It's Tuesday afternoon which means that the markets will be open again in less than 24 hours. That's why it's imperative that you pay


New Profile: AgraFlora Organics International Inc. (AGFAF)

Recent News Of An Acquisition (German Distributor) Could Become Major Catalyst To Drive Share Prices North

*Last 4 Champs Gained Approx. 1,247% Intraday From Their Low To Their High*

October 29th

Good Afternoon,

That's how you get a week started! Yesterday's 14% intraday runner, (CYLC), which ran from an early low of $.35 to a high of $.40, became your 4th straight champ.

Additionally, yesterday's profile kept chugging along today and hit a high of $.455 for a 2 day run from that $.35 low of 30% overall.

Leading into CYLC, your 10/23 profile ripped 33% intraday from a $.36 low to its high of $.48.

ITRK became the 2nd champ of the streak after it opened at $.01 and galloped 600% intraday to a high of $.07.

The streak starter was SNWR, a profile that bolted from $.01 to a high $.07, for a 600% intraday surge.

Now, it's Tuesday afternoon which means that the markets will be open again in less than 24 hours, and a potential 5th straight champ looms...

That's why it's imperative that you pay attention closely because I've discovered an up-and-comer that could be ready to be introduced to the world's stage.

This company's operations appear to be growing at an exponential rate as they look to conquer the "Green Wave" sector.

Your new profile for Wednesday, October 30th is:

AgraFlora Organics International Inc. (AGFAF)

AgraFlora also trades in Canada (CSE: AGRA) and in Germany (Frankfurt: PU31).

Speaking of Germany, that's where this Canadian company's biggest recent news is coming from.

Released just before this previous weekend, this news has not made the rounds yet, but could become a true catalyst driving share prices up the charts.

Here are the article highlights:

AgraFlora Organics Acquires German EU-GDP Medical Cannabis (CB) Distributor, Farmako GmbH, Vertically Integrating Into the EU Marketplace

VANCOUVER, British Columbia, Oct. 25, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- AgraFlora Organics International Inc., a growth oriented and diversified international CB company, is pleased to announce the Company has acquired 100 per-cent (100%) of the issued and outstanding shares of The Good Company GmbH (“The Good Company”). The Good Company is the parent company of German EU-GDP medical CB distributor, Farmako GmbH (“Farmako”).

Farmako is a leading European medical CB distributor, headquartered in Frankfurt, Germany, with affiliated companies in the United Kingdom (“UK”), Luxembourg and Denmark.


Farmako is equipped with the following German and European industry certifications and distribution licenses, affording the Company unparalleled access to Germany’s geometrical growing medical CB marketplace:

  • Medical wholesale distribution license under German Medicines Act (“AMG”);
  • Permit for Narcotic Drug Handling as per German Betäubungsmittelgesetz (“BtMG”); and,
  • Certificate of EU-Good Distribution Practice (“EU-GDP”).

Farmako has realized revenues of over C$2.3Mn throughout the 2019 fiscal year and has succeeded in capturing an eight per-cent (8%) market share of Germany’s burgeoning medical CB arena, boasting the highest capital efficiency and positive EBIT margins within the industry. Farmako’s German distribution network extends over 19,800 pharmacies and comprises an aggregate patient population of over 100,000 unique individuals.


Additionally, Farmako has been granted an authorization for the wholesale distribution of medicinal products, including medical CB, by the UK’s Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (the “MRHA”). Recent UK legislation allows for the prescription of CB from a medical specialist via a regular pharmacy model. Access to this high profile market, when coupled with broad National Health Service insurance coverage for medical CB to ensure patient outcomes, is a key strategic element of AgraFlora’s global platform.

Prohibition Partners estimates that there are as many as 3.6 million active CB users in the UK. AgraFlora and Farmako are committed to the expansion of a sophisticated, pan-European CB production and distribution network, which serves the needs of physicians and their patients.


Sebastian Diemer, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of The Good Company GmbH stated: “On behalf of the Farmako team, I express our sincerest elation to join the AgraFlora group of companies. In the eight short months since inception, we at Farmako have managed to capture material amounts of market share from peer group competitors such as Aurora, Canopy and CC Pharma (Aphria); successfully distributing 150,000 grams of medical CB into arguably the world’s highest value patient population.

Reliable supply of premium CB flower from AgraFlora’s 2.2 million square foot Delta Facility, coupled with a fully integrated European supply chain, Farmako is positioned to emerge as a true contender to Aurora, Canopy and CC Pharma within the German operating theatre. AgraFlora’s Canadian cultivation facilities yield the finest CB products which will exceed the expectations of educated, sophisticated and quality-driven European consumers; providing us with the consistent supply of EU-GMP certified medical CB required to continue to seize mark share from our peers.


I hope you took the time to read those highlights because they are nothing less than spectacular.

Farmako, subsidiary of AGFAF's most recent acquisition, thinks that they will be able to start contending with the sector big boys (Aurora, Canopy, etc.).

With that kind of news and sentiment being put out there, you might want to start watching AGFAF closely.

Here's a clip of a spreadsheet to show just how undervalued AGFAF is at the moment and its potential licensed producer ("LP") growth in 2020:


The middle column displays AgraFlora's internal forecasts that indicate upon receipt of its standard cultivation licence from Health Canada, the company will become the fourth-largest LP in Canada by 2020 financed production metrics.

Um... Wow.

Just look at AGFAF's approximate market cap right now compared to the other top dogs.

This is a true hidden treasure with unreal upside potential.

If it becomes the 4th biggest LP in 2020, you better believe that traders/investors are going to take serious notice of AGFAF's undervalued potential.

Major AGFAF Catalysts To Focus On

1.) AgraFlora has a large diversified plan to be a leader in global CB production. Coupled with best in class growing expertise from the Houwelings Group.

2.) The restrictions on branding in Canada will reward the operators with top growing expertise and the best ability to produce product at scale.

3.) Based on company estimates, by the end of 2020, AgraFlora will be a leader (potentially top 4) for all LPs in terms of greenhouse square footage.

4.) The company has a much smaller market capitalization than companies with similar growing capacity in Canada.

5.) AgraFlora plans to commence Phase 2 of the Delta Facility retrofit in December of 2019, which will include:

  • 10 flower rooms with over one million square feet of canopy;
  • 40,000 square feet of EU-GMP postharvest/processing space;
  • Equipped with ozone-rich drying rooms;
  • Installation of an industrial kitchen; and,
  • Workflow design to include commercial and ethanol extraction capabilities.

Just How Big Is This Delta Facility?

Do you know how big 2.2Mn square feet is?

Don't fret, I had to look it up myself to figure out just how big AGFAF's Delta Greenhouse Complex currently stands.

Here are some comparisons:

  • It's roughly 2.5X the size of Buckingham Palace (830K sq. ft)
  • It's over 150X the size of Fort Knox (12.7K sq. ft)
  • It's approx. 1.5X the size of the Pentagon (1.49Mn sq. ft)

Hopefully, this helps your wrap your head around how big this production facility stands.

The Company’s Delta Greenhouse Complex is equipped with 2.2Mn square feet of dedicated cultivation area under glass and is widely considered to be one of the most technically advanced and environmentally efficient greenhouse operations in the world.

Overall, AgraFlora owns two state of the art CB production facilities in Canada. This includes a 70% stake in the large scale 2.2Mn square foot greenhouse complex in Delta BC, as well as an ACMPR licensed 8,800 square foot indoor cultivation operation in London, ON.

AgraFlora also operates a flagship 51,500 square foot edibles manufacturing facility located in Winnipeg, MB.

As you can see, this company is not messing around.

For the size of its market cap, it's easy to see that a hidden treasure like this one doesn't come around too often.



Go back through this report and give it another close read. When the opening bell hits tomorrow, you'll want to have AGFAF researched completely.


Kai Parker



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