing Need for Workforce Management in Hospitals

This just makes the prospect of GSPT making another potential acquisition even that much more exciting.

If their next possible subsidiary runs with the ball like Enigmai is at the moment, GSPT could garner serious recognition from Wall Street as a potentially undervalued company.


No. 5 GSPT Potential Breakout Catalyst - Company Aims To Uplist To OTCQB

Golden Star Enterprises Ltd. Provides Progress Report on Fiscal Year End Audit and Plans to Become Fully SEC Reporting

Claymont, Delaware, July 27, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- via NewMediaWire-- Golden Star Enterprises Ltd., (OTCPink: GSPT) previously announced that it had engaged Pinnacle Accountancy Group of Utah (“Pinnacle”) as its independent auditor.

Today, we are happy to update that the fiscal year-end audit is progressing, and the auditors have received supporting documents for their review.

Mr. Louis Shefsky, President of Golden Star Enterprises Ltd., commented, “This is exciting news for GSPT. We are progressing on schedule and striving to become a fully reporting company very soon. The next step for us will be to up-list to the OTCQB and file a registration statement with the Securities and Exchange Commission (“SEC”).”

Once our audited financial statements and subsequent period review engagements are complete, GSPT will complete the requisite filings with OTCMarkets to obtain a listing on OTCQB. It is the Company’s hope that it will be able to up-list to the OTCQB before the end of the year. Thereafter, the Company intends to complete filings with the SEC to become a fully reporting issuer.

Read the full article here.


Complete GSPT Recap: 5 Potential Catalysts To Know Now

No. 1 - Low Float

No. 2 - Oversold Leaning Technicals + Possible Healthy Reversal Short Term

No. 3 - Major Shareholder Update This Week

No. 4 - Company Subsidiary Enigmai Makes Moves

No. 5 - Company Aims To Uplist To OTCQB


Coverage is officially reinitiated on GSPT. When you have a second, do this to ensure you'll receive any GSPT updates as quickly as possible:


Get GSPT on your radar now.


Kai Parker


Corporate presentation found here.

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