Yesterday's major news release had your new stock profile making moves...


Your GNPX Update Plus Yesterday's News

May 6th

Good Morning,

Yesterday's major news release had GNPX trading significantly higher than Monday's close as a volume outburst saw the stock popping up on radars everywhere

Check out the press release that brought in all the buzz:

Genprex Enters Into Exclusive Worldwide Patent and Technology License Agreement for Combination of its TUSC2 Gene Therapy with Immunotherapies

At one point yesterday, GNPX was trading up over 95% higher than Monday's close and even closed Tuesday's session up over 50% from that same level.

If you haven't yet, read my full report below and get GNPX on your radar.


On January 21st of 2020, I brought this stock to your attention early that morning only to watch it make a 2 day run from an open of approximately $1.20 to a high of $2.00 for a surge of approximately 66.67%.

I then brought it back to your attention in February 11th at approximately $1.61 and watched it run to a February 25th high of $7.03 for an approximate 336% move.

2X Past champ *Genprex, Inc. (GNPX)* could now be on the verge of breaking out again. Here is what you need to know...

Genprex, Inc is a U.S.-based clinical-stage gene therapy company. It is engaged in developing a new approach to treating cancer based on its novel proprietary technology platform, including initial product candidate, Oncoprex immunogene therapy.

Now, we're into May and GNPX could be aimed for another major breakout. Here's why:

#1 Potential GNPX Catalyst - Monday's Major Press Release

Genprex Issues April 2020 Shareholder Letter

  • Company provides updates on recent regulatory, clinical, operational, and business developments
  • Fast Track Designation by FDA for Oncoprex™ in combination with osimertinib in non-small cell lung cancer emphasized
  • Exclusive license agreement with University of Pittsburgh for diabetes gene therapy candidate highlighted

May 04, 2020 08:17 AM Eastern Daylight Time

AUSTIN, Texas--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Genprex, Inc. (“Genprex” or the “Company”) (Nasdaq: GNPX), a clinical-stage gene therapy company developing potentially life-changing technologies for patients with cancer and diabetes, announced that it has issued an April 2020 Shareholder Letter. The letter highlights the Company’s progress with Oncoprex™, its lead drug candidate with an initial targeted indication for non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC), its license agreement for a diabetes gene therapy drug candidate, and other operational and business achievements.

Recent Company Highlights Include:

  • Receiving Fast Track Designation from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for Oncoprex™ in combination with osimertinib (AstraZeneca’s Tagrisso®) for the treatment of patients with NSCLC
  • Signing an exclusive license agreement with the University of Pittsburgh for a preclinical diabetes gene therapy candidate that may have the potential to cure Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes
  • Obtaining encouraging preclinical data from research collaborators and independent third parties with the TUSC2 gene, the active agent in Oncoprex, in lung cancer and triple-negative breast cancer
  • Raising more than $26Mn in gross proceeds from institutional investors in three separate equity offerings

Get the full shareholder letter here.


#2 Potential GNPX Catalyst - New Analyst $8 Price Target

James Molloy of Alliance Global Partners issued a brand new price target on April 22nd of 2020.

At the time, the stock was trading at $1.99. He initiated coverage and provided an $8.00 price target.

As of Monday's closing valuation, GNPX had already made a vertical move of over $.30 from that initial initiated coverage of $1.99.

Remember, it was only recently that we saw GNPX climb over the $7.00+ level when I brought it to your attention in February.

Could this stock's next big run already be happening?


#3 Potential GNPX Catalyst - Genprex’s Response to CV-19 and its Business Operations

From the Genprex website:

At Genprex, the health and well-being of the communities we serve, including those with cancer and diabetes, is our top priority.

While our country and world navigate through the short and long-term impact of CV-19, Genprex continues to monitor the latest news about the virus as well as the guidance issued by federal, state and local officials.

During this period of economic and global uncertainty, we remain steadfast in our mission to develop potentially life-changing gene technologies for patients with cancer and diabetes. Our unwavering commitment to our mission continues to be our guiding responsibility, now more than ever.

Our small but nimble team is able work virtually or remotely, meaning that we haven’t lost pace or slowed our workload. In fact, much of our team has worked virtually since the company was founded. Furthermore, in the past month we have strengthened and expanded our leadership team with the appointment of three accomplished executives, and we have bolstered our Board of Directors with three biotechnology and pharmaceutical leaders.

With the on-boarding of new executives and Board of Director members, combined with our significantly strengthened balance sheet, our business operations are continuing as normal. We remain completely committed to executing on our plans and strategy we have set forth for 2020 and into next year.

This pandemic has highlighted the need for modern medicine to save lives. We are working to bring our potentially life-changing gene technologies to those with cancer and diabetes, because we truly believe our therapies can address these medical needs and save lives. We thank you for your continued support in Genprex, and we hope that you and your loved ones remain safe during this pandemic.

Look here for recent top-of-the-line executives and board member hires.


#4 Potential GNPX Catalyst - Low Float Share Structure

According to Yahoo Finance, GNPX currently has an approximate 19.47Mn shares in its float.

As we've seen in previous stock profiles, including this one when I brought it to you back in February (approximately 336% surge in roughly two weeks), a low float can lead to explosive price spiking in the short-term from volatility.

Biotech stocks are very sensitive to news. One major development -- such as a positive result from a clinical trial -- and share prices can take off in a hurry.

Could the next big news coming from the GNPX camp be the spark to send share prices flying???


#5 Potential GNPX Catalyst - Bullish Technical Indicators

As of writing on Monday, 5/4, GNPX was displaying major bullish technicals according to

That includes these 10 triggered "BUY" short term, medium term, and long term indicators:

  • 20 Day Moving Average
  • 100 Day Moving Average
  • 150 Day Moving Average
  • 200 Day Moving Average
  • 20 - 100 Day MACD Oscillator
  • 20 - 200 Day MACD Oscillator
  • 50 - 100 Day MACD Oscillator
  • 50 - 150 Day MACD Oscillator
  • 50 - 200 Day MACD Oscillator
  • 100 - 200 Day MACD Oscillator

These technicals could be painting a picture of what's to come. Make sure to keep a close eye on them and other technicals that could be triggered moving forward.


More About The Company: Genprex, Inc.

From the company website:

Genprex is a clinical stage gene therapy company committed to pioneering a new approach to treating cancer. We are developing potentially life-changing gene technologies based upon our novel proprietary technology platform, including our initial product candidate, Oncoprex™ immunogene therapy, or Oncoprex. Our platform technologies are designed to administer cancer fighting genes by encapsulating them into nanoscale hollow spheres called nanovesicles. The nanovesicles are then administered intravenously and are taken up by tumor cells where they express proteins that are missing or found in low quantities.

Our lead product candidate, Oncoprex™, targets non-small cell lung cancer. This initial cancer target represents about 85 percent of all lung cancers and causes more deaths each year than any other type of cancer. Lung cancer is the second most common form of cancer, and the five-year survival rate for late stage lung cancer has not improved substantially in a quarter century. Research indicates that our platform technologies may deliver a number of other cancer fighting genes, alone or in combination with other cancer therapies, to combat additional types of cancer.

Clinical Trials: R&D Pipeline

We are developing Oncoprex, our lead product candidate, to be administered with erlotinib for NSCLC. We are also conducting preclinical research with the goal of developing Oncoprex to be administered with targeted therapies in other solid tumors, and with immunotherapies in NSCLC and other solid tumors. In addition, we have conducted and plan to continue research into other tumor suppressor genes associated with chromosome 3p21.3, as well as other potential applications of our immunogene therapy platform. Our current research and development pipeline is shown below.



Additional GNPX Info

Blockbuster Potential

Even though gene therapy is closing in on cancer, it remains as yet an unpredictable industry. However, biotech companies are in a feverish hunt for breakthroughs, and gene therapy could hold the keys. Tremendous advances have been made in gene-based therapeutics, and companies, such as Genprex Inc. (NASDAQ: GNPX), with the potential to make breakthroughs could deliver blockbuster returns.

Cutting-Edge Platform

Most currently approved cancer regimens target only single molecules, or a single specific genetic abnormality. Oncoprex’s multimodal mechanism of action interrupts cell signaling pathways that cause replication and proliferation of cancer cells, re-establishes the pathways for cell death in cancer cells and modulates the immune response against cancer cells. Genprex clinical data indicate that Oncoprex, in combination with targeted therapies and immunotherapies, is significantly more effective than single drugs alone. Oncoprex has also demonstrated fewer side effects and less toxicity than many other lung cancer drugs.

Currently approved targeted therapies for advanced non-small cell lung cancer are only effective in a minority of patients, and eventually most patients become resistant to the treatments. Roughly 80% of lung cancers are non-small cell lung cancer, and the dismal 1% five-year survival rates haven’t improved in over a quarter century.

Genprex is well into Phase II clinical trials with Oncoprex for the treatment of the deadliest type of tumor, non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC). Preliminary results from the ongoing trial to date are encouraging. Using Oncoprex in combination with Roche’s erlotinib showed disease control rates of 78%, which substantially exceed the 58% disease control rates demonstrated in other drug combination trials.

In addition, more than 40% of patients had tumor regression, and one patient — out of nine evaluated to date in Genprex’s Phase II drug combination trial — experienced what’s called a complete response. The patient, suffering with metastatic NSCLC, had complete disappearance of both the lung primary tumor as well as the metastasized cancer in the lung, liver and lymph nodes.

Genprex’s cutting-edge platform for the targeted delivery of gene therapeutics also has wide-ranging potential applications for the treatment of various other types of cancer, such as head and neck, renal cell (kidney), glioblastoma and soft-tissue cancer, among others.

Genprex holds more than 30 patents and 2 patents pending for its platform technologies and targeted molecular therapies. The company’s promising pipeline includes Oncoprex in combination with another cancer drug, Tarceva, in a Phase II clinical trial; and Oncoprex Immunogene therapy in preclinical development.

The company is conducting ongoing research to find biomarkers to identify patients most likely to benefit from Genprex treatments, as well as other drugs that will be synergistic with Genprex gene therapies. Given the enormous potential and vast unmet medical need, Genprex plans to apply for Fast Track, Breakthrough or RMAT designation from the FDA.

What’s Next?

Preliminary results show that Oncoprex has the potential to become an effective add-on therapy for the treatment of deadly non-small cell lung cancer. Genprex plans to expand the current erlotinib-Oncoprex trial to multiple research centers and conduct more new trials.

If Phase II results are as positive as preliminary indications, it could spark a rally in the shares and possibly even lure a large biotechnology or pharma company to sign a high-value partnership with Genprex.

Should such a strategic partnership to commercialize Genprex’s technology transpire, it could potentially generate enormous value for the company’s shareholders.



If there are any more updates today, I'll get them out to you quickly. Talk soon.


Kai Parker


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