Caught your breath yet?


Monday's Profile Erupts Approximately 455% Intraday, Now Here's Another Low Float Idea To Track ASAP

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August 3rd

Good Morning,

Caught your breath yet?

Yesterday, I brought you a low float profile that turned into a rocket-fueled breakout star that brought the market to its knees.

GTHR surged out of the opening bell Monday running from $.025 to a high of $.1388.

From an intraday outlook, that move resulted in a surge of approximately 455% and GTHR climbing to a 3+ month new high.

Yup. You read that correctly. Approximately 455% intraday.

Want to know something cool? I've got a new profile sharing striking similarities to Monday's vertical runner.

At 4:00PM EST today, you'll receive the full report.

This profile, just like GTHR, is currently trading at under $.10 and has a very similar float.

You will not want to miss out...

To wet your whistle in the meantime, here's a few potential catalysts that could spark this profile to a possible breakout short term.

Top 3 Potential Catalysts - New Wednesday AM Profile

1. Once again, I've got another low float idea for you just like GTHR. In fact, Yahoo Finance is reporting this idea to have less than 8Mn shares in its float.

With that comes potential volatility. The fewer the shares, the more potential volatility can rear its head.

2. Taking a look at this profile's 1-year chart, it is displaying an explosive history of major double-digit and even triple digit short term runs.

Could its next big breakout be right around the corner?

3. This is a green wave profile. Why does that matter? Look no further than the potential growth of this market worldwide.

The global cann-a-bidiol (C*B*D) market size was valued at $2.8Bn in 2020 and is expected to expand at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 21.2% from 2021 to 2028 according to Grand View Research.

Here's the deal. While you've got time now, here's one quick thing to do to help prepare yourself for the upcoming report:


The complete report drops at today's closing bell. Be ready.


Kai Parker


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