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New Healthcare Idea (LVTTF) Has 5 Potential Catalysts To Know Including Huge LOI Acquisition News

Levitee Labs Inc. Company Presentation

October 15th

Good Afternoon,

The weekend is almost here. I can taste it.

That said, I've got a little going away gift to bring to your attention.

I've uncovered a new healthcare profile that could be on the cusp of something special.

Trust me when I say you'll want to put your eyes on this company before the weekend actually arrives. Here's why...

Huge Market Potential

The mental health, substance use, and chronic pain crises have not been addressed properly.

More than 50% of Americans will be diagnosed with a mental or substance use disorder in their lifetime.(1)

The mental health, addiction and chronic pain space is ripe for transformative innovation – blending traditional health systems with the new frontier of value-based health solutions, including psych-e-delic medicines and digitization, for better patient outcomes.

And, with Canaccord Genuity Capital valuing the market for psych-e-delic-inspired treatments at up to $100Bn, the future could be rife with potential.

For these reasons and more, I want you to get one specific healthcare profile on your radar quickly:

Levitee Labs Inc. (LVTTF)

Levitee Labs is establishing itself as a leader in the integrative wellness space. Through leveraging an M&A regimen that focuses on the centralization of complementary integrative wellness assets, Levitee Labs aims to transform mental health and addiction treatments through the integration of psych-e-delic medicines and therapies into a medical home care model.

The company’s current portfolio of assets includes: Levitee Clinics, a group of five operating addiction and pain treatment clinics in Alberta; BlockMD, the first technology company in Alberta to receive provincial approval for electronic-prescriptions in the addiction treatment space; Levitee Pharmacies, three pharmacies operating in Alberta specialized in filling prescriptions for patients with substance use disorders, mental health conditions, and chronic pain; and Earth Circle Organics, a direct-to-consumer and wholesaler of supplements and superfood products with 180+ SKUs in its product lineup across three brands.


Executive Company Summary

Psych-e-delic Integration of Traditional Healthcare Assets

  • Levitee Labs is a multidisciplinary integrative wellness company dedicated to redefining traditional mental health and addiction treatments through integrating evidence-based complementary medicines and novel psych-e-delic therapies into the traditional infrastructure of mental health treatment

Current Asset Portfolio

  • Levitee Labs has acquired 5 mental health and addiction clinics, 3 specialized pharmacies, proprietary addiction-focused platform, an omnichannel nutraceuticals company as well as having internally developed a mush-room feedstock manufacturing facility

Disciplined M&A and Integration Strategy

  • We acquire and operate healthcare and nutraceutical assets through a vertically integrated M&A strategy, leveraging medical expertise, technology and resources to propel portfolio companies to double-digit growth and pro-fit-ability

Strong Acquisition Pipeline

  • The Company has a strong acquisition pipeline and is in advanced stages to acquire several pro-fit-able market leading clinics and pharmacies that combine for $500Mn in revenue and $100Mn in EBITDA (pre-synergies)

Experienced Team of Capital Allocators

  • Levitee Labs is headed by experienced finance and healthcare professionals who have extensive transaction experience across diversified industries and are committed to creating a long-term positive impact on mental health treatment models


Company Business Model

  • Established portfolio of positive cash flow generating wellness assets through an accretive M&A regimen
  • Levitee Labs anticipates $22.8Mn in run-rate revenue by the end of 2021
  • Anticipated revenue mix: 15% from internally developed assets, 85% from acquisition targets
  • Acquisition pipeline of over $500Mn in revenue
  • Enterprise Value (EV) of $35.5Mn(2) vs peer group trading at a mean of over $300Mn
  • Differentiated business model – peers have little to no revenue with no certain path to pro-fit-ability


Company Strategy


And right now, the company has 5 potential catalysts to know immediately. Check them out:

Your No. 1 LVTTF Potential Catalyst - Signing Of Possible Game-Changing LOI For Acquisition

Levitee Labs Signs Letter of Intent to Acquire Calgary Addiction and Compounding Pharmacy

  • Signed LOI to acquire a compounding pharmacy in Calgary, Alberta, Canada
  • Valuation of approximately 3.5x TTM EBITDA of $180k
  • Levitee Labs to use compounding capabilities to build its own dr-ug brands

VANCOUVER, British Columbia, Oct. 12, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Levitee Labs Inc. (CSE: LVT) (OTCMKTS: LVTTF) (FSE: 7H7) (the "Company" or "Levitee”), an integrative wellness company with a diversified portfolio of healthcare and wellness assets, has signed a letter of intent to acquire 51% of the issued and outstanding shares in a compounding pharmacy in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

This pharmacy will be used as an initial base for the production and distribution of pharmaceutical products for Levitee Labs, which will include pain and depression management products such as ket-a-mine. Levitee plans to expand operations by introducing a research laboratory for the development and production of various formulations in this space. The current owner and operator of the pharmacy will join Levitee Labs and assist with operations across Levitee’s Alberta portfolio, which includes 5 addiction focused clinics, and 3 specialized pharmacies.

As stipulated in the agreement, Levitee will pay $306k in cash for 51% of the issued and outstanding shares in the pharmacy, equating to approximately 3.5x TTM EBITDA. This LOI is non-binding and remains subject to the drafting of definitive agreements, approval from Levitee Labs’ board, and regulatory body approvals.

This will be an important acquisition for Levitee Labs as we direct our research and development efforts into psych-e-delic medicines for depression, addiction and pain management, including ket-a-mine compounding, which will offer our patients various solutions for their chronic comorbidities,” commented Fady Hannah-Shmouni, MD FRCPC, Chief Medical and Scientific Officer, and President of Clinics and Pharmacies at Levitee Labs. “Our continued expansion across Western Canada reaffirms our commitment to mental healthcare delivery through the integration of psych-e-delic medicines and therapies into a medical home care model.

Levitee expects to fund this acquisition using its current cash reserves.

Read the full article here.


Your No. 2 LVTTF Potential Catalyst - Explosive Upside Potential/Trending Green Recently

As of 12:00PM EST Friday, LVTTF was trading above multiple lines of potential support while trending green over the past week since dropping to a low of $.33.

The key lines of potential support LVTTF is trading above include its:

  • 5-Day Simple Moving Average (SMA)
  • 20-Day SMA
  • 5-Day Exponential Moving Average (EMA)
  • 13-Day EMA

If support starts building at these levels, it could help provide a boosting off spot towards a vertical move in the near term for LVTTF.

And, if you take a look at LVTTF's chart, there is one explosive move to take note of.

On September 27th, LVTTF opened at $.3362 and proceeded to erupt intraday to a high of $.835 for a surge of 148%.

Now, I'm not saying that LVTTF is going to make a triple-digit move on Monday, but you need to be aware of this profile's huge upside potential to recent highs.


Your No. 3 LVTTF Potential Catalyst - Key Trading Milestones

In just over a month, the company has nailed a few a key trading milestones that should help provide significant exposure to this healthcare profile.

10/1/21 - Levitee Labs Announces Listing On Frankfurt Stock Exchange

9/24/21 - Levitee Labs Announces DTC Eligibility Approval

9/9/21 - Levitee Labs Commences Trading in U.S. Under Ticker LVTTF

These moves help paint the picture of a company that's putting their head down and charging forward into 2022 and beyond.


Your No. 4 LVTTF Potential Catalyst - Company Revenue Increase From July To August

Levitee Labs Publishes First Revenue Figures for August 2021

  • Levitee Labs achieves August 2021 revenues of $893k+
  • Levitee Clinics & Pharmacies achieves August 2021 revenues of $543k+
  • Continued growth across core divisions of the company, including Levitee Clinics, Levitee Pharmacies, and Earth Circle Organics

VANCOUVER, British Columbia, Oct. 05, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Levitee Labs Inc. (the "Company" or "Levitee Labs”) (CSE: LVT), an integrative wellness company with a diversified portfolio of healthcare and wellness assets, is pleased to publish revenue figures for the month of August 2021. On a consolidated basis, the Company has recorded (unaudited) revenue of $893k+ for the month of August.

Since acquiring ACT Medical Centres in July, Levitee Pharmacies has seen its revenue increase by 10.0% from July to August. Earth Circle Organics, Levitee’s direct-to-consumer and wholesaler of supplements and superfoods products in-creased s-ales 14.5% from July to August ($303k+ in July to $347k+ in August). This has been primarily achieved through further scaling the direct-to-consumer business and introducing a multidisciplinary component to Levitee Labs’ healthcare assets, incorporating novel mental health and treatment modalities.

Founder and CEO Pouya Farmand stated, “We are focused on continuing to scale our business with both organic growth initiatives as well as pursuing further acquisitions in the health and wellness space. Our team is working hard on integrating our current assets and pushing to realize both operational cost savings in addition to top line growth.

Mr. Farmand continued by saying, “The Company is successfully executing on its strategic plan to innovate internally, accelerate organic growth through cross-sales opp's, and make strategic value acquisitions on an opportunistic basis. We have put a strong emphasis on the continued growth of recurring revenues.


Read the full article here.


Your No. 5 LVTTF Potential Catalyst - Big Hire With Significant Experience

Levitee Labs Appoints Dr. Mohammed Mosli as Chief People Officer of Levitee Clinics and Pharmacies in Alberta, Canada

  • Dr. Mosli has over a decade of healthcare experience specializing in addiction, leading innovation in reorienting health systems, and increasing health equality
  • Dr. Mosli spent the last five years as a Medical Officer of Canada’s largest province-wide, fully-integrated health system that serves over four million patients

VANCOUVER, British Columbia, Oct. 14, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Levitee Labs Inc. (the “Company” or “Levitee Labs”) (CSE: LVT); (OTCPK: LVTTF); (FSE: 7H7), an integrated wellness company with a diversified portfolio of healthcare and wellness assets, is pleased to announce the appointment of Mohammed H. Mosli, MD, FRCPC, ISAM, as Chief People Officer (CPO) of Levitee Clinics™ and Levitee Pharmacies™ in Alberta, Canada. In this role, Dr Mosli will oversee managing the strategy and processes related to building and retaining an exceptional team of professionals and will optimize people-centered activities such as hiring, training, professional development, and performance management of over 60 active employees in Alberta, to ensure these efforts support the continued growth of Levitee Clinics™ and Levitee Pharmacies™ across North America.

Dr. Mosli is a multilingual Public Health and Preventive Medicine physician specialized in Addictions Health, health services improvement, health promotion, environmental public health, and health policy. Throughout his career, Dr. Mosli served, or currently serves as a director, educator, or senior level manager for an array of organizations, including those in provincial, institutional, and private segments. He is a valuable physician member of the Opioid Addictions Medicine team for Levitee Clinics™ and Levitee Pharmacies™ in Alberta.

Dr. Mosli has spent his career working with multi-disciplinary teams to provide focused medical care to vulnerable populations, including opioid agonist therapy, alcohol addiction therapy, Hepatitis C treatment, and many more,” said Pouya Farmand, Chief Executive Officer at Levitee Labs™. “He exudes leadership and has consistently demonstrated unparalleled skills to organize teams and manage individuals at major organizations to achieve goals with the utmost efficiency, qualities that will be invaluable to us as we continue to roll-up companies and expand our operations nationwide.


Read the full article here.


LVTTF Potential Catalysts Recap - What To Know

No. 1 - Signing Of Possible Game-Changing LOI For Acquisition

No. 2 - Explosive Upside Potential/Trending Green Recently

No. 3 - Key Trading Milestones

No. 4 - Company Revenue Increase From July To August

No. 5 - Big Hire With Significant Experience


Coverage is officially initiated on LVTTF. While you have time now, do this:


Before Monday's opening bell, get LVTTF on your radar.


Kai Parker


Source 1

(2) As of August 30th, 2021

(Always Remember The Stock Prices Could Be Significantly Lower Now From The Dates I Provided.)

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