According to reports, fitness facilities, of which there were 187,000 worldwide, were serving over 151 million members as of the end of 2015


Your New Stock Profile Could Benefit Greatly From The Fitness Revolution, Key Details Below

Based On This Report, See Why WOD Retail Solutions (WODI) Displays Major Breakout Potential From Oversold Territory

March 6th

Good Morning,

According to reports, fitness facilities, of which there were 187,000 worldwide, were serving over 151 million members as of the end of 2015.

There is evidence that these numbers have continued to grow.

Spending across all categories in the fitness space is extensive, with over:

  • $81Bn spent on dues worldwide in 2015
  • $168Bn spent on fitness apparel, and
  • projected spending on protein products in 2017 of $45Bn globally.

There’s a hidden challenge for fitness facilities, though, when it comes to selling consumable products and fitness gear...

They’re simply not equipped to do it easily.

Buying and managing the inventory is expensive and can be a general headache, and it often takes staff away from their main jobs.

One company's goal is to compete for 100% of customers’ current spend on these products as well as the other 70+ products offered among their other various locations.

Your new stock profile for Friday, March 6th is:

> WOD Retails Solutions, Inc. (WODI) <


In simplest terms, WOD Retail Solutions (WODI) creates an automated pro shop in the form of a kiosk. Customers simply select the item they want using a keypad, then swipe their credit or debit card to pay.

#1 Potential Catalyst For WODI - Recent Shareholder Letter

WOD Retail Solutions, Inc. Issues Letter to Shareholders on Company Progress and Plans for 2020

DENVER, CO, Feb. 05, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- via NEWMEDIAWIRE – WOD Retail Solutions, Inc. (OTC PINK: WODI), provides automated kiosks that offer high-quality gym products, while managing every aspect of a full-service retail program with [...] to businesses and generous pro*fit-sharing opp's. We offer the customer nearly unlimited product options and exclusive co-branding with a powerful multi-tier delivery system.

WOD Retail Solutions, Inc.’s CEO Brenton Mix has issued the following letter to shareholders.

Dear WODI Shareholders:

WOD Retail Solutions, Inc. has made great progress during the last year as the desire for more innovative marketing system has generated substantial interest for the placement of additional product kiosks at several locations.

In January 2020, we purchased the kiosks that had been used in our joint venture with WOD Markets LLC. Moving forward, our plan is to continue to purchase or lease all necessary equipment and inventory to stock up to 100 kiosks this year.


As we enter the new year, our dedicated team at WOD Retail Solutions, Inc. is extremely optimistic that 2020 will reflect the fruits of all the groundwork we have laid to build a successful company.

On a more personal level, we wish everyone a happy and prosperous 2020!


Brenton Mix, CEO

WOD Retail Solutions, Inc.

Read The Full Letter Here.


More About The Company & Kiosks


WOD Retail Solutions, Inc. kiosks do the heavy lifting for retail sales—offering the products consumers are clamoring for while providing a more profitable solution for gym owners.

WOD Retail Solutions, Inc. handles all the details for the gym operator—strategically purchasing and stocking the right merchandise with no up-front cost—while offering a generous profit-sharing program. Gone are the days when gyms have to lay out cash to stock up on items without having to wonder if they’re going to get sold, or who’s going to be responsible for the transaction—or worse yet, sending clients to an online or local retail store.

Of course, WOD Retail Solutions, Inc. also offers benefits for the end user gym clients. They get convenient availability of more than 70 options of apparel, energy drinks, workout protein, and more. Not only do they not have to wait in line (or find a staff member), they’re getting what they want at a competitive price compared to retail and internet.

You can think of WOD Retail Solutions, Inc. an automated pro shop that replaces the need for traditional counter sales. Whether a vending-machine unit or a locker-style unit for bigger items, it’s as simple as using a keypad to making a selection, then swiping a credit or debit card to pay.

Word of mouth has already been a powerful driver for WOD Retail Solutions, Inc. in the early stages. The company’s kiosks are currently oversold, with a major backlog of gyms eager to install the product and foster expansion, acting as a virtual sales force. The company’s 5-year plans are for 1,000 installations in year one, 1,500 in year two and 2,500 kiosks a year for the following three years, for a total 10,000 kiosks installed.

In addition to the kiosks themselves, WOD Retail Solution's model includes plans to leverage the physical presence with other revenue streams, such as kiosk-level advertising, mobile app, e-commerce platforms, digital advertising and digital asset management, stocking fees, metadata, supplier APIs, and private label apparel, supplements, and gear.

Moreover, you can see how WOD Retail Solution's solution could easily be repurposed into other industries beyond the fitness center realm.

The company has already begun testing in the hospitality market, where kiosks could be a smart solution for gift stores. In addition, they’ve received interest from a wide variety of other organizations, such as schools, event centers, and pet daycares, among others. Bottom line, it’s a model that’s easily replicated and scaled, anywhere merchandise is sold.

It’s important to note that WOD Retail Solutions, Inc. has assembled an outstanding management team, as well. CEO/Founder Brenton Mix is a skilled entrepreneur with 26 years of experience founding, growing, and leading businesses, which generated more than $2.5Bn in new product revenue in five different sectors.

Director Richard Phillips brings more than 20 years of board, CEO, and C-suite advisory services experience to the team and has led hundreds of senior-level engagements in multiple industry sectors.

Not only does WOD Retail Solutions, Inc. have a first-mover advantage in the fitness industry, they’ve already proven the concept with physical sales and burgeoning demand. Now it’s just a question of scaling the product and taking a targeted approach with other potential industries that could use “a virtual hand” in selling their retail products easily and profitably.


#2 Potential Catalyst: WODI Is Oversold, Displaying Tremendous Upside Potential


According to several technical indicators, WODI is a stock that is leaning towards oversold territory.

As of lunchtime Monday, March 2nd, Barchart was reporting WODI to be displaying the following technicals:

#1. 9-Day Relative Strength Index (29.49%)

#2. 14-Day Relative Strength Index (34.81%)

#3. 9-Day Williams %R (92.54%)

#4. 14-Day Williams %R (95.10%)

#5. 9-Day Raw Stochastic (4.90%)

#6. 14-Day Raw Stochastic (7.46%)

All 6 of these short-term technical indicators point to a stock that is oversold. This means there could be a ton of upside potential here on WODI.

Could we soon see the beginning of a healthy reversal/major breakout?


As the fitness space continues to boom, WODI could be positioned to take advantage of an exploding sector.

Make sure WODI is at the top of your watch-list Friday and do this right now:


WODI shows potential to take today's opening bell by storm. Be ready.


Kai Parker



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