Renewable energy sources like wind and solar power have a lot of things going for them. They provide clean, affordable, decentralized power


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April 6th

Good Morning,

Renewable energy sources like wind and solar power have a lot of things going for them. They provide clean, affordable, decentralized power — and they create a lot of jobs and investment opp's in the process.

There’s just one problem with these renewable sources: They’re very unreliable.

Solar panels don’t do much on overcast days, and wind turbines are useless without wind. If we’re eventually going to run our electric grid on renewable sources like these, we’ll need better lithium battery technology to be able to take the excess power produced on sunny or windy days, and store it for use on cloudy or still days.

That’s part of the reason why lithium stocks have gotten so much attention recently.

As you can see, Tesla (NASDAQ: TSLA) surged almost 45% in the six months after launching its Powerwall product (a big lithium-ion battery designed to store solar power for home use).


Lithium battery technology is still a crucial part of the global effort to switch to renewable energy. And there’s still plenty of value in lithium stocks if you’re willing to look beyond Tesla.

That's why for this coming Monday, I want you to focus in on a stock profile that is currently flying under-the-radar.

In fact, even though Wall Street hasn't put its eyes on it yet, it has slowly and steadily been creeping towards a potential breakout.

As of close yesterday, this stock was trading above its:

  • 5-Day Simple Moving Average,
  • 20-Day Simple Moving Average, and its
  • 50-Day Simple Moving Average.

If this is signaling a potential breakout in the short-term, you'll want to get this stock on your radar this moment:

> Alpha Lithium Corporation (OTC: ALLIF) <

Alpha Lithium Corp also trades on the TSX Venture Exchange under the ticker (ALLI).

Before we dive in, there is one thing you need be aware of...

The World is Going to Need More Lithium Mines

And that’s a fact. There is relentless interest and increasing demand for Lithium and it continues to grow.

The reality is that the Argentine region of the “Lithium Triangle” hosts the most experienced personnel and infrastructure ever assembled to service the advanced needs of major producers surrounding this company's area of interest.

Instead of thinking in terms of decades to production, Lithium brine extraction is a commercially proven success story in daily production throughout the region. The company aims to rapidly complete exploration, valuation and advancement to development, in order help satisfy the growing global demands of the ongoing battery revolution.

Supply & Demand

  • Worldwide demand for lithium in 2018 was approximately 350,000 tonnes LCE
  • Demand estimates for 2025 based on 14% EV penetration are approximately 1,000,000 tonnes LCE
  • LCE shortfall is equivalent to 26 new mines (25,000 tonne/year average)
  • EV sales penetration in Norway for 2018 averaged 49% and hit a record high of 58.4% in March

Knowing this projected potential growth, Lithium could be in maximum demand which is why this week's press release becomes that much more important.

#1 Potential Catalyst For ALLIF: Acquisition Closes

Alpha Lithium Corporation Closes Acquisition of Lithium Assets in Salta, Argentina

Large area play in Lithium Triangle moves ahead

VANCOUVER, British Columbia, March 09, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Alpha Lithium Corporation. (TSXV: ALLI) (OTC: ALLIF) (the “Corporation” or “Alpha”) is pleased to announce that it has acquired all of the issued and outstanding shares of 1146915 B.C. Ltd. (“PrivCo”), thus completing its assembly of mineral assets located in the heart of the Argentinean “Lithium Triangle”. PrivCo owns eight lithium exploration claims which, when combined with the claims previously acquired by Alpha from PrivCo, covers approximately 27,477 hectares in Argentina (the “Claims”). In the transaction, the Corporation acquired all of the outstanding securities of PrivCo in exchange for the issuance of securities of the Corporation (the “Transaction”). The Corporation, with PrivCo as its wholly owned subsidiary, now plans to pursue the exploration and development of the Claims.

The Claims

The Claims are in the Tolillar Salar (“Tolillar”), located 10km from the Hombre Muerto salar, which is Argentina’s largest and longest producing lithium source. The Company believes that previous exploration programs at Tolillar, which included geophysics, geological analysis, surface and shallow sampling, combined with its own independent geological expertise suggest the potential for high grade lithium mineralization similar to that of Hombre Muerto.

Read the full article here.


A Solid Dozen Reasons Why Alpha Lithium (OTC: ALLIF) Could Be Best Lithium Stock In 2020

#1. Alpha Is Working in a Mining Sweet Spot – Alpha Lithium controls 68,000 acres in Argentina’s section of the world famous Lithium Triangle. Estimates suggest that the triangle holds about 54% of the world’s lithium resources. Argentina mined about 12% of the world’s lithium last year.

#2. Ready To Roll – Alpha is fully licensed and permitted to begin immediate exploration on its huge Lithium Triangle property.

#3. The Welcome Mat Is Out – Argentina’s president, Mauricio Macri, is a former civil engineer. Since elected in 2015, Macri has eliminated export taxes on minerals as well as doing away with import taxes on equipment and parts for mining operations.

#4. 125 million EVs in the Next Decade – Volkswagen will lead this drive with a goal of building 15 million EVs in the next five years. GM wants to build 1 million EVs a year.

#5. High-Performance Trend – After holding their noses at under-powered lithium batteries, Porsche, Audi, Jaguar, and Land Rover developed cutting edge motors that turn their EVs into high-performance rockets. These new motors need big batteries that use hundreds of pounds of lithium.

#6. Demand Will Likely Outstrip Supply – If the average EV battery size holds, the world is going to need at least 20.8 billion pounds, or 10.4 million tons, of lithium over the next decade.

#7. Quadrupling of Supply Just to Stay Even – Analysts believe the world’s annual lithium output needs to be about 1.1 million tons a year. That is a four and half times jump from 2018’s global demand of approximately 270,000 metric tons

#8. Residential Energy Storage – The forecast is for this market to grow as much as 700% in the next five years. The industry is already experiencing tight lithium supply against high demand.

#9. Amazon(dot)com Is Leading The Way – In a move that could define the lithium era, Amazon(dot)com just ordered 100,000 electric powered trucks for its delivery fleet.

#10. Alpha Is In Exceptional Company – Alpha Lithium’s publicly traded neighbors in the Lithium Triangle sport a combined $16 billion market cap.

#11. Juniors Explore, Majors Buy – It’s surrounded by major players, because of that there could be a buyout to amply reward Alpha Lithium’s early investors because Alpha could own the last huge lithium property in Argentina’s portion of the Lithium Triangle.

#12. Biggest Wild Card of All – Tesla (TSLA) has regained investors’ faith. It’s CEO, Elon Musk, believes battery metals are so critical to sustain growth that he’s looking to buy a lithium mine. In the U.S., there are tons of regulatory hurdles. Alpha’s vast property, in the heart of the Lithium Triangle, is shovel ready.


More Info From The (ALLIF) Website

An Undeveloped Large Area Play Surrounded by Success

Alpha Lithium has brought together a team of industry professionals and experienced stakeholders who bring a big picture de-risked proven approach to global Lithium mining.

While the relentless interest and increasing demand for Lithium continues to grow, our team believes that the worldwide commercial interests won’t be waiting for new sources and processing methods – the reality is that the Argentine region of the “Lithium Triangle” hosts the most experienced personnel and infrastructure ever assembled to service the advanced needs of major producers that virtually surround our area of interest. Instead of thinking in terms of decades to production, we know that Lithium brine extraction is a commercially proven success story in daily production throughout the region.

Alpha Lithium has leveraged it’s connections and expertise to assemble a significant and highly prospective land package that has remained free from extensive exploration or development to-date. The initial geophysics and trend data suggest that the entire Tolillar Salar is worthy of extensive study and could be capable of an accelerated development program based on results. Therefore, our investigation led us to seek 100% ownership of +27,500 hectares (67,954 acres) of Tolillar Salar. We have received conditional approval from the TSX-V to complete just such a transaction and are working towards final approval and closing in 2019. Please review our materials and reach out to contact us if you have any questions. This truly could be the last big lithium opp. in this world-famous, proven and productive region.


Brad Nichol

P. Eng., MBA, President & CEO

Mr. Nichol is an international entrepreneur who has served and advised corporations on strategy and finance for over 25 years. Throughout his career he has served as both senior executive and director of a number of public and private enterprises across the finance and resource sectors. He has led successive organizations through multiple rounds of private and public project financings, initiated and executed dual listings, established key international and domestic financial relations, oversaw M&A, technical, operational, HR, investor relations, legal and regulatory functions as well as closing several accretive asset acquisitions and financings in multiple jurisdictions. Previously, Mr. Nichol worked at Schlumberger, the world’s largest oil and gas services firm in various technical, managerial, marketing and sales roles in North America, South America and Europe. Mr. Nichol left Schlumberger to pursue his MBA at one of the world’s top ranked business schools, the London Business School in the UK and graduated with honors in 2003. Mr. Nichol also holds a BSc. in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Alberta and has been a registered Professional Engineer since 1994.

Darryl Jones


15+ years of capital market experience and an established financial network. Mr. Jones was an Investment advisor with PI Financial Corp Canada and Raymond James Ltd Canada. He was responsible for raising significant risk capital for growth companies in all sectors, with a particular focus on natural resources.

Foster Wilson


Mr. Wilson has over 30 years of experience in explo­ration and development ranging from reserve drilling and estimation, feasibility studies, mine permitting and development. He has worked in various capaci­ties for Placer Dome, Echo Bay, American Bonanza Gold and various junior exploration companies. Foster also currently serves as President of Mesa Exploration.


With the company run by experienced individuals, and a recent update of the closing of their major acquisition, ALLIF appears full of upside potential.

To make sure you're prepared for Monday's opening bell, do this now:


If there are any updates today, I'll get them out to you quickly.


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