There's no time to waste this morning as your next breakout idea could be ready to burst. OTC Markets reports this profile to have a


(BTLN) - Your New Breakout Profile For Thursday, 12/12

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December 12th

Good Morning,

There's no time to waste this morning as your next breakout idea could be ready to burst.

OTC Markets reports this profile to have a minuscule float of approximately 1.4Mn shares, which means price spiking from potential volatility could be a major factor intraday.

For that reason and more, your profile for today is:

> Brightlane Corp. (BTLN) <

Brightlane Corp. is disrupting traditional methods of specialty financing and tenancy in the multi-tenant and affordable housing market sector through various rental, lease and right-to-purchase options.

The company has distinctive abilities, on a national scale, to execute the acquisition and effective management of right-priced, real property via its experienced management and strategic partners.

As of close on Wednesday, BTLN was trading at just under $.05 per share.

Back in January, this profile climbed all the way to $.75 which now provides it with approximately 1,430% upside potential.

Now, I'm not saying it will return to those heights today, but the potential is there as BTLN did achieve a $.60 intraday surge on the day it hit that 52-Week high.

Most Recent BTLN Catalyst News

Brightlane Corp. Announces Strategic Financing Deal with Real Capital

Brightlane to Receive up to $26Mn via Sale and Purchase Agreement

HOUSTON, TX, July 19, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- via NEWMEDIAWIRE -- Brightlane Corp. (OTCMKTS: BTLN), together with Real Capital International Limited, a British Virgin Islands company (“Real Capital”) and AFM Corp., a wholly owned subsidiary of the Company (“AFM”), has announced, subject to the sale and purchase agreement dated July 9, 2019, the acquisition of 612 miles of optical fiber cable specifically designed for long-haul broadband infrastructure in developing countries. Under the Company’s specialty financing offering, Real Capital will act as the agent to the international telecommunication and governmental marketplace to facilitate the sale of the cable pursuant to this agreement.

"This agreement aligns with our strategy of expanding our specialty financing capabilities with leaders in new international markets and technology fields," stated Steve Helm, Chief Executive Officer of Brightlane Corp. Mr. Helm added, “This is a unique opportunity with our partners as the global demand for fiber optic deployment continues to grow.”

With a value of $10 per foot, this agreement places the value of the optical fiber cable at approximately $32Mn. Brightlane Corp. and AFM will be purchasing the cable for $6Mn (which Real Capital can choose to convert the $6Mn into Brightlane Corp. common shares at a purchase price of 50 cents per share) and by issuing 40Mn Brightlane Corp. common shares. It is estimated that the total sale of the cable will generate between $21Mn and $26Mn in operating capital for Brightlane Corp. The transaction will result in the issuance of Brightlane Corp.’s common shares at an effective purchase price of 52 cents to 57 cents per share issued to Real Capital. The Brightlane Corp. common shares and the cable will be placed in escrow until the sale is complete, allowing the shares and cable to be returned and the cash consideration to be reduced on a pro-rata basis should Real Capital be unable to sell the entire amount of cable at or above the expected price.

“Brightlane has been a great partner in this endeavor and we believe this agreement will open up new opportunities for both organizations,” stated Guglielmo La Bella of Real Capital. “Their quick understanding of the telecom sector coupled with our deep relations in the aggressive international demand for connectivity of this kind gives us a unique market differentiation.”

In the last decade, optical fiber cable has continued to be the preferred transmission medium catering to cloud-based applications, audio-video services, and Video-on-Demand services because of its scalability, security, and ability to handle the vast amount of backhaul traffic being generated.


From The Brightlane Corp. (BTLN) Website


Building a Better Future.

Brightlane’s corporate philosophy is to: (1) build our nationwide brand through customer awareness, (2) continually build our brand loyalty by broadening our product and service availability, and therefore (3) ultimately increase shareholder value.

Brightlane believes in providing housing and housing related services to its clientele – its tenants. Our tenants are our customers and our customers define us. We support our customers through flexible occupancy options that meet their particular lifestyles and financial needs and capabilities by tailoring programs for them that are sustainable rather than out of reach. We strive to increase our service offering to allow our customers to expect an array of quality services intended to increase their quality of life and better their future.


Brightlane Corp. is equipped to access discounted quality Class A single-family homes through various acquisition channels including contractual relationships, bulk acquisitions of single-family homes from banks, mortgage servicers, competitors, hedge funds, government-sponsored enterprises, private investors, and other financial institutions. And while we may have started in the Southeast, we are equipped to acquire properties and portfolios nationwide.

Brightlane Corp. has identified substantial opportunities in multi-family housing, particularly Class A private student housing and active senior living facilities. Both student and senior populations are growing, providing an expanding market for years to come. Our future acquisitions will lean more towards these types of properties and portfolios in an effort to diversify our overall assets.

Experience Where It Counts

Brightlane has unique abilities, on a national scale, to execute the acquisition and effective management of not only single-family homes, but multi-family developments as well, via its experienced management and strategic partners.





Don't waste a second more. BTLN requires your immediate attention this morning.


Kai Parker


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