As the world gradually transitions to Electric Vehicles (EVs), demand for so-called “Green Metals” used in the production of batteries


Surge Battery Metals Combines An Extensive Portfolio Of Claims Across The Richest Regions Of British Columbia And Nevada With Diversification At A Level Most Competitors Can’t Match.


April 12th

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As the world gradually transitions to Electric Vehicles (EVs), demand for so-called “Green Metals” used in the production of batteries is growing even faster.

Minerals like Copper, Nickel, and Lithium are integral to the process of battery construction, so demand is skyrocketing as more global automakers begin to produce their own EVs.


Bloomberg is noticing the lithium trend as battery metal extends 400% gain. “(Lithium) producers can reap huge profits amid warnings of deep deficits.” (6)


And this isn’t just another fad. Electric Vehicles are here to stay…Tesla, for example, is expecting to produce a staggering 20 million EVs by 2035 Other automakers plan to launch a record 100 different pure Battery Electric Vehicles by 2024.

The US government has even mandated 100% zero-emission vehicles beginning 2035. (2)(3)


The International Energy Agency (IEA) predicts the number of electric vehicles is expected to increase from 5 million units today to 140 million units in 2030. In addition, public transportation is shifting globally to EVs, with a 22% increase since 2019. The growing demand of the EV industry will activate the rising future demand of lithium, nickel and copper and energy metal exploration companies like Surge Battery Metals.

And on February 1, 2022, Bloomberg famously featured an article titled, The Squeeze in the Nickel Market is Getting Worse. (8)

In other words, the transition to electric vehicles is now a matter of “when,” not “if.” And as this transition begins to accelerate, access to Green Metals is prime to become a potential bottleneck that could drive these metal prices even higher than anticipated.

Bloomberg is also making note of the potential lithium carries in this electrified world. “With the shortages and supply chain constraints here to stay, it just seems like a realistic and prudent business strategy.” – Bloomberg (7)

Surge Battery Metals Is Stacking the Deck with Prime Mining Prospects

Surge Battery Metals Inc. (OTCMKTS: NILIF, TSX: NILI) is one of the only metal exploration companies on the TSX with resources in lithium, nickel, and copper. (1)

The company’s holds six battery metal exploration targets across two jurisdictions, British Columbia in Canada, and Nevada in the United States. Both of these jurisdictions are among the most favorable in the world for exploration and mining thanks to sophisticated infrastructure, friendly regulations, and a wealth of local talent that makes it easy to find geologists and needed personnel.

According to an independent assessment from major Wall Street firm Network1Financial:

The Canadian properties are at an early stage of exploration. Canada is one of the largest regions in the race to develop efficient and productive EV battery metals, primarily nickel and copper. There are considerable in-vest-ment opportunities in British Columbia mineral targets. Many skilled metal exploration specialists and technical batteries specialists are based in the country creating an industry foundation that is developing an exhaustive and sustainable supply chain. (1)

Surge Battery Metals’ nickel projects in British Columbia include 6 mineral claims in the Mount Sidney Williams area (HN4) covering 1863 hectares immediately south of and adjacent to the Decar Project and the Mitchell Range area (N100) covering 8659 hectares, located in Northern British Columbia.

Further down towards the coast, the company’s “Caledonia Project” includes 100% interest in 7 mineral claims including the Caledonia, Cascade and Bluebell claims.

These properties are located just 4.3 miles northwest of the Island Copper Mine, which was once Canada’s third-largest copper producer. The Caledonia project lies within a 31-mile copper belt that runs Northwest of Island Mine. (1)

Just A Few Miles from Tesla’s New Gigafactory

Meanwhile, in NevadaAmerica’s only lithium producing jurisdiction—, the company’s holdings include large claim blocks of land and two more projects in the San Emidio Desert and Northern Nevada.

The latter in Northern Nevada includes 95 different claim blocks across 3 square miles, with stream sediment samples that run as high as 5,120ppm Li. Promising results from the company’s initial assessment were released on 12/31/21.

This new project coincides perfectly with Albemarle’s recent announcement that they’d begin tapping into lithium clay resources in 2021.

As reported by Albemarle on January 7, 2021 “…in 2021 the company plans to commence exploration of clay and evaluate technology that could accelerate the viability of lithium production from clay resources in the region,” said Eric Norris, Albemarle President, Lithium. (4)

Further west, just a few miles from Tesla’s new Gigafactory is the company’s San Emidio Desert project. (5)

This area has historically been home to high, documented concentrations of lithium, and phase 1 exploration should be coming to a close by Summer of 2022. Phase 2 of exploration would then involve drilling exploratory holes by the end of 2022.

Why This Diversified Portfolio Could Be the Key to Surge’s Future Success

Mining and exploration can be an extremely difficult, cost-intensive, and an unpredictable business.

New mines can cost a fortune to discover and develop. They can take years and require support & help from host governments. And even after all that in-vest-ment, fluctuations in metal prices can still wreak havoc on operations.

With these six projects, and the hundreds of claims contained within, Surge Battery Metals has a nearly unrivaled level of flexibility and freedom when it comes to both exploration and subsequent mining.

The company has carefully chosen exploration targets for battery metals e.g. lithium, nickel, and copper to be located in close proximity to other mining companies which have further developed subsequent metals. Surge Battery Metals has de-risked their exploration targets by choosing properties that are in mining friendly jurisdictions with easily accessible mines (multiple) in general areas for easy permit and mining in place. The labor force is experienced with mining exploration experts.

Canada’s Top Mining Insiders Behind the Wheel

Just as impressive as the company’s aggressively de-risked portfolio and their stake in some of the world’s friendliest mining jurisdictions are the people behind the scenes making it all happen.

President and CEO Greg Reimer is a former Executive Vice-President (EVP) of BC Hydro’s Transmission & Distribution (T&D) business group, who held the EVP position from June 2010 until 2017 leaving BC Hydro to pursue work in the green energy field. For those on the American side of the border, BC Hydro is Canada’s third-largest electric utility, with over $5.7Bn in annual revenues from 32 hydroelectric facilities. (9)

Director Bob Culvert is a key player on the team, with over 35 years’ experience as a professional engineer working on every new frontier from Canada to West Africa, the Indian Subcontinent, and beyond. Advisor Bill Morton boasts an impressive 40+ years in the fields of mining and geoscience and has held senior management positions for other mining exploration companies. Alan Morris serves as our Geological Advisor. He brings 37+ years’ experience in the metal exploration and mining industry. Chip Richardson is a key Strategic Advisor. Chip is a life-long banker. Chip has worked with Dean Witter Securities, Morgan Stanley and is currently VP of investments for Wedbush Securities. Jeremy Hanson serves as a Geological Advisor. He brings a decade of experience in metal exploration throughout Canada. Bill Macdonald serves as a full board member on the Company's Board of Directors. He has been, and continues to be, a director and/or officer of numerous publicly traded companies listed on Canadian stock exchanges in a variety of industries. He’s been a member of the Law Society of British Columbia since February 1998, and a member of the New York State Bar since February 2002.


With unrivaled leadership, an aggressively de-risked portfolio, and unprecedented “Green Metals” demand, Surge Battery Metals (OTCMKTS: NILIF, TSX: NILI) is a company that certainly belongs on your mining watchlist.


Get NILIF on your radar now.


Kai Parker


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