October is officially a wrap. Check out the damage...


New 11/4 Idea (NUGS) - Packs Strong Upside Potential In A Sub $.10 Stock Profile

DYK: Here's Why Today Could Bring Its Immediate Breakout

November 4th

Good Morning,

October is officially a wrap. Check out the damage:

  • 10/31 FULO ran 341% intraday from $.06 to a high of $.265
  • 10/21 ITRK ran 600% intraday from $.01 to a high of $.07
  • 10/18 SNWR ran 600% intraday from $.01 to a high of $.07
  • 10/10 CLTH ran 887.5% intraday from $.008 to a high of $.079
  • 10/7 ESYL ran 1,900% intraday from $.0045 to a high of $.09
  • 10/4 BEGI ran 471% intraday from $.07 to a high of $.40

Your eyes are not deceiving you. That's 6 profiles running 4,461% from low to high intraday.


And, here's why you need to tune in to your first profile for November...

"As the weak hands exit the [Green Wave] space, investors are starting to care about the actual results," CNBC’s Jim Cramer says.

The sector has experienced two dramatic sell-offs within the past twelve months, during the fourth-quarter meltdown and again in the recent earnings cycle.

Make no mistake about it... Some of Wall Street's growth projections for the LGL pot industry are enormous.

The low-end of the spectrum suggests that worldwide MJ sales will hit $50Bn by the end of the next decade. That compares to Investment Firm Stifel, which has forecast $200Bn in global CB spending in a decade.

For context, global sales were a mere $10.9Bn in 2018, suggesting that the compound annual growth rate for LGL MJ would be as high as 27% per year if Stifel's estimate proves accurate.

Also, bear in mind that the U.S. will be responsible for a significant chunk of these sales. Estimates suggest that the U.S. will comprise between a third and half of worldwide MJ sales by 2030.

This is why I've been hunting for CB related profiles that look like bottom-floor ideas.

The sky could be the limit and the time is now.

That's why I'm asking you to focus in on your new profile for today:

> Cannabis Strategic Ventures (NUGS) <

This under $.10 idea appears to have a ton of upside potential and lot of recent company happenings paint this profile to be ready to move in the right direction.

The main news I want to bring to your attention comes from the company's cultivation facility, NUGS Farm, which just had a major announcement:

CB Strategic Ventures Announces First Sales from NUGS FARM Cultivation, Manufacturing and Distribution Facility

LOS ANGELES, Sept. 10, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- via NetworkWire -- Los Angeles-based CB Strategic Ventures Inc. (OTC: NUGS) is proud to announce the first round of product sales from the inaugural harvest of its wholly owned and operated flagship greenhouse farm, NUGS FARM, located in Northern California. The 6-acre CB operation is expected to reach full capacity by year-end and has started booking sales for more than 13 of its unique flower strains.

We are excited to start selling product from NUGS FARM inaugural harvest. Booking our first round of sales is an exciting milestone for our Company and all stakeholders,” said Simon Yu, CEO, CB Strategic Ventures. “Our team is overwhelmed with the level of interest in NUGS FARM CB flower. We believed this a testament to the quality of our high-tech cultivation process and our commitment to quality, growth and infusing the California LGL markets with exceptional CB flower and products.

NUGS FARM is a high-tech greenhouse operation located in an agriculturally rich region of California. NUGS FARM holds 19 cultivation, manufacturing and distribution licenses issued by the Bureau of CB Control in the state of California. The combination of natural sunlight and high-tech mixed light greenhouses will allow NUGS FARM to harvest quality CB flower multiple times per year.

Recent industry figures from New Frontier Data estimate that overall sales within the LGL U.S. CB industry are expected to reach $13.6Bn throughout 2019, for a 32% increase over 2018 totals worth $10.3Bn.

CB Strategic Ventures plans to expand its operations within this burgeoning market by adding on-site processing and manufacturing for oils, extracts, pre-rolls and more.

We look forward to the continued expansion of NUGS Farm and the [opp.] to scale CB Strategic Ventures as one of the largest CB cultivators in the state of California,” stated Yu.


Announcing its first round of sales and saying it will be running at full capacity before the end of 2019 could become a strong catalyst towards driving share prices north for NUGS.


About The Company (NUGS) & Its Portfolio

CB Strategic Ventures, Inc. is one of the largest publicly traded MJ cultivators in the United States. The Firm is Los Angeles-based that incubates, develops and partners with category leaders within the CB sector. The Firm's NUGS brand experience provides operational and financial strategic partnerships and a range of essential services to emerging and existing CB consumer brands.

NUGS Portfolio

  • Budhire

Implements proven recruiting formula to match top candidates to a broad spectrum of CB industry jobs, as well as provides sector-specific professional employment organization and human resources consulting services.

  • LYXR

A line of luxury skincare products derived from hemp CB and other dynamic ingredients, with hydrating, regenerating and anti-aging properties.

  • Asher House Wellness

Produces The Asher House Wellness Oil, an ingestible oil that contains a broad spectrum of premium hemp phytocan.nabinoids, derived from U.S. grown hemp plants for pet consumption.


> Stop What You're Doing And Read Below <

NUGS could be the bottom-floor idea you've been waiting for...

As I mentioned above, the CB sector has been in a pullback, and companies like NUGS, an up-and-comer, could take full advantage.

With their cultivation facility producing its first sales recently and claiming it will be fully operational by the end of the year, there might not be a better time then now to check out NUGS.

Do yourself a favor and get this sub $.10 profile on your radar for Monday.

If you need more convincing, NUGS has traded as high as $3.90 in the previous 52 weeks.

That gives this profile over 4,500% in upside potential to those recent highs...

Now, I'm not saying it is going to run 4,500% today, but I need to underscore the potential upside NUGS is displaying.



The opening bell is coming up soon. Make sure NUGS is at the top of your watch-list this AM.


Kai Parker


(Always Remember The Stock Prices Could Be Significantly Lower Now From The Dates I Provided.)

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