Let me cut to it, because time is of the essence... Previously this month, I've release to similarly structured stock profiles that turned


Friday Flash Alert: Sanwire Corporation (SNWR)

--> Could This Be Our 3rd Straight Sub-Penny Rocket? <--

October 18th

Good Morning,

Let me cut to it, because time is of the essence...

Previously this month, I've released two similarly structured stock profiles that turned into massive intraday runners.

They were:

  1. 10/7 (ESYL) - Opened $.0045, High $.09 (1,900% Intraday)
  2. 10/10 (CLTH) - Opened $.008, High $.079 (887.5% Intraday)

That's 2,787.5% intraday over two sub-penny profiles.

Here's your next potential banger:

>> Sanwire Corporation (SNWR) <<

Also a sub-penny profile (closing at $.0025 yesterday), SNWR looks very similar to those prior rockets.

Further, it has a float of just under 21Mn shares (according to OTC Markets), which could make it extremely volatile today if momentum starts flooding into it.

Most Recent SNWR News

Sanwire Corporation's Subsidiary Sanwire Software Moves Two-Dimensional Artificial Intelligence Cryptocurrency Mining into Production and Begins Marketing ComitCoin

CHEYENNE, Wyo.--Sanwire Corporation (OTC: SNWR) subsidiary Sanwire Software Inc. has moved its Two-Dimensional Artificial Intelligence Crytocurrency Mining into production. Since October of 2017 we have been working on reducing mining time for Cryptocurrency. Our first production line of Cryptomining will be mining Bitcoin (BTC) and our second production line is planned to mine Etherium (ETH).

Sanwire Software has begun marketing ComitCoin with its Two-Dimensional Artificial Intelligence (2DAI) marketing software, which uses an organic web of all current marketing types, social media, email, etc. The goal is to achieve a large community of Cryptocurrency traders for ComitCoin.

About ComitCoin

ComitCoin is a new Cryptocurrency trading on the (DEX), a decentralized exchange that is a marketplace for Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain investments that is open sourced. Sanwire Software has capped ComitCoins total supply at 100Mn and reserved 50Mn for Sanwire Corporation.

About Two-Dimensional Artificial Intelligence (2DAI)

The two-dimensional artificial intelligence (2DAI) software has the ability to build, create, write, compile, and repair itself. Because of this, the 2DAI software can improve a numerous amount of applications and infrastructures.

About Sanwire Software Inc.

Sanwire Software is a Silicon Valley based software company with two-dimensional artificial intelligence (2DAI) sparking an artificial intelligence revelation in the software automation development, Internet marketing, big data, IT security, and Cryptocurrency industries.

About Sanwire Corporation

Sanwire Corporation , through its subsidiaries, provides technology integration, development and solutions in the artificial intelligence, cryptography, Internet security and web software industries. Sanwire Corporation was incorporated in 1986 and is based in Cheyenne, Wyoming.




I'll hit you with updates as soon as I have them. For now, get SNWR on your screen. Talk again shortly.


Kai Parker


(Always Remember The Stock Prices Could Be Significantly Lower Now From The Dates I Provided.)

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