With more and more people isolating and distancing due to the pandemic, people are on their phones gaming more and trying to find creative


Nasdaq Profile Liquid Media Group Ltd. (YVR) is a Disruptive Company in AI and Cloud Computing

Artificial Intelligence and Cloud Computing Will Shape the Future of Tech

October 26th

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With more and more people isolating and distancing due to the pandemic, people are on their phones gaming more and trying to find creative ways to keep themselves occupied.

CV-19 has also created an urgent need in the rapidly growing Virtual Reality market. The VR market could grow by nearly $14Bn over the next 5 years. It is also anticipated to grow at a CAGR of 27.9% from 2020 to 2025.

The Artificial Intelligence market is expected to grow even more, nearly doubling over the next 1-2 years with a CAGR of 42.2% over the next 7 years.

Cloud computing is powering the world and has become as crucial as power, water, and money.

With its strategic acquisitions and partnerships,

Liquid Media Group Ltd. (YVR)

has gained leverage in these sectors, and is poised to potentially become the next tech juggernaut.

Liquid Media Group Ltd. is an entertainment company with a strong portfolio of content intellectual property (IP) spanning creative industries. Originating in Vancouver’s media and entertainment supercluster, Liquid’s mission is to empower storytellers worldwide to develop, produce and distribute content across channels and platforms.

AI Is Prospering And Revolutionizing The World

The widespread adoption of Artificial Intelligence has been one of the biggest stories of innovation over the 2010s, and its continuous growth and widespread adoption will revolutionize the world in the 2020s. Every tech giant of today - Amazon, Google, Apple, Microsoft, Facebook, IBM, Tesla - is investing significant time, money, and resources, to develop AI, and make it more widely used and accessible. Due to these tech giants devoting so many resources to the growth of AI, AI is becoming widely used in every industry, from automotive, healthcare, retail, finance, and manufacturing.

AI is powering the innovation of self-driving cars, is developing innovative and life-saving medical equipment, and is proving to be a valuable commodity to help “prevent, mitigate, and contain” the c-virus. Alibaba, for example, developed a diagnostic algorithm that can detect new virus cases with a CT scan, and Canadian start-up BlueDot predicted the outbreak of the virus with AI technology months before anyone else.

The AI market is already expected to nearly double over the next 1-2 years, with a CAGR of 42.2% over the next 7 years. With the way the world has changed over the last 6 months, AI is expected to be “infused virtually to every apparatus and program” and has already proven to be the significant revolutionary element of this modern era.

Cloud Computing- A Key To Worldwide Infrastructure Today And Tomorrow

Cloud computing has been a fledgling industry for years. However, just like Mobile Gaming, VR, and AI, it has grown in size and importance rapidly due to C-19.

Cloud computing has proven to be very important to worldwide infrastructure, and keeping day to day operations as normal as possible during the pandemic. This sector deals with on-demand availability of computer based resources, namely the storage of big data, communication services, infrastructure, and computing power. Cloud computing was already becoming widely adopted in the decade before c-virus. However, according to the MIT Technology Review, “the key to survival during c-19 has been a rapid revamp of IT infrastructure in search of new business models and ways of working.


Liquid Media Group Ltd. (YVR) Is A Company That Could Excel In These Sectors

YVR is a Vancouver, Canada based firm, with a strong footprint in the future of this revolutionary digital age.

YVR operates as a media and entertainment company, and produces content for various platforms, including film, TV, gaming, and VR through its network of shared services. It also develops mobile, console, and desktop downloadable games, and has initiated several strategic partnerships in the cloud IT infrastructure space as well.

Strategic Partnerships = Huge Potential Catalysts

In the last 3+ months, YVR has been making moves to say the least. With several strategic partnerships agreed to, the company is showing its potential to become a tech juggernaut in the years to come.

Here's what you need to know now:

#1. Strategic Partnership - Polycade

Liquid Partners With Polycade to Release Retro Gaming Titles

VANCOUVER, British Columbia, Sept. 30, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Liquid Media Group Ltd. (the “Company”, “Liquid Media” or “Liquid”) (Nasdaq: YVR) is pleased to announce a partnership with Tyler Bushnell’s Polycade, the connected arcade platform invented by the son of Atari co-founder Nolan Bushnell, which enables retro-enthusiasts to play classic games in the 21st century.

"Partnering with Polycade creates an immediate revenue stream for Liquid. It also successfully executes on our direct-to-consumer model by leveraging Polycade’s innovative emulator software to bring beloved retro games to ultra-modern arcade consoles,” said Daniel Cruz, CFO of Liquid.


Under the agreement, all of Liquid’s retro gaming titles will be made available for the Polycade Game Store launching this fall. Liquid’s retro games will also be available via Polycade commercial models, which can be installed in virtually any business and come preloaded with classic titles.

Read the full article here.

#2. Strategic Partnership - Arcana Studios

Liquid Media Partners with Arcana Studios, Grows Video on Demand Content

VANCOUVER, British Columbia, Aug. 18, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Liquid Media Group Ltd. (the “Company”, “Liquid Media” or “Liquid”) (Nasdaq: YVR) is pleased to announce the ongoing addition of content to its Reelhouse Animation Playlist, the Company’s Video on Demand (“VOD”) service focusing on beautifully crafted animated stories. This latest growth to the Reelhouse content library comes via a partnership with Arcana Studios (“Arcana”), an entertainment company founded by Sean O’Reilly in 2004.

O’Reilly, who the legendary Stan Lee once referred to as a “version of myself,” has created a library of 11 internally developed titles and over 5,000 characters within Arcana. The Arcana titles hosted on Reelhouse are expected to continue expanding the platform's footprint across content verticals, reaching new audiences, and delivering quality content as the streaming platform grows its reputation.

Read the full article here.

#3. Strategic Partnership - YDX Innovation

Liquid Media to Add More Virtual Reality Content to Streaming Platform in Partnership with YDX Innovation

VANCOUVER, British Columbia, July 30, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Liquid Media Group Ltd. (the “Company”, “Liquid Media” or “Liquid”) (Nasdaq: YVR) is pleased to announce an extension of its partnership with YDX Innovation Corp. (“YDX”) to provide virtual reality (VR) content for Liquid’s Reelhouse streaming platform.

“We believe Reelhouse is in a unique position to be one of the main streaming platforms for VR films and experiences, direct to consumers,” said Daniel Japiassu, CEO of YDX Innovation. “Right now, access to VR films is mostly done in location-based centers or at film festivals like Venice, Cannes or TIFF. YDX is immersed in the VR community, and can provide great content to Reelhouse VR. We see this as an opportunity to strengthen our relationship with Liquid, a company that we love to work with, while bringing innovative stories to audiences.”

Read the full article here.

#4. Strategic Partnership - Invoke and Arkitek/Creative

Liquid Media Partners with Creators of Hootsuite to Advance Company’s Streaming Platform

VANCOUVER, British Columbia, July 22, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Liquid Media Group Ltd. (the “Company”, “Liquid Media” or “Liquid”) (Nasdaq: YVR) is pleased to announce the engagement of two renowned digital agencies, Invoke and Arkitek/Creative, to drive the transformation of its streaming platform. These firms have built their reputations serving the who’s who of the entertainment world. Notably, Invoke created Hootsuite, the industry-changing social media management platform, which is now used by over 800 Fortune 1000 companies, has a current user base upwards of 15Mn and an estimated valuation of USD$1-Bn.

Read the full article here.


YVR's 3-Month Chart And Key Technical Indicators


In the past two months, YVR appeared to be trading from a level of support at $1.35 and has recently seen a vertical move over the past week plus.

With this move, YVR is now trading over a handful of key lines of potential support. They are (as of early hours Friday 10/23):

  • 5-Day Simple Moving Average
  • 20-Day Simple Moving Average
  • 50-Day Simple Moving Average
  • 200-Day Simple Moving Average

This could be an important signal of things to come from a profile that has been trending green as of recent.

Could the next bit of news regarding a possible new strategic partnership provide the spark that sends YVR vertical towards previous highs?

As you can see in the chart above, it was only back in July that YVR was trading at levels over $1.00 higher than it is currently.

YVR Has An Very Low Float

According to Yahoo Finance, YVR has a small float which means volatility can be in the cards on a daily basis.

The website reports YVR to have a float of approximately 8.25Mn shares.

YVR will be a profile to watch closely if momentum floods into it.


8 Reasons To Have Liquid Media Group Ltd. (YVR) On Your Radar Now

1. Its Platform Is Perfect For The Pandemic Landscape: Liquid is a content creator, a content curator, a tech company, a cloud company, a VR company, and an AI company. There might not be a better company built on a more perfect combination for the pandemic economy.

2. Diverse Platform=Multiple Revenue Streams: This is not your typical startup that is just trying to do one thing or one function, and gambling that it works. This is a company involved in multiple sectors, and provides multiple services. Not only are these growing sectors, but these are diverse sectors as well, and multiple sources of significant income.

3. Streaming Platform=Catalyst For Growth: Liquid Media is not solely a streaming or content platform, and to only call it that doesn’t do the company justice. However, the way it has leveraged its streaming platform to form alliances, grow its network, and grow all sectors of its business is nothing short of amazing.

4. Entrance Into VR and AI=Lucrative: Liquid Media’s utilization of its platform to use more VR, and make it more accessible to the general public will prove to be lucrative and revolutionary. The VR industry was already valued at an estimated $6.1Bn in 2020. But largely due to increased demand from the pandemic, and the demand of easily available and affordable equipment, the industry is expected to balloon to an estimated $20.9Bn over the next 5 years.

5. Entrance Into Cloud Computing Will Grow Its Business: There has been a rapid revamp of IT infrastructure in search of new business models and ways of working. Cloud computing today is powering the world and keeping it functional. With strategic acquisitions such as Liquid’s acquisition of Open Nuage, Liquid Media is taking the rise of Cloud computing, and tailoring it towards its gaming platform.

6. Growth of Mobile Gaming Fits Its Business Model: With the addition of gaming guru Michael Timothy Doyle, the former head of 20th Century Fox Interactive and VP of Production for FoxNext, there are no limits to what the company can do with its gaming platform. More people are on their phones than TVs today, and being at the forefront of this trend could spur more growth in the company.

7. Its Business Model Is Tailor Made For Social Distancing: People are spending more time away from each other and isolated which bodes well for the company’s offerings. People are playing more and more games on their phones, there is a higher demand for accessible VR, AI is powering everything nowadays, and cloud computing is the foundation of a remote functional society. Not to mention, people are looking to consume more and more content the more isolated they are.

8. Low Float + Promising Chart: Have a low float allowing for potential volatility when things like positive company news hits the wire, and a chart showing a recent green trend with high upside potential from recent 3 month highs, YVR requires immediate attention.

Drop what you're doing now and get Nasdaq profile (YVR) on your screens immediately.

If there are any updates today, I'll get them out to you quickly.


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