The more than 15-month trade spat between the world's two largest economies has riled financial markets around the globe. Fears of a possib


New 11/6 Profile: Surge Exploration Inc. (SURJF) Is A Company To Consider

November 5th

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The more than 15-month trade spat between the world's two largest economies has riled financial markets around the globe.

Fears of a possible global recession and economic slowdown has lent support to the prices of gold rising.

The World Bank predicts the U.S. economy to grow at much lower rates than it did in the last two years. This, in return, would lead to interest rate cuts and eventually, a lower dollar.

A weakening dollar has historically provided a boost to the price of the precious yellow metal.

John Kaiser of Kaiser Research Online, a research portal that specializes in high risk Australian and Canadian resource sector companies, had this to say recently:

The reason for gold to reprice into the $2,000 to $3,000 range is linked to this uncertainty, just growing and growing, and what will be the trigger that suddenly makes people say, Humpty Dumpty has fallen off the wall, and nothing will ever put them together again, and then start buying gold because there is no alternative really to the U.S. dollar.

See John Kaiser’s October 28, 2019 interview here (John Kaiser Interview).

With some analysts like John Kaiser predicting gold prices to continue to rise in value, I want to bring to your attention this under-the-radar Au miner:

*Surge Exploration, Inc. (OTCQB: SURJF)*

Surge Exploration also trades on the TSX-V under the symbol (SUR), and on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange under the symbol (DJ5C).

Even Goldman Sachs' economists had this to say recently, "Combined with CB [central bank] gold purchases related to de-dollarization, we maintain our bullish gold target of $1,600/toz despite a potential easing in policy uncertainty.” This was reported by Anna Golubova of Kitco News on October 28, 2019 (Kitco News October 28, 2019).

Goldman is carefully eyeing the US-China trade war, Iranian tensions and sanctions, Brexit, the ongoing Hong Kong protests and economic uncertainties, U.S. impeachment proceedings, and developments along the Turkey/Syria border, their economists said.

With these world events happening, gold prices have enjoyed a steady rise in price since April 2019. Look here:


What Is Making The Precious Yellow Metal's Price React Recently?

#1. China and Russia

As reported by PM Capital on June 11, 2019:

Russia gradually built up its it reserves each quarter for over a decade. Many nations, including the United States, started imposing sanctions on Russia after it annexed the Crimean Peninsula.

Russia's Au reserves are up more than 300% since the beginning of 2008.

China followed a different path to growing its reserves. The People's Bank of China made massive purchases in 2009 and 2015.

In total, China's reserves increased over 200% after 2008. Trump's tariffs also seem to be scaring the Chinese. China appears to be moving toward Russia's strategy of gradual purchases.

#2. With inflation growing, this could be a strong factor

As reported in Forbes (Article September 18, 2019), the precious yellow metal is known to be an inflation hedge and this reputation is well-earned. Since inflation means the decrease in the value of fiat (paper, unbacked by metals) money, people turn to assets that proved to be money throughout history - Au & silver.

#3. Looking for a potential safe haven, people are fearing geopolitical and economic risks

At this moment, several geopolitical and economic risks are triggering Au's “fear trade.” Economic growth is slowing worldwide as a result of trade tensions.

Recent unrest among Hong Kong citizens as well as the recent Saudi Arabia’s oil facilities attack, are helping to support demand. This again was reported in Forbes (Article September 18, 2019).

#4. Fear Of Missing Out

As reported by Elliot Holley of on September 26, 2019, UBS, the Swiss-based investment banker, says seasonal factors are about to kick in for the precious yellow metal which will lend support to it through the remainder of the year.

“With Au prices holding well, the fear-of-missing-out is likely rising,” says Joni Teves, a strategist at UBS’s global research team.

“This is encouraging and implies that any downward pressure coming from macro factors over the remainder of the year is likely to be absorbed by fundamental demand."


The best part about SURJF, is that they are not only on the hunt for gold, but they are also exploring for cobalt and copper.

Here's a view of their Teledyne and Glencore Bucke Cobalt properties:


The price of cobalt, after an initial big run to start the beginning of 2017, looks to be coming off of its recent commodity price lows since Sept 2019.

Six Year Price Of Cobalt In US Dollars Per Pound



As I mentioned above, copper is also a focus for Surge Exploration and is a metal associated with their mineral exploration projects in Canada.

Here's a quick picture of the Golden Triangle, an area where the company has six large copper/Au exploration property claims in Northern British Columbia, Canada.


Just like cobalt, copper appears to be seeing a bit of a commodity price reversal as of late since coming off low commodity prices in August 2019. Take a peek at the recent commodity price increase since the end of September 2019.

Six Month Copper Chart In US Dollars Per Pound



As you can see from looking at the five year commodity price charts for gold, copper and cobalt, it appears that these three minerals are starting to increase in commodity price and for those reasons and more, you may want to start to follow companies like Surge.

Now to consider Surge Exploration, Inc. (OTCQB: SURJF).


*The 7 Main Reasons SURJF Is A Good Company To Consider*

#1. The company is undervalued in our opinion.

$3.6Mn valuation could potentially be low given that they have 3 quality gold projects (BC Canada) and 2 quality cobalt projects (Ontario, Canada).

#2. Focused on Gold and Gold is doing well. We believe the future for gold to be bright in the short term.

As I showed in the chart above, gold has been hovering around $1500 for the previous 6 months it looks like it could just be positioned for an increase based on what we see from groups like Forbes and PM Capital.

#3. In our opinion, the Surge team is experienced.

The team behind SURJF's rise has deep geological experience in Canadian Gold mining, specifically in British Columbia.

The company's key geological advisor is Bill Morton, a 40 year veteran geologist and mineral explorer (see his Bio here). He is the founder behind the Lorraine Copper (recently sold to Sun Metals) and Eastfield Resources.He has actively explored in Canada finding many gold deposits over his forty year career at both Lorraine Copper and Eastfield Resources. The latest being the Stardust deposit in Lorraine Copper which was recently acquired by Sun Metals (Sun Metals News April 12, 2019).

#4. The Mineral Mountain project's surrounding region.

Prominent among early discoveries in the Omineca region were the nearby Lustdust/Stardust property (Sun Metals Corp.) covering a large, coherent integrated porphyry-skarn, epithermal system; the Kwanika property (Serengeti Resources Inc./POSCO Daewoo) a promising advanced stage copper-gold project; the Lorraine property (formerly owned by Lorraine Copper, and now part of a JV between Sun Metals and Teck Resources) host to a large copper/gold NI 43-101 compliant resource.

The company has a 197 km squared patch of land there.


Teck Resources has spent over $15Mn on the Lorraine Deposit (Refer to Lorraine Copper’s information on the Lorraine Deposit here) and Sun Metals is spending $6Mn this year and spent $5Mn last year on the Stardust deposit (Refer to Sun Metals information on the Stardust Deposit here).

#5. Hedgehog is located near the Barkerville Gold Deposit owned by Barkerville Gold Mines which has recently been subject to an acquisition offer by Osisko Gold Royalties for roughly $300Mn. The news release announcing the acquisition offer took place on Sept. 23, 2019.


As reported by Metals News on May 6, 2019 from an interview with Jason Kosec, VP of Corporate Development of Barkerville Gold Mines, Barkerville Gold Mines plans to spend $23.7Mn in exploration this year alone on their property.

#6. The Trapper Lake property is located near Brixton Metals' Thorn Project and Stuhini Exploration project.

This Surge property is located beside both Brixton Metals and Stuhini Resources properties in BC’s Golden Triangle Region and both these companies have seen sizable investments lately from Eric Sprott, a world renowned gold investor. Brixton Metals announced this investment on August 8, 2019, and Stuhini Resources announced it on August 16, 2019.


#7. Trapper Lake and Thorn project are nearby several important gold/copper mines including the Golden Bear Mine, SNIP Mine, Galore Creek Mine, Eskay Creek Mine and the RedChris Mine.

The Trapper Lake property is part of the BC's "Golden Triangle." Many famous gold mines have been created there.

This area has been home to sizable gold deposits and mines over the past 100 years. A comprehensive review of this region in Canada by’s Rick Mills on May 7, 2018 can be found here.


*SURJF is one to consider*

SURJF is continuing to add new properties to explore and develop in Canada, within the gold space specifically.


Kai Parker



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