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Mega-Bounce Alert: This Nasdaq Profile's 9 And 14-Day RSI Were Both Below 30% On Wednesday

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November 9th

Greetings Readers,

Quick recap time. Let's go.

Tuesday's Nasdaq breakout idea shot like lightning at the opening bell, running from an open of $.622 to a high of $.7488.

With that move, it surged approximately 20% intraday.

That comes on the heels of last week's NYSE American champ that ran approximately $4.00+ and 46%.

And to top it off, the week prior to that, I delivered 4 breakout champs that ran approximately 69% combined.

Long story short, we're on a heater. And it might be on the verge of getting better.

At 8:00PM EST tonight or 9:30AM EST tomorrow, your next breakout idea arrives (Nasdaq profile).

Right now, this company could be ready to revolutionize a future $14Tn market with its game-changing technology.

So before Wall Street catches up with this little-known company, it might behoove you to get it on your radar first.

Meanwhile, before your report drops, here's a few key details to sink your teeth into:

3 Potential Breakout Catalysts - Important Details For Your Upcoming Nasdaq Profile

#1. A huge analyst target provides over 1,500% potential upside from this profile's closing valuation Tuesday.

Now, do we think this profile is going to surge 1,500% this week? No. But you need to be aware of its potential upside from current trading levels.

#2. A low float creates the daily potential for volatility. With Yahoo Finance reporting this profile to have fewer than 20Mn shares in its float, explosive volatility could be on display at the drop of a hat.

#3. Bounce/Reversal potential. At 12:00PM EST on Wednesday, this profile had a 9-Day and 14-Day Relative Strength Index both below 30%. When these percentages drop this low, they can be viewed as oversold.

When time permits, do this:


Hang tight. Your full report arrives soon.


Kai Parker


(Always Remember The Stock Prices Could Be Significantly Lower Now From The Dates I Provided.)

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