Time's up. Here's what's cracking.


Past Intraday Champ (JFIL) Is A Breakout Idea Requiring Full Focus Early This AM (Low Float Profile)

February 22nd

Greetings Readers,

Time's up. Here's what's cracking.

It's time to pull up past champ: Jubilant Flame International, Ltd. (JFIL).

In the previous 12 months, this profile's chart is showing intraday breakout potential of over 200%.

Previously when I brought this profile to your attention early in the AM, it went absolutely bonkers.

One main reason this move was possible was because of JFIL's low float.

According to the OTC Markets' website, JFIL has a float of approximately 8.9Mn shares.

With such a low float, volatility can be in the cards on a daily basis for a profile like this.

I'm not saying it's going to go rifling to 52-week high levels once again today, but it's critical to make note of this profile's history.

Now, here's some key couple details to absorb real quick:

Company Breakdown: Jubilant Flame International, Ltd. (JFIL)

From the company website:

Biotechnology Leads to Perfect Life

Jubilant Flame International provides the best biotechnological products for our customers targeting on health, beauty care and comfort. JFIL studies the impact of advanced biotechnology on the progress of life, bringing revolutionary changes to the future of human health, beauty care, health and food. Our global research, particularly the world's premier biology research institutes in Asia and North America continue to create amazing achievements. We have created a number of well-known biotechnical medicines, cosmetics and health food brands affecting the world's health and lifestyles.

Our technology team is providing technology support to customers in North America, and Asian countries. We are not only committed to the natural products, but also through our food research, we study how to improve the food to provide health with infinite possibilities.

We will try our best to balance the taste and nutrition.


Seabuckthorn for medicinal plants. Seabuckthorn roots, stems, leaves, flowers, fruit, especially seabuckthorn fruit is rich in nutrients and biological active substances, can be widely used for food, medicine, light workers, aerospace, agriculture and fish Industry and many others. We have 2 million acres of seabuckthorn farm in Xinjiang, China. The unique geographical condition of Xinjiang cultivates the best quality seabuckthorn. The R & D Department in North America, research and develop seabuckthorn for the health food and beauty products.

Seabuckthorn fruit nutrient-rich, the fruit contains a variety of vitamins, fatty acids, trace elements, linenin, seabuckthorn flavonoids, superoxide and other active substances and a variety of amino acids needed by the human body. The vitamin C content is extremely high, for every 100 grams of fruit juice, vitamin C content can reach 825-1100 mg, is 2-3 times the kiwi, known as king of vitamin C fruit.

Seabuckthorn oil contains 206 kinds of substances those are beneficial for the human body, of which there are 46 kinds of bioactive substances, containing a large number of vitamin E, Vitamin A, flavonoids, etc., it can be anti-fatigue and enhance the body's vitality, anti-cancer and other special pharmacological properties, It also protects and accelerates the repair of gastric mucosa, increases intestinal Bifidobacterium drug resistance, reduces the plasma cholesterol in the blood vessel, prevent dyslipidemia and atherosclerosis; and promote the wound healing.

Organic Sprouting Powder - Supply, Purchase and Service

Vertical Integration – “From Seed to Sprout to Powder,” Packaged Immediately after Drying and Milling

Controlled Hydroponic Process

Clean Label



High in plant based Protein

  • Black Tuscan Kale has shown high levels of cancer fighting Sulforaphane.
  • Sprout powders contain some of the highest levels of plant protein per serving.
  • The sprouting process releases an explosion of nutrients that would otherwise be unavailable for absorption.
  • Sprouting increases the bioavailability of protein, vitamins and minerals.
  • A rich source of vitamins A, B, C, E, K, and amino acids.

Company Website: www. jubilant-flame .com


Coverage is officially reinitiated on JFIL. When you have time later, do this:


Get JFIL on your radar now.


Kai Parker


(Always Remember The Stock Prices Could Be Significantly Lower Now From The Dates I Provided.)

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