Today's new breakout profile is Interlink Plus Inc. (ITRK). Closing this past Friday at $.007, ITRK could be your 4th straight sub-penny


Today's Breakout Profile (ITRK) Is Running Hard This AM

*Up Approx. 757%, ITRK May Only Be Heating Up*

October 21st

Good Morning,

ITRK is coming out and running hard this AM. It is currently up approximately 757% ($.06) and looks to be gaining steam.

ITRK also has hit a high of $.07 and could be lining up for a big push today.

Remember, this is a low float idea. You'll want to get it on your screen quickly.

If you haven't yet, get this this profile pulled up and read about the company below.


Today's new breakout profile is Interlink Plus Inc. (ITRK).

Closing this past Friday at $.007, ITRK could be your 4th straight sub-penny profile in October to explode for an intraday surge.

Additionally, Yahoo Finance is reporting ITRK to have a float of only 7.75Mn shares.

If momentum floods into this profile, volatility could be at its most extreme.

Do yourself a favor and get ITRK on your radar this second.

About Interlink Plus Inc.

Interlink Plus, Inc. provides services for overseas travel agents on hotel price quotation and negotiation, contract reviewing, guests' arrangements, hotel check-in assistance, and tradeshow assistance. It operates through two segments, Travel Agency Assistance Services and Convention Services. The company also offers assistance services for conventional events, such as booth set up and tradeshow promotion material preparing; and entourage interpreter and/or exhibitor booth personnel arrangements, including bilingual spokespersons, sales associates, narrators and demonstrators, hostesses/hosts, promoters, and models. Interlink Plus, Inc. was founded in 2015 and is based in Las Vegas, Nevada.


Trade Show Booth Staffing

In the absence of the right people, a trade show can turn to be a failure. With this, we can provide you with the human resources that you need, including bilingual staffers, sales associates, narrators, demonstrators, hosts, promoters, and models, among others. We have talented, competent, and knowledgeable pool of talent who are highly-trained in facing clients and in delivering exceptional experiences. With the help of our staff, your customers will surely have a more memorable experience.

Trade Show Marketing

For a trade show to succeed, it is also important to have excellent marketing strategies. With such, our trade show services include a wealth of marketing activities to help you attract more people. These services include advertising in different mediums to get the word out. We will help you come up with the right marketing materials to generate buzz and create awareness. Our team will develop a marketing plan that is attuned with your specific goals and budget.

Group Travel Accommodations

For a few years now InterlinkPlus has successfully operated various types of travel programs domestically and internationally. Our company was founded on principles of honesty, reliability, friendly and efficient customer service, with specialized group travel arrangements. We maintain a high standard of credibility in the travel and tourism industry. We invite you to call upon the experience of InterlinkPlus to assist you in planning and booking your next trip! You will find us to be friendly, competent, reliable and in tune with your needs!




When there are updates this AM, I'll get them to you as quickly as possible.


Kai Parker


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