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Time's Up: (UTOLF) Has 5 Potential Catalysts To Know Now Including Significant Product Launch News In 2022

My Last Profile Rocketed Approximately 1,207% Intraday

May 3rd

Greetings Readers,

Are we clicking or what?

This past Friday, I brought an insane breakout idea to your attention right at the opening bell.

From there it absolutely took off.

Opening at $.039, IDIG shot like a lightning bolt to a high of $.51 on the day.

When the dust settled, that breakout idea had ravaged the markets to the tune of an approximate 1,207% intraday surge.


I'm not a fan of living in the past though. Over the weekend I hit the books and came across a new idea with several potential catalysts including huge product launch news, oversold leaning technicals, and a low float.

So let's dive in. For Tuesday, May 3rd, there is only one tech profile to have at the top of your watch-list:

*TraceSafe Inc. (UTOLF)*

TraceSafe provides Internet of Things (IoT) solutions transforming large-scale industrial and enterprise operations with unique wearables, industrial-grade sensors and award-winning analytics platform.

The Company's hardware solutions, powered by advanced low-power bluetooth beacons, work together with its proprietary software to provide mission-critical data enabling safer, efficient and sustainable enterprise environments.

With presence across North America, Asia and Europe, TraceSafe's solutions are trusted by leading organizations in healthcare, hospitality, construction, events, education and government.

And right now, UTLOF has several key potential catalysts going for it including:

No. 1 - Company's Smart Building Solution Being Deployed In Asia

No. 2 - New Product Thermosense Launches, Aims To Cut Costs In Supply Chain

No. 3 - Another Major Launch (Tablio) For Enterprise Communication And Workflow Solutions

No. 4 - Oversold Leaning Technicals Could Signal Reversal Potential

No. 5 - Another Low Float Profile

But more on those in a second...

UTOLF Company Details - One Dashboard, Limitless Devices

TraceSafe’s sophisticated ecosystem weaves the Internet of Things and the Internet of People together for intelligent products that deliver what they promise — and then some.


Real-time business and operational data on a modular platform

TraceSafe’s enterprise location-aware IoT platform helps you move away from managing multiple connectivity platforms. Build uncompromising cloud applications that flawlessly integrate with your existing infrastructure, all while ensuring data protection and privacy compliance.

  • Cloud or on-premise
  • Handling over 100K devices per instance
  • Processing over 15Mn device interactions daily
  • Configurable dashboards, reports, analytics, and intelligent alerts
  • API integration with other platforms, including HR and health management information systems

TraceSafe Platform


Use our privacy-centric dashboard to get a birds-eye view into safety and connectedness at your organization.

Contact Tracing

Our powerful contact tracing solution helps you reactivate your business all while meeting even the strictest of government guidelines.

Quarantine Management

Governments around the world trust TraceSafe to ensure quarantine compliance.

Asset Tracking

Connect your people to your assets. Track asset location in real time and receive customized alerts on demand.

Capacity Monitoring

View analytical data on room capacity and traffic patterns to determine if a location needs more staff to accommodate clients.

Device Management

Manage hundreds of thousands of your devices from around the world. Ensure their connectivity, battery levels, and assignees.

Read more from the company website.


And right now, UTOLF has several potential catalysts to be aware of going into Tuesday's opening bell.

No. 1 UTOLF Potential Catalyst - Company's Smart Building Solution Being Deployed In Asia

TraceSafe Announces First Smart Building Solution for Malaysia's Large-Scale Infrastructure Project

TraceSafe's proprietary platform for Smart Buildings will be deployed at KL Eco City - a leading development project in Asia comprising commercial offices, retail outlets, residential towers and business hotels

Vancouver, British Columbia--(Newsfile Corp. - April 19, 2022) - TraceSafe, Inc. (CSE: TSF) ("TraceSafe"), a global leader in location-aware Internet of Things (IoT) for large-scale industrial and enterprise operations, has expanded operations in Asia and announced its first full suite Smart Building solution - 'SafeTown' - that will offer unprecedented connectivity and operational insights to large scale infrastructure projects across the world. The project will be launched at Malaysia's luxury mixed-use project - KL Eco City that is spread across a vast 25 Acres land area comprising commercial offices, luxury residential towers, lifestyle retail outlets and hotels in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The project will boast unprecedented smart integrations that will connect and optimize its operations including building automation, connected workforce and energy efficiency. The project will be deployed in partnership with Dynamo Singapore, a leading facility management company specializing in project and contract management, safety audits and engineering consultancy.

Smart Buildings and Infrastructure presents exciting opportunities with projected growth of $80.62Bn in 2022 to $328.62Bn by 2029, at a CAGR of 22.2%, according to research. The market has gained significant traction as Smart Buildings offer capabilities to lower operational costs, energy management and security workforce management. Further segmentation of the market reveals that security management solutions are expected to gain maximum share leading to an increased demand in security and surveillance systems with connected workplace solutions. Addressing these imminent needs, the first phase of SafeTown deployment will help facility administrators and managers control their security operations through BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) devices, smart sensors and an advanced analytics dashboard. The solution will provide access to all security personnel's route information, route violations and attendance reports to help optimize scheduling, operations and on-site assignments. The customized solution is designed to automate the security team's reporting process, right from arrival on-site to commencement of security prowling route, until the end of their shift.

"We are excited to expand our presence and portfolio of solutions further in Asia with the prestigious KL Eco City project. Smart Building solution is a natural extension of our technology that has a successful legacy of providing safety and peace of mind to thousands of people and privacy driven data to large scale organizations. IoT and sensor technology will be central to all infrastructure of the near future and we are well-equipped to cater to this exciting market," said Wayne Lloyd- TraceSafe CEO. "Along with our connected workforce solution, we are developing our energy management and sustainability offerings that will provide end-to-end smart building solutions to projects of all scales."

In the next phase of deployment, TraceSafe will provide a new sustainability and energy management solution for greener and more sustainable building operations. The details of the solution will be announced in the coming weeks.

Read the full article here.


No. 2 UTOLF Potential Catalyst - New Product Thermosense Launches, Aims To Cut Costs In Supply Chain

TraceSafe Launches Thermosense to Power Sustainable Supply Chain

Solution to reduce waste and environmental impact using sensor technology and advanced software for real-time visibility of temperature-sensitive goods

Vancouver, British Columbia--(Newsfile Corp. - March 24, 2022) - TraceSafe Inc., (CSE: TSF) ("TraceSafe" or the "Company"), a global leader in location-aware Internet of Things (IoT) platforms for large-scale industrial and enterprise operations, has announced the launch of Thermosense, its first product in the sustainability vertical. Thermosense will help reduce waste and cut costs in the supply chain of temperature-sensitive goods. The mobile platform can record and relay real-time and historical temperature data from TraceSafe's Sensor Tags, ensuring quality, compliance and sustainability in the supply chain. Thermosense is part of the company's new strategic initiatives to help organizations measure and reduce their carbon footprint.

Thermosense will reduce lost loads and chances of rejected goods that often impact profitability for industries like dairy, frozen meats, and pharmaceuticals, that typically rely on an unbroken cold chain. A recent report suggests that the global cold chain monitoring market size in 2022 was valued at USD 387.44Mn in 2021, growing at a projected compound annual growth rate ("CAGR") of 8.43% from 2021 to 2027. Companies and individuals across the supply chain will be able to get instant visibility of the temperature conditions in which products were transported by using the Thermosense app that alerts users of non-compliant temperatures in the transporting vehicles, or specific storage units within the vehicle.

"In the next phase of our growth, TraceSafe is focused on helping organizations make their operations more efficient and reduce their carbon footprint. Mns of dollars are lost every year in food and medical waste, impacting everyone in the supply chain of temperature-sensitive goods. Thermosense is a simple yet powerful solution that will help several industries cut down losses and waste caused by lack of real-time visibility on temperature data," said Wayne Lloyd, TraceSafe CEO. "We have been very successful in capturing accurate and sensitive data with our devices and platform for some of the biggest organizations across the world. We are confident that Thermosense will effectively replace manual record-keeping that compromises the compliance and quality of food and medical goods, representing a critical solution in an environment of growing global food and biomedical insecurity."

Read the full article here.


No. 3 UTOLF Potential Catalyst - Another Major Launch (Tablio) For Enterprise Communication And Workflow Solutions

Introducing Tablio by TraceSafe: One Device for Operational Transformation at Scale

With Tablio, TraceSafe enters smart hospitality and healthcare with a cornerstone device connecting the communication workflow and enterprise ecosystem

Vancouver, British Columbia--(Newsfile Corp. - February 17, 2022) - TraceSafe Inc., (CSE: TSF) ("TraceSafe" or the "Company"), a global leader in location-aware Internet of Things (IoT) platforms for large-scale industrial and enterprise operations, has launched Tablio - a breakthrough enterprise communication and workflow solution. This first-of-its-kind device will revolutionize customer experience and workflow optimization in any enterprise set-up, including hospitality, maritime, health and long-term care, education and industrial worksites. With a single device, organizations of any size will be able to manage digital identification and credentials, access control, enterprise payments, messaging flow, location analytics and multiple other functions from one sleek wearable micro tablet.


With a universal form factor to serve different industries, Tablio offers multiple use cases that can transform all aspects of enterprise operations. Using direct, group or broadcast messages, organizations like cruise ships and resorts can optimize effective communications between staff and eliminate the need for intrusive PA systems. Guests and other users can also respond using one of the several suggested messages with a single tap. Other solution features include an SOS button for emergencies and vibrate mode for alerts, making long-term care centers safer for residents and healthcare workers. Location analytics and movement data can help organizations make effective decisions to manage safety, efficiency, experience and compliance leading to significant cost-saving and measurable business impact.

"TraceSafe has been working closely with leading businesses across industries and we have discovered that effective communication is mission critical for any organization's long term success. Tablio is the perfect solution to address these customers' needs and the growing market for an enterprise wearable that allows messaging, ID, access control, payments and potentially a digital wallet," said Wayne Lloyd, TraceSafe CEO. "Our vast global sales network has already had success deploying technology solutions at scale to hospitality, healthcare and other enterprise environments. Tablio is a truly unique product that offers powerful operational advantages to these industries and the current features are just the tip of the transformational iceberg that is Tablio."

Tablio is WiFi enabled for instant connectivity and powered by Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) 5.0 and always-on e-Paper display for longer battery life. The device is connected to TraceSafe's proprietary platform that allows a seamless flow of information and critical real-time data to empower organizations to optimize workflow and save substantial operational costs.

Read the full article here.


No. 4 UTOLF Potential Catalyst - Oversold Leaning Technicals Could Signal Reversal Potential

As of close on Friday, Barchart was reporting this profile to have several oversold leaning technicals.

These technicals could be signaling a healthy reversal in the near term.

Here's the definition of a "reversal" from Investopedia:

"A reversal is a change in the price direction of an asset. A reversal can occur to the upside or downside. Following an uptrend, a reversal would be to the downside. Following a downtrend, a reversal would be to the upside. Reversals are based on overall price direction and are not typically based on one or two periods/bars on a chart."

Now, here are some key technicals (as of close Friday) that could signal UTOLF to be leaning oversold and on the verge of a potential reversal.

  • 9-Day Relative Strength Index: 38.74%
  • 14-Day Relative Strength Index: 39.23%

When these numbers drop down to the 30% range and lower, they can be viewed as being in oversold territory. While in this territory, they can paint the picture of a profile that is undervalued.

Keep an eye on these technicals closely.


No. 5 UTOLF Potential Catalyst - Another Low Float Profile

According to the Yahoo Finance website, UTOLF has a relatively low float.

The website reports this profile to have approximately 30.38Mn shares in its float.

Why is that important? It's important on one crucial level. Volatility.

With so few shares available for trading, other potential catalysts (like big news) could spark a vertical move in the short-term.


UTOLF Recap - 5 Potential Catalysts To Know Now

No. 1 - Company's Smart Building Solution Being Deployed In Asia

No. 2 - New Product Thermosense Launches, Aims To Cut Costs In Supply Chain

No. 3 - Another Major Launch (Tablio) For Enterprise Communication And Workflow Solutions

No. 4 - Oversold Leaning Technicals Could Signal Reversal Potential

No. 5 - Another Low Float Profile


Coverage is officially initiated on UTOLF. When you have time, do this:


Get UTOLF on your radar now.


Kai Parker


(Always Remember The Stock Prices Could Be Significantly Lower Now From The Dates I Provided.)

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