There’s a Potential $172.7 Billion Language Learning Boom


With a good deal of momentum behind the language learning market, analysts at Brandessence Market Research believe it could grow from about S31 billion in 2017 to more than $172.7 billion by 2027.

“The major factor driving the growth of Global Language Learning Market is demand in qualitative workforce due to rise in global economy. Lack of multi-lingual employees loses the opportunity for global business. According to the U.S. Department of Labor Estimate, there will be rise in demand for interpreters and translators by 42%,” they added.

That could be a major catalyst for companies, such as Hello Pal International (CSE:HP)(OTC:LHLLPF), Duolingo Inc. (NASDAQ:DUOL), Alphabet (NASDAQ:GOOG), New Oriental Education & Technology Group (NYSE:EDU), and Chegg Inc. (NYSE:CHGG).